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07-12-2002, 01:33 PM
I have lurked long enough - I must speak. Patch 1.04 has ruined my enjoyment of the game to a degree where I actually felt a physical reaction in real life I was so angry at how crippled Mulitplayer is. In their quest to 'balance' the game, Raven has removed the fun. I just came from several servers where people are 'running backward' again to backslash - and since you cannot ankle twist now, when people miss it plays terrible, and people keep missing, and it just sucks.
Also, I did a test and I blocked 4 Hard backslash backstabs in a row without dying. Sure, I was down to low health, but the fact is if you get hit with a heavy backslash - you should DIE. Blocking 4 is absurd.
To say nothing about the lag and amature bugs such as the 1.04 showing as 1.03. Probably the guy Raven hired away from Urban Terror caused that bug, and is now ruining JK2 as he runied SOF2.
I have seen this for years, developers trying to 'balance' a game. All have failed, it is impossible to get perfect balance, and you miss 9/10 times and 9/10 times you cause more problems. I saw it happen in Street Fighter 2 - Capcom tried to 'balance' the game - and ruined it.
The only way to 'balance' a game is to OVERPOWER every weapon, every power, and let SKILL in using the powers rule. This 1.04 patch was developed to please the mainstream anti- backstab crybabies, and since that was the only Email raven got, they listened and look what has happened.
As for me, I am going back to 1.03 until this crap is fixed. A for effort Raven, d- for results.

- Vanguarde

07-12-2002, 01:38 PM
a word for word repost of your other thread? not when I am on you dont...

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please do not do this again... TY.