View Full Version : New Map - Emperor's Courthouse by Zeus

07-20-2002, 07:17 PM

You can download my new map "The Emperor's Courthouse"



It is the follow on from the "Emperor's Villa"

Please post your comments.

Also, which of the 2 did you think was the best.

07-22-2002, 09:37 PM
I've played it and I enjoyed it. :) Overall, it was quite fun to play but, the end boss doesn't play fair / was too powerful. I don't mind having a boss that is slightly stronger but this guy's force power / saber damage is simply too much. I couldn't beat him.


a fun battle
having ingame camera shots helped a lot.
Having the camera move after hitting the jump pads
well picked, catchy battle music
the "different" types of dark jedi
baddies well paced throughout the map
having working map objectives seriously increases the professionalism of the map
Having the end boss watch you duel was cool, but I'd try to make just his head move next time.


story was weak / vague
music was a little bit repetive
map scaling was a bit off
most of the map didn't feel "real". They're TOO open, boxy, and sparse.
Emperor's speach was too quiet to understand
End Boss was too WAY powerful, one hit could easily kill me when I was at full health.
having baddies just spawn into being leaves the player at a disadvantage. Try having them come in a window, door, etc. or be there when the player shows up.
WTH?! The ceiling lights are rotating!!!
The sniper fire at the begining of the game is too dangerous for people not expecting it. I'd try having only a couple of snipers and replace the rest with plain stormtroopers. At least give the player a chance to get organized before you vap him. :)

Thanks for the map. Hope you make more. :)