View Full Version : Tuesday IS D-Day for SWGB

07-13-2002, 07:01 PM
With the release on the patch on Tuesday, and the zone updating the SWGB rooms on tuesday to allow us to play the with the patch, this is the last chance we will have to get the rooms labelled correctly and, or add the coding to ensure that the Scenarios/Dmers play in the correct rooms.

Personally, the easiest idea is to rename the RM 1 to General room and then have RM 1 & RM2. Let the scenario losers all play in General.

I have emailed LA & waiting for Garry to give me a reply. Garry is da man hopefully to get this sorted out. My email to LA can be found on the forums.

With a few more RM'ers leaving this week, and a total of 3 RM games in the RM room, SWGB is shooting itself in the foot. I thought AoM would kill this game off (WC3 doesnt count as its boring) but it seems SWGB is managing to make itself extinct before any serious competition RTS games are released.

So Tuesday is D-Day...fingers crossed.


Duke Straykker
07-14-2002, 01:35 AM
Hey DMUK, whenI was there rallying for RMers, there were like NO Dmers there, about 10 tables open (!!) and like 20 or more Rm games, at least, I think I am making a difference ? lol...

07-16-2002, 04:51 PM
Whel thats today!

07-16-2002, 08:28 PM
Are we still on schedule?

07-17-2002, 09:29 AM
WC3 boring? Its ALL action! Much faster paced than SWGB. A six min game is possible in WC3 in SWGB anything less than twenty is hard to come by. But anyways i agree they need to fix the rooms. Its a great game and soon to be dead because of this situation.

07-17-2002, 11:10 AM
I would find a 6 minute game to be extremely boring. I'm much more interested in having games last a while.


07-17-2002, 05:58 PM
Looks like the zone didn't change the rooms....the death of RM has begun.

It really makes me sick that both LA & Microsoft once again failed to support the playing community. If we had over 1000 people online, would that have made a difference? We will never know.


07-17-2002, 07:24 PM
I don't see what these problems are you guys are talking about. I was in the zone all night and had no problems finding a room to play in...

07-18-2002, 12:52 AM
Maybe it was past the scenario people's bedtimes :)