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07-06-2002, 06:05 AM
I have completed my mod, "Mod Of DOOM!!!", enough that i think it is worth downloading, so if you would like to try it out, and give me any sort of feed back:


Its not done yet, but it should be enough to keep you entertained for a little while.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

This is the first mod i've ever made. It has various changes to aspects of the game, mostly the weapons,a couple new graphics, as well as two new maps. The maps are made by me, and since i just learned how to make maps, they aren't too good, but they are fun. The readme file has a full list of changes, as well as credits and other stuff, so please read it.

07-10-2002, 12:40 PM
could you xplain a tad bit more, maybe post some screenshots?

07-11-2002, 05:21 AM
almost everything is in the readme.txt which is in the .zip. There are quite a few errors in the one I currently have posted, and it is about 5 MB (a little more).

I am working on another map, and fixing the other errors that were there, and should release that one soon. I will make a new post for that one, and include the contents of the readme file on the post, so you know what all is in it. Currently it is about 10 MB, and isn't finished yet for a release. That one will be on a different place besides angelfire, but i don't have the place yet.

Major changes are mostly done to the weapons. The weapons are still the same, but they fire differently, do different abilties, and damage is changed.
Also there are some fun maps. Not much to see on them, but they are fun. I will include some screenshots of the map with the next release, which will probably be early next week.

07-11-2002, 12:51 PM
downloading it right now, looks awsome :)

08-02-2002, 10:56 PM
I'll take a look at it

08-02-2002, 11:15 PM
It's good, but the funny thing is, I set up my game to do some stuff in your mod, so some of it isn't new to me. But still, it's pretty cool.

08-02-2002, 11:58 PM
The one you downloaded is an old one :p The current one has more stuff, and i thought i sent it to jediknightii.net about 3 weeks ago, but since they never put it up i guess i didn't. oh well. I"m working on a mod for SOFII right now.

08-03-2002, 05:25 AM
I'll try it too. Better be good! :D

08-03-2002, 07:57 PM
its really good, especially for ur first mod. you did a lot

you should consider combining with another mod becuz u have some skills man, like jedimod++ or something.

great ideas, great execution

08-03-2002, 11:03 PM
How many maps are in that one? I'm not sure how old the one at the site is... if there are three, i think its somewhat recent. Otherwise, if you want me to, i could put the one the i currently have on the site.

If any of you have SoF2, i'll probably put a playable version of my mod for that up tomorrow... its still early, but would be at:

08-04-2002, 01:29 AM
dude, someone made a mod for sof2 called Zreal.

made all the ammo clips real, damagers, fire rates, sounds, etc, but they stopped making it

i continued it for 2 more betas, and added support fo r1.1 becuz it didnt work,

ill show it to you if you want, its a lot more fun, feels like CS or something


try it, and you can add it if u want

08-05-2002, 03:14 AM
I will look at it. I would like a better description of what it does.

08-05-2002, 03:16 AM
I'm not gonna look at it yet....I only download something if I know about it, and most people are the same. It could be a small, crappy, mod, or it could be great....So be more specific.

08-06-2002, 04:44 PM
Zreal Mod w/ 1.1 Support, New Sounds, New Skins, and a MP3 Player
Author: "Notorious"
Version: beta5

I've added the strings for the mp5, removed full auto from it, upped the damaged, tweaked recoil, etc. Also, I took the beta patch MP5 sound and replaced it with the patched one. I liked this one a lot better.

Added MP5 to singleplayer

New Thermal and NV Goggles

New MSG90 Skin

New AK74 Skin

New Sounds for weapons, much clearer (better quality)

Old Versions:
Realistic Damages, Weapon Fire Modes, ROF, Accuracy, Kickback, etc.

To install: Put into sof2/base/ folder



To use the MP3 player:
Put 6 mp3's in your base/mp folder, rename them 1 through 6.mp3.
Use the arrow keys ingame to change and stop songs!
Make sure your music volume is OFF!

-=basically, it changes the game to be more tactical and less arcade like=-

08-08-2002, 04:06 PM
Wow! I didn't know that! Thanks!