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07-11-2002, 02:48 PM
Yo y'alls...
a friend of mine & me need a database program somewhat similar to ms access (or ms access itself) to finish our PA website ( www.xenotrout.com/xt/arco ) - any one got any advice?

Kyle d'Tana
07-11-2002, 10:28 PM
ms acces! Sorry I dont know anything else...

07-12-2002, 01:43 PM
ms access would work - but only if we could find a place to dl it - prefferably free;)

07-12-2002, 01:53 PM

07-15-2002, 05:31 PM
If you need a database, why settle for anything but the best? Learn some php and use MySQL, you won't find any handier databases around.

07-17-2002, 09:49 PM
If you want a database thingy for free why don't you try Star Office Version 5.2 and download the extra database option. I havn't tried the database but I'm pretty sure it would be good enough plus its free. I think you have to pay for Version 6.0 of StarOffice however.

Try www.staroffice.org


07-19-2002, 10:11 PM
Sorry dude, Star Office is no longer a free download. A shame because I never got around to downloading and installing the database thingy. Thats a shame. :(

07-20-2002, 07:22 AM
thanks y'alls...i found a friend who had the Office XP CD, so problem solved:)

i guess this thread can be removed or whatever now.

07-20-2002, 08:26 AM
I still don't understand why you don't use mySQL (http://www.mysql.com/). It is the most popular open source database, and believe me, there's a reason why. Damn handy. And free :)! The GNU GPL own3z hj00!

D@rth M@ul
07-26-2002, 12:44 AM
ahh l337 talk, my 3y35