View Full Version : Request: More Jk1 MP maps!

07-08-2002, 10:26 AM
I really hate to make requests(it gets INCREDIBLY annoying in the modeling forum), but I think this is something a mapper who played JK would really enjoy. A lot of great multiplayer maps were included with dark forces II(some of which have been converted, but many other good ones remain), but most of the best maps were those created by players that helped keep the game fun way beyond its years, maps like Sandcrawler or, even better, Jedi High School. A remake of such a map utilizing the Q3 engine to put it in a more realistic setting(like coruscant instead of a floating island) and add a few enhancements would inherently make it great if well done.
There are scores of maps out there with proven layouts just waiting for the taking, and it'd be a pity if they were left to rot in an outdated game.