View Full Version : needs help on ESCAPE FROM KALAAN

06-25-2000, 03:54 PM
I need major help on escape from Kalaan, I've freed SKywalker and recruited the stormtroopers, but now I'm stumped!
a) how on earth do you get bren into the TRMB?
b) how do you get past the two stormtroopers in the valley next to the command centre? Do you have to sneak past or can you just surge through without caring about the alarm?
any suggestions will be much appreciated!

06-27-2000, 05:07 PM
1. Select Bren and then click on the TRMB.

2. Group all of your troopers and let the enemy walk into their collective fire. You could also plow through them, but I think they'll take out too many of your guys. Do this after taking out the AT-ST and the patrolling stormtroopers.

06-28-2000, 05:09 PM
The key to this level is capturing the imperial turrets with your Kalaanite troops, which you can recruit when the TRMB reaches a certain point along the valley.

First, though, recruit all of the troopers, then keep your force to the high ground at the edge of the map. Move them to the SE corner, then straight up. Then just click on Brenn then right-click on the TR-MB to put him in it.

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