View Full Version : Code Structure of the Saber System

07-05-2002, 06:21 PM
I've just started delving into the source code of the game (the saber code, to be precise), and although the code is well commented, the overall structure of the saber system is not yet clear to me. I was hoping some of you who are already familiar with the saber code could give a short explanation on how the system works - what is checked for at different stages of the attacks, how the animations/moves are picked (from the chart at the beginning?), what functions are called when, etc. (I'm referring to the code in the file bg_saber.c, in case it wasn't clear)

I still intend to figure it out myself, but since I only have weekends to do this, any help in organizing my thoughts will be much appreciated. I want to get down to mod making already :D