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Darth Eggplant
07-19-2002, 02:36 PM
the day when the world discovers
'grey media'
the art and science
of turning people's dreams
into movies for people to watch
and enjoy will be the day
when I might finally be able
to make some money.

thursday july 18th 2002
tell me about bed,
tell me about your dreams;
I have slept most this afternoon.
because I had this crazy mobius
loop dream last night.
went to bed at 12:35
which is early for me
and was really tired
and looked forward to falling asleep
real fast for once,
which I did,
but then I had this wierd
repeating dream
where I kept waking up
every 45 minutes.
and it kept repeating itself.
same mobius dream,
again and again and again.
the good thing about it
was this however:
I got to go to the south pole
on an ice breaker tug-barge
with Jose and the Pussycats.
and once there we helped a group
of silly but serious scientists
record the famous
southern auroa borealis
which only happens once a year
when the planet shifts
and the south pole goes
from total darkness
into total light.
the borialis lasts less than a minute;
about 45 seconds it seems
and it was spectacular!
I got to see it 6 times last night.
the goofy imperial
and academic scientists
did not want to see it
with their naked, unaided eyes,
first they claimed
that you could not look at it
because it would harm your eyes retinas.
then after schepticism
on the part of myself
and the Pussycats,
they admitted that watching
the Antarctic Auroa Borealis,
would do no harm to a person
if they saw it;
however they were puzzled,
even mystified as to WHY?
anyone would want to see
such a sight themselves in person.
silly scientists!
the southern Borealis was magnificent!
and even after I saw it
for the fifth time,
I was just as moved a
nd impressed by it.
Valerie, one of the three Pussycats'
caught the fancy
of one of the scientists,
and she persuaded him
to come out into the open night air;
and see the lightshow for himself.
and together they watched
the southern borealis, hand in hand;
and then after the scientist
and Valerie kissed each other
as night became day
and the south poles
peroid of total daylight began.
and then Melody got me
to help her open up the cargo hold
of their ship, and out came 100's
of polar bears,
yet none of these polar bears
were dangerous,
and none of them wanted to kill
and eat the resident penguins
who nest and live in Antarctica,
because Melody supplied all those
polar bears with Gary Larson's
"FAR SIDE" comics, during the trip
to the south pole,
and when the polar bears were released,
Josie and the Pussycats
gave a performance,
and all the penguins,
the polar bears,
the scientist, and myself
danced to their music;
and then the remaining scientist's
joined us on the surface
while Josie and the Pussycats
were performing
and they suddenly began to realize
that watching the southern borealis
on their scientific equipment
was not the same as watching it
with all your human senses,
and they regreted having missed out
on seeing it.
However anxious not to miss out
on anything more in life,
the scientists joined in dancing,
and Josie and the Pussycats
continued playing
and the party was great.
and we never once ran out of ice!
but they learnt that seeing
an antarctic aurora borealis
(however there was no coca cola
in my dream, the polar bears
did not seem to have brought any
with them which was a pity.)
But I did get to see
the southern Aurora Borealis
six times in one night,
which is six times more
than most people ever get to see
in an entire lifetime.

07-28-2002, 04:28 AM
Yeah, I got stoned last night too.