View Full Version : Help with Return to Ruul PT2

Grand General BOWLER
04-17-2000, 09:30 PM
This @$$#$%(*#(*%@ mission keeps getting me wasted. I dont know where the Imperial command centers are. I get wasted be attacks from all sides constantly when i get to the computer center and the rebel troopers really stink.
HELP ME!!!!!!!

04-22-2000, 01:33 PM
i used a lot of artillery vehicals and some at at use the chin gun to take out ships and vehicals lots of troops help out near the end of the mission keep the base guarded by at-st's or turrets at least 4 anti-aircraft and 4 anti-vehical turrets.
dont rush just slowly work your way in a big wave i say again at least 10 artellery in your front line and use the probe bots up front use the t key to use their extended vision once the artillery launches turn off the sensor and when the bombs hit click t again to you dont drain his sensors quickly

May The Force Be With You