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07-18-2002, 01:21 AM
Anyone ever read the book, "Vision of The Future?" It is in the Hand Of Thrawn series written by Timothy Zahn...I just finished it.

It is REALLY good, has a lot of interesting little things, and throwbacks to the movies.

If you read it...I thought that part where that old smuggler chief guy was telling Talon Karrde about the time when a group of Dark Jedi "comandeered" his ship and they were running from the remnants of the Republic, and needed to find a out of the way planet to hide for a while....and they landed on Dagobah, which I thought was quite funny. Heh heh.

Guess they picked the wrong backwater planet. Well, to make a long story short Yoda nukes all the Dark Jedi....

I thought it was hilarious when he said they got out and just saw this funny little green creature with big pointy ears. ;)

Anywho, this book was really great, and if anyone could reccomend another Star Wars book, I would appreciate it.

I like Star Wars books that have to deal with the Jedi philosophy, and the Sith ways, also...

Well, thanks for the time. Toodle-loo.


(P.S. I read I, Jedi.) :p

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07-18-2002, 02:13 AM
i read that too...however i never really finished it. But i did read all of Spectre of the Past, it was good.

07-18-2002, 04:16 AM
it it part of the trawn trilogie? cuz i've read those, but i didn't find anything about yoda in it

Darth Talliusc
07-18-2002, 04:55 AM
its not part of the thrawn trilogy, it takes place long after it, its part of the thrawn "duology" yes thats the name given on the cover of the book, and there werent many dark jedi that went to dagobah, it was only one, a bpfasshi dark jedi to be exact, and they werent surprised, the dark jedi knew yoda was there and went out to waste him, they had a forcewar that lasted most of the day and into the night and yoda lived but the dark jedi didnt. the "evil echo" of the dead dark jedi is what caused luke to see himself as vader in the cave in ep5. this echo is also what masked yoda's signiture in the force preventing the empire from finding him. and no the bpfaashi dark jedi never told anybody else about dagobah so no! nobody knew but yoda obi wan and later luke

Darth Knight
07-18-2002, 05:18 AM
never read it but it sounds pretty good i might look at it or something some time

07-18-2002, 06:54 AM
Well Darth Talliusc....

I meant that Jorj car'das was suprised to see a "short, funny little green being with large pointy ears."

Not the Dark Jedi. And yes, they new he was there, but they were also trying to find a backwater planet so says the book.

Hey Darth reccomend any other good Star Wars books?

07-18-2002, 10:51 AM
i still havent finished the xwing series. but once i finish it, that's it for me with eu. i'm not going to even attempt reading salvatore's crap.

07-18-2002, 10:54 AM
I really hated those two books... completely demoralized me about all things Zahn... it was just... horrible... boring, stupid sci-fi... Those bat things? Those were almost as bad as that Thornbe thing from The New Rebellion... but thing that really ticked me off was that they let Thrawn's clone die! Stupid Jedi! And that whole POS theory about how using a lot of Force turns a Jedi to the Dark Side? Crap, then Yoda must be a bleeding Sith Master! It's out of line with the Prequels, it doesn't have any of the SW feel... I hate it, just... just... bah... the coffin is nailed shut on SW literature. Thank the Force for Lucas' movies!

Now... there are a few SW books that I can recommend... much better than Vision of the Future and Specter of the Past. All of the Tales of the Jedi graphic novels are golden... lots of Jedi philosophy and they deal with the height of the Sith Empire and the wars they waged against the Republic. Also, Splinter of the Mind's Eye and I, Jedi are really good... I, Jedi's only flaw is that it includes parts of KJA's reprehensible Jedi Academy Trilogy in it.

Blast it, I hate the EU... I hope Lucas makes the third trilogy just so every trace of those post-RotJ stories are contradicted and wiped out. Maybe then they can start anew with an EU that is actually <gasp> GOOD!


07-18-2002, 11:08 AM
i agree with you , the new rebelion was crap. I only have one beef to pick with spectre of the past:
the camaas thing. they brought it up like it was a well known incident and then ran away with the plot.

07-19-2002, 02:01 AM
Yoda only uses the Force when provoked to do so in EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE YODA WAS EVER TALKED ABOUT OR IN THE MOVIES. Heh, nice "facts," Jedi Monk.

Well, anywho, I thought those "bat things" were interesting.

Letting thrawn's clone "die?" First off, it wasn't "alive" yet, and secondly, they had more important matters at hand, like saving their own lives than worry about a clone that could possibly destroy them in the long run.

And something tells me you don't exactly "understand" or comprehend books, if you choose "graphic novels" (In lamen's terms a friggin comic book.) Eh, sorry I can't stand comics, with those crappy drawings and speech/though bubbles..But thats some people's cup of tea.

Anywho, I agree a lot of the EU is horrible. I think the epitome of EU crap is the most recent books, like Vector Prime, and all those "New Jedi Order" books. First off, they kill Chewie. Hmmm.

Nuff said. They kill Chewie.

Well, I'll say one more thing. Yuhhzahn Vong. What in the hell is that all about. They are a rip off of Klingons and that ship on the Sci-Fi show "Farscape." The entire race is just a huge rip-off of other sci-fi stuff. And they way they always seem to have the right bio machinery at the right time, it's a joke. It's like, ooo looky a piece of toast, good thing i have my bio-engineered "gu'ka'ra'mah'lak'tah" here with me, with optional death star laser. (Toaster with death star laser.) It's silly and horrible, and I feel it has completely ruined EU. COMPLETELY. The fact that they just kill everything and destroy everything is pathetic, it just means they lack a storyline. I could write a book about the Vong in 10 minutes. Heres an exerpt.

Vong 1: Har har Har! Those pesky Jedi, little do they know we have a bio-engineered Jedi finder/Jedi killing creature that is immune to the force and it will seek them all out and kill them all!

Vong 2: It is a good day to die.

Vong 3: Indeed.

Luke: Mara, are you okay?

Mara: Nah, I'm going to die any minute from this bio-engineered disease that the vong made to target specifically my DNA.

Luke Ah, dang.

Vong 1: Har Har Har, we have destroyed about 30 planets now and killed Chewie, Han, Anakin, Jacen, and Jaina Solo, now we must kill princess leia...but how?

Vong 2: Erm, sir, we just got a bio-engineered "Leia Killer" from our home planet. We just let it go into space and say to it, "Kill Leia," and it does.

Vong 1: HAR HAR HAR Good work, it is a good day to die!