View Full Version : A few simple questions

07-18-2002, 03:06 AM
For those of you luckey enough to read this i have a few questions

Im new to skining in jk2 so for my first question does any body know of a good editing software so that i can make my own?

Next i would like to know how to make my own model for jk2(I have some great ideas)?

And last why can i not get my edited skins to work with jk2(i read some tuts but they dident help any)?

I would be muy muy thankful for some help-

07-18-2002, 09:45 AM
For textures or skins I recommend The Gimp (if you're looking for somthing free)... otherwise Photo Impact or Paint Shop Pro is good. For Modeling I use Anim8or.. its very simple and easy to use but it doesnt render well, but if your using it for modeling only it should work fine. And as for your last question, I dont know much of anything about putting the skins in Jedi Knight but I hope what i've said so far helps :D

The Gimp http://www.gimp.org/
Anim8or http://www.anim8or.com/