View Full Version : areaportals and hint brushes - what are the damn things?

07-05-2002, 11:34 PM
I'm hearing about these quite a lot, but so far haven't been able to find out what they even are. Help!

07-06-2002, 12:06 AM
they are both ways of splitting up the vis of your level so that not all of it will be drawn at the same time, hence giving a playable fps on larger levels

area portals are the easiest so ill explain them and leave the ridiculously diificult to explain hint brush technique to someone else

doors are entities and as such dont block vis area portals make it so that when the door is shut it blocks vis, i.e doesnt draw what is on the otherside of the closed door from the player

make a brush the same dimensions as your door (you can clone your door but make sure the clone is worldspawn)seperating the two rooms and place it over your door

adjust your brush so that it isnt as thick as your door so that no parts of it are protruding from the visible faces of the door

it has to seal up to all sides of the passageway that the door sits in so that the rooms have an air tight seperationy thing

give it the texture; system/areaportal

test it in game with the "r_showtris 1" command to see if the engine is drawing the otherside of the door when it is shut

if it is it means your area portal isnt tight against the walls of the doorway or that there is another point that the two rooms are open to each other


07-06-2002, 12:30 AM
I will add that if you don't place your areaportals correctly, you'll get one of two problems -

Either you will get a compile error "areaportal ## does not touch both sides" (I think it is)


You will get a Hall of Mirrors effect.

As for Hint brushes... I also won't explain them, but instead point you to http://www.nibsworld.com/rtcw/tutorial_detail_and_hint_brushes_part1.shtml :D

07-06-2002, 09:25 PM
Thanks for the help guys, but sheesh! I had no idea hint brushes were that complex! Not to mention that where on the grid you put your rooms can increase the compile time...... In the words of Yoda, much to learn I still have.