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07-09-2002, 04:37 PM

got no idea if anyone has thought of this or if its been mentioned before but after watching the blade dvd and then blade ii last week, i had an idea that jk2 would be a perfect game to do a conversion from the blade movies.

the idea i had would be to have a sword instead of the saber, and maybe instead of the zapper thing :D have a silver stake. now when the sword or stake hit an npc, the npc disintigrates. now im not sure if the disruptor rifle disintigration effect can be used for other weapons but if it can, it would be cool.

because the sdk for SP isnt available right now, disintigration may not work in SP but then perhaps, this can be made into MP and you can have MP acting like SP or have a capture the little yellow goat thing. for example, MP acting like SP would be me (blade) versus bots (vampires, different types) or you could do capture the Ysalamiri but change the Ysalamiri to a sword so that when a vampire grabs the Ysalamiri, they turn into blade and then has to fight every other vampire. i dont know. im thinking of more in terms of SP.

as for free for all in MP. the good characters would be blade, the old guy (blade 1 & 2), the female doctor (#1), the vampires trained to kill blade (#2), the young guy (#2)

i know this is messy and not really planned out but im not planning on making this a big deal unless people are heaps interested and i could help out with maybe mapping or a bit of skinning. who knows.

i really just thought it would be cool to make someone disintigrate with a little stake or a sword :D

~* beau *~