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07-16-2002, 08:25 PM
JediStyle is a mod I have been working on since the release of the SDK.
It is a first phase enhancement of the basic multiplayer that will be used
when I later release a new team orientated mod.
Version 1.1 fixes the gametype name and some movement tweaks.

You can download the mod at http://home.attbi.com/~endiku4/jedistyle1.1.zip

The files have been submitted separately to the file archive.

Here is a description of its features.

-Two one handed styles added
-towards wall backflip expanded to work in air
-new in-air sideways "ninja" wall flips
-wallrun jump boosted slightly
-jump kick is now a dropkick (only works on downward velocity of jump)
-sideways kick removed
-saber throw does progressive damage, the longer its in the air the more
damage it does
(ex. quick throw at someone infront of you only does 10 damage)
-one handed styles used during run and has slightly less defense
-2 handed styles used during walk have more defense and damage
-walk speed is closer to run speed
-new "tornado" jump attack for one-handed blue style
-backstab and lunge belong to 2 handed blue
-"new" jump saber slash and hop back attack for one handed yellow
-special attacks cannot be executed immediately after one another
-special attacks do not need enemies "in sight" or directly behind
-new stagger effect when blocking a saber strike
-saber defense arc smaller, no deflecting shots from behind
-1 second buffer between each roll
-dismember automatically on

-more realistic velocity and damage
-blasters and repeater shots randomly ricochet sometimes
-laser main mode is rapid fire
-repeater alt is a stun blast that knocks you back and to the ground
-homing missile can bounce and does not lose lock from a push
-portable force field fixed so it does not cause "lag"; also the dimensions
have been changed into a smaller shield you can crouch behind for cover
-removed the flechette gun for redesign
-explosions now do the same damage to their owners as well as their enemies
if caught in the blast

-shield soft ceiling at 75 instead of 100
-standing still while crouched regenerates shield
-health kits and bacta increase health over time instead of instant
-force heal causes you to kneel while healing
-force speed now works like in the movies allowing you to move at blinding
speed briefly
-protect does not drain force unless hit
-force push/pull does not knock you down as long

Here are some screenshots.

- The new repeater stun blast

-New movie-like super speed, lasts only split seconds

-Crouch behind for cover force fields

-Tornado move

07-17-2002, 05:22 PM
very impressive!

Hanch Saode
07-17-2002, 07:32 PM
Looks pretty nice...though I already read the ibfo on dl sites...

I'll promise to try it out some day :) haven't got time to mod atm.

07-18-2002, 02:33 AM
Well, I have tried it and I really like it. The ability to do the supers without an opponent is great along with the other treaks you've made. I'd say the best part is definately the way you blended in the two new saber styles. It makes the player want to fight semi-walking movie style.

I'd suggest next working on seeing if you can make normal saberists lose their sabers like in single player and a jump into wall walk.

Keep up the good work!

Razor Ace

07-18-2002, 02:52 AM
please check PM's Stellerwind.

07-18-2002, 06:02 AM
wow these people who make the mods should be helping out with the jk2 updates!!! seriously!

07-18-2002, 11:38 AM
Here's a question for the creater...why were the yellow and red specials move buttons changed?

While I understand the desire prevent the return of a spammed DFA, the new move makes the DFA too slow and complex to be usable in a fight. Plus, it makes the DFA look downright weird.

The changes to the yellow super make the yellow more versitle as you can potentually hit jumping targets or people on higher ledges. But unfortunately (unless there is some trick I missed) it's pretty much impossible to do against a target immediately in front of you as the jump flip animation prevents you from doing the yellow special! Is there a way to move the flip higher up into the jump cycle, make the flip cancel into the yellow special, or remove the flip altogether, so that attacking ground targets is plasible again?

As for a totally new idea, I'd suggest maybe making left / right spins into a keyboard double tab to give the player more control...

Suggestions aside, the Tornado attack looks great!

But then again, what do I know? :)

Thanks for the great mod!

07-19-2002, 06:54 AM
Is there plans for a version for singel player?

07-19-2002, 07:52 AM
I'm not 100% on the this, but as the source code for single player hasn't been released, single player mods can't modify much in single player. So, I doubt stellerwinds can port it until Raven releases source code for single player.

07-19-2002, 08:40 AM
"Source Source Source Source Source"!!!!

07-19-2002, 09:27 AM
First, thanks again to those who have taken the time to comment on jedistyle.

Yes razorace is correct. Believe me, i would like to mod the sp game just as much as many of you =)

As to the specials razorace and what you are experiencing with the yelow jump attack. It is not the flip animation but my own doing that allows the attack to be excecuted only after achieving a certain height in the jump, something like over 10 feet in the air. This way the attack both looks visually more fitting and has a new degree of skill to use as you have to "dive bomb" your enemy with it. However feedback is always great and i'll look into making it executable more quickly (at a lower height).

I changed some of the specials around to reflect the styles effectivness. The one handed styles only use sweeping slices because they are meant to be used while running. The one handed styles all have leaping attacks for the same reason. The tornado, yellow jump slice and yellow hop-back attack, are all "movement" attacks. While the 2-handed blue being the quickest retains its two quick non-movement attacks, the backstab and lunge. The two handed yellow is meant to be a "pure" fighting style with nothing special but no real weakness. While the red has its two slower specials. Frankly I don't feel the DFA is that great right now either. I feel it should be slow and somewhat ackward to reflect it being a red move and it retains its high damage, but its still too ungainly. I might come up with a better execution for it.
But anyway, those are my feelings on the saber styles.

I've actually been working on the spins for a while but thats a good suggestion as well. I want the saber combat to still be fluid and unhindered but yet skillful, so you dont need a joystick with 8 buttons, heh.

I'm working on a few new things for the next version that should be out by next week I hope. f anyone has any more comments or suggestions please feel free to email them or drop some messages on the boards. Any and all feedback is always a big help.

If anyone wants to collaborate or join with me on my new versions then I'll be happy to share my source. Especially anyone who knows the AI code and or modeling.

07-19-2002, 06:10 PM
You're welcome. Thanks for the awesome Mod. :)

I noticed two things while playing it today. Did you make the Sabers a little “sticky” or something? When sabers collide it feels like there is a bit of a delay before you can swing (in the same direction?) again. I didn’t notice while playing JK2 MP normally, maybe it’s my imagination. Anyway, it’s a great effect; makes the swings feel more realistic. J The second thing is in relation to doing your taunt. There’s some weird delay that also isn’t mentioned in the Mod Docs. Is this intentional or is this the work of the animation modifications?

While you can't alter the SP source code, can you import animations from SP into MP? I've seen what I believe are parts of the two hidden SP stances in Jedi Mod / Styles, but what about some of the other SP moves? The Yellow special “stab” variation would be cool for in close battles and 2+ player saber fests (maybe as a purely defense (as in no damage) evade move). Or, the Reborn saber leap could be used in some way with force speed (as they are both used for sudden, quick movement.)

I totally see what you're saying about the yellow special. I think an issue that comes up with this is "when should this move be used?" How can this move be used legitimately without "being lame"? These questions should be addressed to all of the specials. As it is, people suck and will abuse ANY move that is even remotely unbalanced. :)

Take DFA, for example, Raven obviously designed it to be a coup de grace move to only used when you are at an advantage with your opponent. Unfortunately, DFA wasn't balanced correctly to be used as a finishing move. Originally, it wasn't blockable, had a huge CONTROLLABLE damage arc, a quick refresh speed, and was easy to use. While Raven did nerf the damage, lateral control, etc. They ended up making it unusable even as it was tended. Post 1.04 patch it takes too long to "wind up", doesn't do much damage, and you can’t control your leap (often diving over your target). I personally envision using DFA ONLY in the following situations:

Situation - Opponent Status
Attacking for effect or to look cool - Facing You
Attacking a unsuspecting / fleeing target - Facing Away
Attacking an fallen opponent - Opponent Fallen
DFA – Attacking from higher elevation - Probably Facing Away

Other than previous, I can’t think of any other reason to use DFA except to “win”. Therefore, I suggest the following changes to the DFA move:

1. Make DFA easily blockable to people facing you, while on guard (not attacking), and on the same elevation. Basically, reducing the “breakthrough” factor to near 0% for normal situations.

2. Along the same lines, make it so the DFAer can be knocked off guard if he hits an “on guard” opponent, or well placed saber swing. I’ve never seen this happen, but I imagine it could be done by immediately going into one of the knocked off guard anim or rotating the DFAer way off his axis, if he’s deflected.

3. Add strike length control to the move. This I feel is the biggy. Without depth control, it’s nearly impossible to land a DFA in reasonable situations. Your disadvantaged opponent isn’t going to move or just lay there so you can position your DFA. I imagine this could be controlled in a similar fashion to a standard jump, and just speed up or slow down the animations to account for the different jump lengths. In fact, it maybe desirable to add a LITTLE amount of jump strafe (NOT lateral spin) control to the move for minor course corrections and feel.

4. Make the DFA jump arc more parabolic if launched from the ground, or, in case of a mid-air start, directly linked to your current jump arc. Basically, this would give the move more of a realistic “AAAHHH!!” factor than the currently almost straightforward leap.

5. Prevent the player from exiting the move until they land on the ground. This does two things…A) prevents people from aborting this powerful move (which doesn’t make sense as you’ve already put your whole body into it.) and B) prevents a “jumping off a big cliff only to have the move cut out right before you hit your prey” situation.

6. Link the breakthrough factor and damage to height fallen. Now, I’m not sure if this is possible or not, but it would make true DFAs more realistic and fun. To offset this, the player should take full (or more than full) fall damage if they miss. I’d hate to have people DFA spamming on nsstreets. J “Oh look, it’s raining Jedi…”

7. Return the DFA move to the old jump+forward+attack for simplisty and speed.

My goodness, it’s late. Sorry about the rant, I just want to make the game more about the sabering and less about move spamming. Well, I can continue this later, if people are interested….

And, stellerwinds, I have the time and the will to help if you’d fill me in on what you’re going to do and what you need. I don’t have much coding experience with the JK2 engine, but I’m a Com Sci major, know C++, and learn quickly. I’m not artistic, but I dig AI stuff. J

Razor Ace, out.

07-21-2002, 05:06 AM
I got a bug report for stellerwinds. I found that you can't taunt in many of the styles while moving in certain directions. It is as if the anim is blocking the taunt or was unintentionally left out. The following are some simple text graphics showing the movement directions that don't work: (the player is the "X", 8 is forward, 2 is backwards, etc.)

Two Handed Fast (Blue) Style:


Two Handed Medium (Yellow) Style:


Heavy (Red) Style:


While this isn't a major bug, I feels funny to press the taunt button and have nothing happen.

Razor Ace