View Full Version : unreal tournament maps

07-06-2002, 11:51 PM
Does anyone know of any map import/export programs. I have some sweet UT maps and want to make them work for Jedi Knight II. Is this possible or will I have to recreate them.

07-06-2002, 11:55 PM
hmmm.... i'm not sure... i know, that there are map-compiler for q3 and hl... i don't knnow if there is one for unreal t....

The Truthful Liar
07-07-2002, 02:15 AM
Obi-Ren welcome to the jk2.net forums, I hope you enjoy your stay!! Please accept this "jk2.net welcome basket" filled with endless ammounts of goodies which you can snack on while browsing our forums!! :D :D :D

There is no such import/export for UT to Jk2, I'm sorry friend but it looks like you'll have to create your maps from scratch :cool: