View Full Version : Importing .md3 into gmax help

07-20-2002, 11:36 AM
I have 3d Studio Max 4.x but they don't have a plug-in for it to import md3 files (That I know of). I looked a round a lot and saw that their were a lot of things for gmax so I downloaded it. I downloaded a few plug-ins that said that they import .md3 files but when I click file then import all it shows for import options is 3d Studio Max .3ds, AutoCAD .DFX, and 3d Studio Shape .SHP. I don't know how to install the plug-ins to tell ya the truth. I just figured they go in plug-ins and I also put them in Script just in case they go there :D If someone could give me a link to a good .md3 file importer for gmax that would be great (Also so tell me how to install and use it :D) Thanks for any help.


07-20-2002, 12:25 PM
go to the following link, it should have a link to the plugins you need .


once you have the file 'gmaxPlugins.zip' , extract it, and copy the 'plugins' folder to your gmax directory, then paste the folder in there... it will ask if you want to overwrite some crap, or whatever, click yes, dont worry, it just replaces the folder, not the files in side.

after that, start gmax, and go to file>import, then choose your directory, and select all files'.' or .md3 files

should work..

good luck