View Full Version : To Hell And Back

Darth Spawn
05-17-2000, 12:30 AM
When i was killed in the clone wars, i was sent to hell. I made an agreement that if i was able to go back to earth, i would have to work for Lucifer. I was sent back up as a HellSpawn and took on the name of Darth Spawn. I killed many people and i finially turned and now came to be known as just Spawn. I killed for good now and was a regular jedi. now a sith. I am lookinf for the other sith now, my master, Darth Trunks. He's been hiding ever since i truned, knowing i could destroy him. But he was an army, i am just one, i will have to fine my fellow jedi...


Darth Spawn, The Supreme Killer

"Testors, good for sniffing"