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07-10-2002, 03:30 AM
This is based on an RPG I made on this board. Please tell me if I should continue.
It's thousans of years after the galactic battles. The Jedi Council is ruling again. For no particular reason, the Council calls few young Jedis. Arca Jeth, the leader, Cloud Strife, who got a sense for troubles, Jolo She'ar, that mastered all the lightsaber technics when he was 15, Yom Guado, A taleted pilot and Kenji Saotome, a shy young boy with mtsterious past. They're all brought infront of the council. Arca is the most older so he takes control.

Chapter One

Council: "Greetings."
Arca: "Hi there."
Council: "Congratulation for your success in the training."
Arca: "Thank you, master."
Council: "Now, to our buisness."
Arca: " :( They never just chit-chat."
Council: "We heard there the Siths are gathering powers and planning on building a special sith unit for hunting down Jedis on missions. So, were now sending a team of 5-10 young Jedis to stop it. They'll have unlimited supplyments and guidelines. Want to join the team?
You: "We'll take it!"
Council: "Good luck on your way. you're gonna need it."


"Sitbelts everyone!" The captain calles.
"We're old kids, man!" is the most common reaction. Only Cloud is whispering to himself.
"What's wrong, Cloud?" Arca asks.
"Don't know, but something is wrong."

No one has the time to think, before something hits the craft. It's a metal ball in a size of a big basketball. It's hitting the front windowpane. The team realize that without their Jedi reflexes they were dead now, by looking at the pilot with his head smashed.
"****!" Jolo shouts. "I'm to young to die!"
"I think I got second thoughts." Cloud is whispering.
"Hi! this is just one more reason why we should go." A quite voice say from the back. Everyone are turning around and sees Kenji. He continues. "If we weren't here, the ball would've hit the council building and probably kills the kids that are training now. We gotta stop it. There isn't any other way."

Cloud is taking the piloting because he got the best reflexes.
"Where are we going?" Cloud asks.
"We'll let the Force guide us." Arca answers.

The team are on they're mission. interesting, no one has wondered what's in the ball.

"Shoot! look at the fuel bar! we got nothing left! Cloud, what was you thinking driving so long in the lightspeed? never mind. Tatooine is on our way. we'll stop there to get more fuel.

Beep Beep!! a messege from the council!

"... Pick up... 3.... ball...death...don't...back...countinue.... another team...hurry! cjihdeaejhgtur(end of message)

"We sure got great reception!" Jolo said.
"All you do is complaining!" Cloud stood up.
"Hi, kiddos... set it down..." Arca saved the situation. "Cloud, you and Yom need to stay here and clean up this messege. Me and the others going to get some fuel.


End of chapter one. Tell me if you want more.

PS---the participants of the RPG---sorry for changing your characters but it's necessary to the story.