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[JO]Master Yoda
07-03-2002, 03:35 AM
I just registered.
Im new to mapping , i made a test map.
And whenever i try to compile to using Fastvis (NoLight)
I get the error , Sof2Map Has Caused an Error In Kernal32.dll
Sof2map will now close.
If error continues try restarting your computer.
I tryed restarting still got the same error.
Any help would be appreciated :fett: :fett:

07-03-2002, 03:42 AM
Hm, does this also happen with FullVis(Extra) and Novis_Nolight?

[JO]Master Yoda
07-03-2002, 03:55 AM
In Novis NoLight it doesnt do it
but in Full Vis extra it does

Wes Marrakesh
07-03-2002, 04:22 AM
If FullVis(extra) does the error, you'll need to ship your map to someone else for the final version...

07-03-2002, 04:34 AM
Well he's just narrowing down the problem... obviously it's something about the VIS process causing the crash... but what, hmmm...

07-03-2002, 04:51 AM
Is your map like plain,small,simple room with nothing in it, basically 4 walls, floor and ceiling? If so then it might explain the error. In this case, just select all brushes and shift your map to the center of the world (or just add a structural brush to your map).

If not, I wouldn't have a clue.

[JO]Master Yoda
07-03-2002, 05:08 AM
My map is a room with a platform with a ladder leading up onto it.
Lol not much, its a test.

This is what it says.

SoF2Map v1.0c (c) 200 Raven Software Inc.

---- BSP ----
SetQdirFromPath: no 'base' in X@

C:\Program Files\Lucas Arts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast>
C:\PROGRA~1\LUCASA~1\STARWA~2\GAMEDATA\TOOLS\sof2m ap -vis C:\PROGRA~1\LUCASA~1\STARWA~2\GAMEDATA\\base/maps/practice.map
SoF2Map v1.0c (c) 2000 Raven Software Inc.

---- Vis ----
C:\Program Files\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast>
C:\PROGRA~1\LUCASA~1\STARWA~2\GAMEDATA\TOOLS\\sof2 map -light -extra C:\PROGRA~1\LUCASA~1\STARWA~2\GAMEDATA\\base/maps/practice.map
SoF2Map v1.0c (c) 2000 Raven Software Inc.

---- Lighting ----
Extra Detail Tracing
SetQdirFromPath: no 'base' in *Untypable Letters*

Some where in the middle the error pops up.

07-03-2002, 05:10 AM
Hmmm... do you have your basepath set right in File-Project Settings?

Wes Marrakesh
07-03-2002, 05:10 AM
speaking of ladders, is it possible to make a ladder you can climb?

[JO]Master Yoda
07-03-2002, 05:15 AM
Errr What Should The Path Be set to?

Yes it is possible to make a climbable ladder.

1. Make a Ladder with brushes.

2. Make a brush a little taller than the ladder and wider covering the ladder completely.

3. Go into System textures. and find the ladder texture.

4. Label the Texture sorrunding the ladder the ladder texture.

Wes Marrakesh
07-03-2002, 05:24 AM
Thank you!

[JO]Master Yoda
07-03-2002, 05:58 AM
Errr What Should The Path Be set to?

Wes Marrakesh
07-03-2002, 06:05 AM
i would think your gamedata/base/maps folder

[JO]Master Yoda
07-03-2002, 06:10 AM
Yep Its Set To That...


07-03-2002, 06:42 AM
Basepath should be just to GameData/base... not to maps...

[JO]Master Yoda
07-03-2002, 06:59 AM
Base is set to base

Maps is set to maps.

I still get the errors

[JO]Master Yoda
07-03-2002, 07:28 AM
** Sighs **
I still get the error someone help please....
Remember Im a :newbie: