View Full Version : rear whoopn on Abridon part 2

04-17-2000, 08:07 PM
well now i know why they have the title like that. dang...anyhow...i need help. i can hardly set up a rinky dink defensive position before Johny Reb, comes knocken down my at-at with back up every time. i had the level going for a while, just when i thought i could move out...the rebs show up opposite my move, so by the time i got to the other side of my home base, everything was gone. I've tryed setting up turrets, those were taken out before i knew it..along with stromtroops getting fried right and left, i can't seem to get a foot hold. any advice.

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04-17-2000, 10:08 PM
If possible take down some of the units from your last mission. I had an extra AtAt and a few ATST's as well as one mobile artillery. basically if you can destroy their attack forces you will have enough cmd pts to build your force and get a repair pad. after awhile the reb's slow down the attacks.


04-18-2000, 12:39 PM
The key for me was the mobile artillery. I got a few of those and placed them closely around the base. They gave me fare warning to an attack. Plus enough of them can defend an area quite nicely. That was my backbone in the mission.