View Full Version : finally... one problem though

07-04-2002, 06:12 PM
I finally figured out editing the lightsaber color and how to change an ally to an enemy. There is only one problem I changed tavion'sightsaber to blue and she works fine. But I changed the Jedi trainer's a little more to this:
playerModel jeditrainer

saberColor red
rank commander
reactions 5
aim 5
move 5
aggression 5
evasion 5
intelligence 5
playerTeam enemy
enemyTeam player
class jedi
yawSpeed 140
walkSpeed 55
runSpeed 200
snd jedi1
sndcombat jedi1
sndjedi jedi1
health 400
dismemberProbHead 0
dismemberProbArms 5
dismemberProbLegs 0
dismemberProbHands 30
dismemberProbWaist 50

as you can see all I did was change the team {so the player could fight him)and his blade color along with altering the dismemberprobwaist to 50 and hands to 30. It worked however he shoots at me with a blaster instead of a lightsaber and does not move from his spot. I know the Jedi in sp maps do not have to have the point combats as they have their own A.I.. So how do make him like stop using the blaster and attack like a Jedi again-have I errored?