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07-17-2002, 02:13 AM
So I set up a base to the north with the workers I freed. Then I destroyed the two troop centers and turrets guarding Ghost Base.

Then I went on a rampage and destroyed everything I could that was part of Strike Force Alpha's army. Now they're defeated. However, I think I might have messed up in doing so.

You see, after I'd viewed the entire land map and realized that my objectives weren't fulfilled and there was still this mystery "Le'Roche" town somewhere, I sent my cargo hovercraft across the water and there it was, Le'Roche, with the guy I needed to find as well.

But how do I get there? Stuck at tech level two; so no airbases or shipyards. I killed the imperial shipyard -- was that a mistake? Damn...

So what am I missing? I've explored the whole map, destroyed everything imperial, brought Leia, 3PO, and the Jedi to Ghost Base... how do I get to Le'Roche?

Grr. If destroying the shipyard was wrong, can I rebuild it (using cheats or something)? If not, should I just start over and use cheats to kill all the enemies, so I can finish this mission?

Help! :mad: :confused:

Thanks in advance... I'd appreciate a quick reply, if possible. This is my last campaign, so I have nowhere else to go.

07-17-2002, 05:45 AM
You need to pretty much level everything in that base (including the houses and possibly the turrets, but not the walls). Also make sure that there aren't any workers or troopers roaming around the map. You might even have to destroy the mining (and similar) structures. When this is done, you should receive a tranmission from the town. They'll send transports for you to ship your people over.


07-17-2002, 06:57 AM
Doh! Left one house standing on the ENTIRE MAP!

Thanks. Now I'm stuck on Leia mission two... *sigh*.

Although I think it's simply a matter of how effectively I deploy my army really, not letting everything get slaughtered before I take out the fortress, mech factories, and troop centers.

My current strategy is to attack from the back only, even though the game says to try both sides. This seemed more effective -- but I could be wrong here perhaps?

I have on savegame with the bottom half destroyed (two troop centers and a mech factory), but I just can't seem to destroy the top half, mainly because of its fortress. And I lost a pummel :(.

<Whine>Of all the campaigns, I think Leia's is the hardest, because of the Tech Level 2 limit.</Whine>

Oh well. I'll get it eventually.

07-17-2002, 09:37 AM
This is the one where they have to raid the base on the asteroid, correct (where your squad joins up with the wookies?). For this one I split my troops up. I brought half of them (which included all the artillery) down the left side, in around the wall and left them there (next to but just outside the base, so as not to alert the troops, turrets, etc). I brought my other half down (along with echuu) around the right side and did the same.

Leaving them there (set on hold position and fire), I moved Echuu in and converted the explosive droid. I used the droids to take out the two closest power cores, the command center, and to do some damage to either the mech building or the nearby turret. I had Echuu run back to my troops on the right. There I had a bit of a fire fight as the troops and mechs came out to play with me (a little micromanaging and I was able to keep losses to a minimum). After most of the main force had gone (those that were near the bottom have to begin with). I had my artillery wipe out the left most turret, the animal center, and so forth. Basically I ended up closing my troops together like a vice and wiping out the pertinent buildings (and all the workers) on the south side.

From there it was just a matter of crossing the bridge to the north, eliminating the turret (usually with Echuu), and wiping out the things up there. After I'd killed off the mech factory with artillery and the troop center (and turrets) with Echuu, I simply left my pummels level the fortress.