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07-08-2002, 11:43 AM
If you go to www.jk2files.com alot, you have probably seen some of my mods. I thought I would post some updates on them.

The mods posted at jk2file are: Imperial vs. Rebels conversion, Imperial vs. Rebels conversion v.1.1, sounds for Imperial vs. Rebels conversion (for v1.1), 1-Hit-Kill mod, Neutral Enemy, SP Grand Admiral Thrawn, SP Model and Saber hilt switcher, and the SP Darth Maul are all the mods posted there.

I have updated the SP Model and Saber hilt switcher to swap the sounds with their cprresponding models. I am also adding a SP Shadowtrooper too.

I have also fixed the problems with the Imperial vs. Rebels conversion v1.1. I fixed the problem when the jedi2 had no head, now he is a reborn fencer and jedi is a reborn. The other thing fixed is the reborn uniform thing. The reborns had the jedi face but still the reborn uniform, now they are all either jedis or jedi2, with right uniform. A more noticable problem has been fixed also, all the imperials had the shape of monmothma, but had the imperial uniform, as well as 2 faces. This, too, has been fixed. I also found a way to drastically lower the file size, so now the sounds will be included in the same file instead of 2 submissions.
The IvRC v1.1 at jk2files has, still, the bugs. I am going to submit the fixed version soon. But I already sent the fixed version to jediknightii. This will be the fixed version they will post.

If you are wondering why none of my mods are not at massassi, but at jediknightii and jk2files, the reason is simple. Massassi doesn't post my mods. I don't know why. Half the mods I sent haven't been posted in a month and I have gotten no e-mails, the other half have been e-mailed about and i re-submitted them, but they never posted those either. The only file you will find there that I have made is my first mod: Imperial vs. Rebels conversion v1.0.

Feel free to post feedback on my mods here, or the updates.

If you are wondering what the heck the IvR conversion does, it does this: it basically switches the good with the bad nad the rodians, etc with the mandalorian models, the rest kind of tell what they do in the title. I hope you are satisfied with my mods.

May the force be with you...........always...............

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