View Full Version : Weapon inacuracy, question please.

07-10-2002, 01:37 AM
I counldnt do a search new accout not activated.
What is the code to turn off the, really bad weapon inaccuracy in single player game please?


07-10-2002, 01:58 AM
There isn't one. And there's no way to modify weapon accuracy in a mod, either.

07-10-2002, 02:44 AM
Thanks for the reply.
Certainly bad news thou, its like they are tring to compensate for bad AI or something, weapon firing accuracy is so poor and slow the the enemies can dodge shots, LOL. Also have you noticed the AI gets this super burst of speed to dodge bullets. Its like the grunts have Force power of Speed or something. Also I noticed this about the AI in SOF2 as well, they seem to move based on your curser or crosshair, you can get an enemy in a small area and move your curser back and forth really fast and it freaks out the AI they stand running in one place turning back a forth based on your crosshair positon, LOL.
Its so bad you can be 5 feet from a enemy and fire 5 times point blank and never hit them.
Im sorry but this is Lame, AI the shots are slow and inaccurate so the enemies surrvie and you waste ammo, some great gameplay there, LOL.
If I werent laughing at how bad this is I would be cring cause I just wasted another $50.
I just dont know what happened to Raven they used to be all about there fans, but now its all about rushing it out the door just another assemby line clone. It happened first with Voyger, what was that a 10 hour game, about 1/3 or a half game length of every game they ever made and then they were all about denying it was short.
At this rate of ill end up turning in to a Warz Monkey with Raven games, and that just sucks =(


07-10-2002, 04:13 AM
I think the main cause of what you are talking about is slow shot speed
and low weapon damage. hand/arm hits do almost nothing.
think like 5 damage out of 40 or so hit points.
bryar pistol to torso: 20dmg, head: 40, hand:4, leg:8
(those are very aproxomite but give you the general idea)

I think thats what acounts for that bizzare feeling of pumping
shots into someone at point blank with no affect, you assume
they must be all missing but not as many are as you think :>
(Stormies especialy hold their arms in front of their chests)

The show projectile speed is BS both from physics and true-to-the-movies
standpoints. I made a quick mod for multiplayer that increases all the
speeds to 5,000 units (most of them were around 1400 or so).
It plays much better, and without in any way overpowering the guns
makes them much easyer to use.

O that it were possible to do that in singleplayer!