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07-14-2002, 02:50 AM
Hello. It's me again :rolleyes: . I'm having a few probs with my editor but right now. But that isn't my subject. So here are the newbie questions.

1 How do i size the textures to let them fit? (like a button for a door)

2 How do i import my own textures?

Okz this were the newbie guestions :p

Now the others (Can be newbie 2)

I'm making a sp map with a story that i want to tell ingame using cutsenes and that kind off things but there are some scripting questions so this ones are harder. (It is an arena, like in the" Gladiator movie" But than more starwars looking.)

1 I want to make a battle between some captured stormtroopers (six of them) and a jedi in the arena. The jedi will win ofcource. But When the storm stormtroopers are dead and the jedi has won. There are coming more enemy's. Can somebody give me a script or a hint plz.

2 Is it possible 2 make a model in the "jk2radiant". (Becuz i don't know it 4 sure) And how do i make one of the model. (func group?)

3 I want to make my own model. A ship. Becuz at the end he fly's away with it. But how do i let my own made model fly.

Okz this were the questions.
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Grets Sirob
07-14-2002, 03:00 AM
Newbie Questions:
A. Select your texture face(not the whole thing) by
pressing "ctrl+shift+left-click"
B. There's two little windows near the bottom, with a button
labeled "fit" next to them.
C. Make those numbers 1, and 1. Then press "fit" and "apply"
Voila! Your done!

2. No clue...

More difficult Questions:
1. I don't really know, scripting's not my strong point...

2. Yes:
A. Right-click and create a misc_model entity(path is
B. A box will pop up, close it. Then select the entity, and
press "n"
C. Put in the key "model" and the value "models/map_objects/
(the path of the model)"
Your model will then appear in the editor.

3. I can't really answer your last questions(it's actually two if I'm
reading you right...) But if you goto RichDiesal's tutorials, I'm
sure you can sort of figure it out(sorry, don't have the exact
url, goto the rich'diesals tutorial questions thread at the top.)

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07-14-2002, 03:10 AM
Tnx. I know the url of richdiesals site. I have the url in my favorites. Bye:bdroid2:

07-14-2002, 12:09 PM
all you have to do to import your own textures is make a textures/yourtexures/ dir in the base folder, and move your images there