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Darth Eggplant
07-06-2002, 05:51 PM


Fish are not considered cute.
People do not like fish
unless to eat,
even then some still say,
that there is something Fishy to it.
Not many people carry photo's
of fish in their wallets
people do not buy or own;
Teddy Fishes.

If you eat fish
it makes you smart;
but if you do something stupid;
you are called a Fish.
Fish come in all shapes and sizes,
yet people have Goldfish as pets.
Mostly Money is considered cute,
adorable, desirable
it is Beautiful:

People do like Money
everyone carries Money
in their wallets,
and people buy Teddy Bears
with Money.
If you make Money
you are smart,
if you lose Money;
then you are a Fish again.

Money comes in all shapes
and sizes yet people prefer Gold.
There are lots of fish in the Sea,
Women are like fish.
There are lots of them in the Sea.
Or so I am told.
If you look around,
Money you'll see it a lot.

FISH are not the ROOT of all EVIL:

Fish are not always in abundance,
not to everyone anyways.
Money is not always in abundance,
not to everyone anyways.
Money should be more Fish-like.
Money should not be considered cute,
or Beautiful.
Few people should carry Money
in their wallets,
and people should
use it to buy Teddy Fish.
If you make Too much Money;
you should be called a Fish.
If you lose Money,
why then your smart.

Lets have fish
in all shapes and sizes,
let fish be cute.
Pikes, Mackerels, Carp;
let people have fish
in their wallets
or at least pictures of them.
People with fish are smart,
people without fish are;
Fish in abundance,
fish more important than Money.
Women as abundant as fish,
yet do not pay them with Money,
or Treat them as Fish.
Fish are not
the root of all evil;
Money is.

Place Money at the bottom
of the ocean,
the Atlantic ocean;
so that it is all Wet.
Let those who live for Money
worship it; grow gills,
become fish at the bottom
of the ocean.
Let's have fish
come up on the land
let Goldfish have people as pets,
but let us not eat people though;
People and Chips would make you Dumb.
People in your system
would make you a Fish.

However Keep Goldfish off
the stock market lest fish
become the new root of all evil.
let us think about them;
or at least Dolphins.
Dolphins are not fish,
but they are cute.


Darth Eggplant
07-10-2002, 01:05 PM


Maria lives in the Land
of Green Mice
with Dragons and Castles
made from Strawberry Ice.

She welcomes you to the
Land of Mice
where everyone is Happy
and everyone is Nice.

In the Land of Maria's
Green Mice,
everyone is Dirty
and covered with Lice.

Maria lives in the Land
of Green Mice
cooking for them daily
Psychedelic Mushrooms and Rice.

Maria goes to bed
in the Land of Green Mice
she sleeps in the Daytime
and Parties all Night.

Deep in the Land
of Green Mice
Cocaine is Free
and no one drinks
Scotch without ice.

Maria Died
in the Land of Green Mice
of Overdose and Burn out,
and Orgies with

07-10-2002, 08:19 PM
You know you're not supposed to eat the whole sheet, right? It's not ricepaper. Have you ever heard of "Rehab"? I hear it's almost painless these days...

Darth Eggplant
07-16-2002, 01:16 PM


Forsooth the Dragon said,
remembering morrows past
when life with Siblings
was all swim and play
in pools of harmony;
Grieve I little for their Deaths
devouring them insured my survival.
When spread my youthful wings
I soared on high,
devouring all the lovely maidens
but I am settled down now
looking forward to my gold hoard:
With that the Dragon smiled
and making a wish
blew on the candles of his cake.

Darth Eggplant
08-15-2002, 09:53 AM

You can stop and see
the Relevant Me
wearing my Piano Key Scarf.
I can not even play Chopsticks;
Gail can testify to that.
She can play the piano,
I can not read a note
or play a cord on any instrument
yet I will go wild at the consoles
of an Electric Guitar,
driving them Insane.
With Pencil in hand
I loved to produce Bent Wires
or Epic wastes of Celluloid;
thick and thin wires
that in Reality were Fuses
but at least not Shoes:
right Vivian.
So now I am eating Clay or Wax;
I find Myself Relevant.
Things appear Relevant,
Relatively speaking of course;
it is all just Theory
My Pen and My Life,
a Dream
Art is Fantasy;
Art is Relevant
to Itself and Everything else.
Everything else is Fantasy;
Relatively speaking of course.
You can stop and Be Relevant
you can Relate to Me
Relate to your Relatives
Relevant, Relating, Relatives:
things that start with "S"
like my Piano Key Scarf.

Darth Eggplant
09-11-2002, 04:41 PM

Red Ozone
slip into my bones
cut me deep; gouge
take Humanity away.
Arm the man
wearing tin pan hats,
put away their rifles,
let them have spray cans instead.
The silent hiss;
envelope; boil
and blister my skin
Ozone Battles
hail forsooth,
the Day to Pay for Life.
We already purchase Oxygen
trade Water for Green Life,
so come Ozone come
Bloody Ozone
thin and cut me like a knife.
First to go will be
Polyester Man
next is Plastic Tammy
with her flowery spray can
of Perfume Deodorant;
then the Ghetto Poet
with his Graffiti Art,
supplied by the man.

Ships of Power
soaring through the air
crop dusting the Ozone
with greatest of care
ripping away the blue envelope
so that Demons beyond Mark 3
will Dance beneath
the crimson skies,
and Rule Blood Ozone Country.

Darth Eggplant
10-02-2002, 01:44 PM

Strung out words,
Self Actualization
Dichotomies of movement
Frigid, Loose and Easy,
Goody Two-Shoes
judgement of Reality,
Hare Krishna
Definition of Class
Social Democrat
P.L.O Guerilla
Red Brigade
Hare Krishna;
life study of people
and their habits
behaviour, prejudices
the amount of Coke we drink
number of sugar cubes
in their coffee
how much meat they consume
how good they look
in Hare Krishna robes;
a Television program,
a Space launch,
a sale at J.C Penny
money and material goods,
the movie rights to:
Bob Dylan goes Hare Krishna
the Made up,
and the Monstrous
Relationships in Love
all the above,
and Everything
which involves Humans
in Society is,