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07-12-2002, 08:22 PM
keep in mind I have a saber only perspective

Overall the game feels much better to me during saber battles. They can go quick, they can go slow, but it all depends on just how the two people play. I generally am very agressive fighter, I try to not give my opponenet any time to breath. Generally speaking I can get a kill fairly quickly. Except against those that adopt a defense only strategy, those fights can last awhile. But such is life when your trying to stay alive. I'm not complaining. It is true skilled players that don't defense only take longer, but hey that's why they are skilled right? Assfighters can still be many, but now it's entirely laughable strategy for obvious reasons. Push/Pull blocking works like it should now. Some more bugs fixed, again on the backstab, and midair lunge. Too bad for those who cherished those bugs.

Damage seems like it could be a bit more. I also think a full factor would be too much. I would think an even finer adjustment would be in order. Or simply a little more complexity in how damage is calculated might solve the problem. In my opinion a player with 100 health saber down, should be able to die with either 1 solid red, or 1 solid yellow stance hit, and 2 blue hits. That is where my scale would start.

In the next patch, assuming dear sweet lucasarts actually really wants to support this game further....

Implement a manual blocking system which requires a player to step back. I think that method would work best, just like the old Street Fighter or other arcade fighting games. Would also save us having to use another key. ;)

In terms of saber battle complexity. I think a relatively simple start would be adding the sort of damage arc (example if say just the tip of a dfa hits you, it doesn't kill you but does some damage), well implement that functioning to regular saber strikes as well. If it is already done to all regular saber strikes forget I mentioned it. :rolleyes:

One big spam left would be the kick/throw routine. Simply tone the damage down on kick, or at least somehow have more risk involved with doing it to someones frontside. As for throw it seems to me if you use this routine at the same time you would be clearly open to attack from others. IN duels throw is disabled, although its better than having it spammed, I'd really like to have throw back. The best solution IMHO would be to have the saber drop to the ground if it ran into a blocking saber. Give the attacking player a reason to use it skillfully, by making it a risk. Otherwise give it a fairly powerfull effect.

I'd have to say I'm all for making the saber the bitchin big metal door cuttin weapon that it is. IMHO the problems arise when there exist moves with large gains, and little risks. The problem we have is getting the coders at hand to code the kind of saber complexity needed to really make a big light blade of death work. 1.04 is a step in the right direction. And I'm happy with it. The first time the game actually played alot more like I would of expected. So if there is to be a 1.05 or a clever modder out there perhaps you can take what I have stated as suggestions. :)


07-13-2002, 09:04 AM
**shamless bump**

07-13-2002, 09:29 AM
Hate to say but uhm, try my server.

Even of the LucasForums admin's really liked it.

I think it's exactly what you are looking for.

07-13-2002, 11:16 AM
Hey you running the new JK2++ 4 beta? If ya are, I'll be by soon to check it out. :)