View Full Version : LAN Party - July 19th-21st, featuring Jedi Knight II

07-05-2002, 02:45 PM
Especially for those of you who live in Michigan (And moreso for those in northern Michigan), there is a big LAN party on the 19th, and lasting through the 21st of this month in Traverse City, MI, in the civic center arena.
There will be tournaments and prizes, and Jedi Knight II will be one of the many games we will play while we are there. Please, if this interests you, check out the website:
Sorry if this is considered spam, but turnout sort of needed to improve this time, and I thought this as an decent way to get the word out, especially to some JKII fans (being one myself) so that maybe the game will continue to increase in popularity itself at these LANs (Right now, it's CS, CS, CS! And it gets a bit old sometimes).