View Full Version : Yavin 4 escape

07-18-2002, 02:05 AM
So basically this campaign takes pace right after Luke skywalker blows up the death star in ep4 Anh. You control Princess Leia organa,Lath panarian a squadron of troopers and 3 pummels. The aim of the map is to take them through the Yavin forest rescuing troopers from the imperials who have landed on Yavin 4 to take care of the remaining Rebels who have not escaped in the transports.

There are quite a few cut scenes showing some rebel outposts fighting imperials which looks pretty cool

Anyhoo once you get to the end of the senario I need Darth vader to come out and get Lath panarian in a threshold and then kill him while princess Leia organa and the other troopers get to some remaining transports and escape from Yavin 4 and I just need to know how I can trigger Darth Vader to get Lath panarian in a threshold.

Any help would be much apprieciated.