View Full Version : Dynamic Lighting. What a funny thing.

U.S.S. Speed
07-20-2002, 06:10 AM
A friend of mine come to me telling me that JK2 support dynamic lighting with a special entities.

Like I know that the Quake 3 Engines can't support any kind of Dynamic lighting over brush or map, I was a lot spectical.

He send me a load of screenies to try to convince me.

And, even with that, it seam that JK2 can't support dynamic lighting too.
What a surprise. :D
The DL entities actually generated decal over the surrounding brush. Like when you carry the flag, the blue/red light that is cast around you. Or when your weapon shot or the projectil hit the wall. Decal.

He send me to a site that is a small tutorial on "how to use the dynamic lighting entities." And it seam that I was right. That entities was first implement in the SP of EF by Raven. The result are crappy, and the r_speed go up, up, up!

Actually, I'm working on a map that use VDL (Virtual Dynamic Lighting). Shader to fack dynamic lighting. The result are a lot better than the above entities, and a lot more expendable. However, you need of course to know shader and it need more texture/shader/mapping time. But it allow you to do some stuff that would be impossible to do with the above entities.

He (My friend, fan of R.U.S.H, The Analog Kid), send me here, cuz it seam that a lot of people actually beleive that the above entities provide you real DL.

Now, I'm looking foward what you can show me to try to prove me that it is DL.

Oh! Little movie for you :
Hope you will like it. I know, the record quality is crappy. Anyway.

The Analog Kid
07-20-2002, 07:25 AM
R.U.S.H.? have never heard of them, an acronym? Anyway, someone told exactly what is was. As far as r_speeds, it doesn't do much of anything.