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Darth MauI
05-06-2000, 09:30 PM
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I'm not one to tell you how to game, but anyone who's ever RPed on AOL or another chat service knows these simple guidelines. (which aren't far from what you're using) I'm just going to post them on this thread for you, feel free to adopt whichever ones you would like.

((Out of Character or OOC, anything said between these is STRICTLY something that the person who's controlling the character, not the character, said.))

::These are to mark an action:: Ex:

::the shadows seemed to part around the blade of the lightsaber, it's celestial glow shed light onto the Jedi's path::

Thoughts are usually cast as actions, Ex:

::"There's something more here.. Something, illusive" he thought to himself::

Obviously, anything outside of action and OOC markings is what your character speaks.

Other guidelines are simple:

IC and OOC are kept separate, nothing the character does should be held against the "mun" (the person who controls the character).

You may never, at any times RP someone else's character without their consent.

To prevent confusion, choose who you will be gaming with before hand and make sure that no two people RP the same character.

You have the right to ignore anyone who you feel is making your RP not fun for you or anyone you're RPing with.

Since forums do not have a dice rolling system, unpredictable battle is impossible. If you want to battle, I suggest assigning one person the position of Story Teller, or ST. This person would tell the actions and outcomes of a battle between characters. He/she could (if you wanted) put your characters in interesting situations for you to Role Play out. They would basically tell the story of your characters and you would RP the reactions of your characters. Doing this will take away your power to play out your own story, but it will give form to your RP and make it into a game (hence the term RPG) which in my opinion makes it interesting. Rather than just playing out your own stories, play in someone else's.

Again, these are just suggestions. I don't expect you to use any of these, I'm just relaying information that other forums and chats have come to pass as "world wide" guidelines for RP.

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05-07-2000, 12:15 AM
How about no one is allowed to post in all red text? ; )