View Full Version : Dark Forces MOD - Help Needed

07-10-2002, 02:10 AM
Okay all of you fans and followers of Dark Forces, things are really picking up in the mapping and artwork departments, but we still have a great need for people who can do the following:

* Create skybox artwork using original DF art as a guide

* Create 3D models and skins of world spawn objects - ammo, powerups, etc.

* Write shader scripts for all of the custom textures we are creating

* edit and create `strip' and `ibi' files for anything that needs it

* we need a couple of general coder types who know Quake 3 modding inside and out and can quickly come up to speed with what has changed in modding Jedi Outcast - someone who can tell us exactly what is and isn't possible given the existing SDK

* More Mappers are needed but you should have at least one Quake 3 engine-based map released to the public and provide screenshots of it with your email expressing interest - no beginners please, we just don't have time to get you up to speed on map making.

* More actor modelers are needed also. If you can skin your models and write the necessary code/config files that is a plus.

* More texture artists are needed too. We've got about 800 textures to go, and the more the merrier, but you should be an expert with Photoshop and be able to create multi-layered images and images that utilize an 8bit Alpha channel for transparent/translucent images.

Send an email to me, with a screenshot or link showing a sample of your work and I'll get back to you ASAP.


email: darth_linux AT planetblood DOT com
URL: http://darkforces.thegamingunion.com