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07-20-2002, 10:57 PM
Silly gullible me, made the mistake of beliving that someone by the username niko_watts was really NiKo when he messaged me on Yahoo messanger and so even more stupidly I added him to my list, all happy to talk to NiKo :D (I'm missing ya sweety hurry up and come back to Isreal so I can talk to ya properly :p)

Anyways, just be warned also I'd probably be careful who knows? other names might start popping up to those who use Yahoo, MSN, ICQ or even Aim and since I've already had something like 3autho requests from Max Payne under different ICQ numbers, well obviously I don't think I need to say anymore...

niko_watts: Hi
nattywattybatty: NiKo
niko_watts: HAHA! Gotcha!
niko_watts: No, really, I'm Max Payne.
nattywattybatty: ok **** off your going on ignore
niko_watts: Uh-huh
nattywattybatty: your a complete tosser with no life, you do realize that dont you
niko_watts: Nope.
niko_watts: You sure you ain't confusing me with your brother?
nattywattybatty: what the hell is your problem anyway? dont you have a life? seriously your obsessed with people on the net
nattywattybatty: my brother probably is a tosser, whats your point?
niko_watts: What da ya mean? I haven't been making any chat pranks or standing around the comp for about 2 weeks.
nattywattybatty: oh gawd, you keep count? you do know that impersonating someone on the net is an offence and you can get arrested and even put into jail for it?
niko_watts: Yeah, right!
niko_watts: Comeon, arrest me.
nattywattybatty: no seriously, its illegal
nattywattybatty: im not a police person, i cant fricking arrest you, if i knew ya IP i could easilly contact them though
niko_watts: OK, hold on.
niko_watts: There, now you know what my IP is.
nattywattybatty: its an aussie IP address
niko_watts: Really?
nattywattybatty: uhuh says so on the programme i use
niko_watts: So how old are you Natalie?
niko_watts: Two?
nattywattybatty: oh go away
niko_watts: NATTY!!! I'll get you at your monkey forum!!!
nattywattybatty: oh no, please dont hurt me im so scared
niko_watts: HAHAHA! You're funny, you know something?
niko_watts: If I had a kilogram everytime my mom yelled at me, I'd be as fat as you.
nattywattybatty: your desperatly in love with NiKo and you want to be him since you're pretending to be him?
nattywattybatty: oh ouch thats so insulting
niko_watts: OOH! I shudder to think what my life would be like if I were NiKo...
nattywattybatty: yeah, you would actually have a life instead of obsessing over people your never gonna meet and obsessing over people who thought you were a loser so you got banned some from fricking forum a year ago
nattywattybatty: dont you know how to get over things? have you ever considered seeking professional help?
niko_watts: Yeah, I did hire some professionals to get a new modem so, my IP would be different each time I log on.
nattywattybatty: good for you, do you want a medal?
niko_watts: Yes (Natty replies: Why should I give you a medal?) Answer: Well you asked.
nattywattybatty: you can have a medal for being an obsessive loser who obviously can't get over things that happen on the net, and once i post this chat everyone's gonna laugh at you even more
niko_watts: Fine fine post it I got a message for them too:
niko_watts: I'll be back soon!!!!!
nattywattybatty: oh goody
nattywattybatty: i cant wait
niko_watts: Natty do you have a life? At least I get 11 hours of sleep everyday.
nattywattybatty: i still get 11 hours sleep, what do you do with your time? and if thats the best insult you can come up with, well i have no words to describe your stupidity
niko_watts: Oh but please describe it!
niko_watts: I'm curious to know my own stupidity.
niko_watts: I have one?
niko_watts: Oh, no let me guess:
nattywattybatty: well lets see, you have no life and by that i mean you think your cool and smart by impersonating NiKo, its obvious you want to be him, you can't seem to get over the fact you were band from the escapemi forums for being a ****
nattywattybatty: ok you can guess
nattywattybatty: your a freak
nattywattybatty: and your from the UK, so need i say more? your an embaressment to the UK
nattywattybatty: and now you can go on ignore
nattywattybatty: toodles
niko_watts: HAHAHA!
niko_watts: **** U
nattywattybatty: no thanx i dont wanna catch aids or herpies
nattywattybatty: now have fun
nattywattybatty: bye

07-21-2002, 12:54 AM
that guys stupidity is always going to make me laugh..

07-21-2002, 04:31 AM
I remember him:p

07-21-2002, 06:24 AM
i personally think hes one quarter of a whole idiot....

Al-back from the BigWhoop
07-21-2002, 07:07 AM
i think he is a gay on denial, he took the time to figure out niko's last name! i mean, really: i dont even know my gf's last name!

07-21-2002, 08:43 AM
Originally posted by Al-back from the BigWhoop
i dont even know my gf's last name!

It happens.:D

07-22-2002, 02:37 AM
What an ass :rolleyes:

07-22-2002, 04:11 AM
Where do people like this crawl out from? O_o

07-22-2002, 06:22 AM
He needs to see a doctor about removing that giant dildo out of his ass...seriously, the guy has no life

he has my pitty.

07-22-2002, 07:08 AM
NiKo? I'm concerned for our safety, he said he's coming to get us :(

I agree though he really needs to get over his obsessive behaviour, it's quite disturbing :eek:

07-22-2002, 07:13 AM
Originally posted by Al-back from the BigWhoop
i dont even know my gf's last name!


07-22-2002, 03:51 PM
AH, just do an ip on all the Niko's that have come back on all the forums and we'll be safe. :D J/K

Al-back from the BigWhoop
07-24-2002, 02:19 AM
Originally posted by Drunken_Sailor



wot is that supposed to mean?

07-24-2002, 08:48 AM
A new message from Payne In The Arse under a new name, I replied to it but then accidentally closed it down. This was sent as an offline message on Yahoo. I basically called him gutless since he reckons his IP wasn't banned and he could easilly come in here with a new name, so I told him to but like before he'll get his arse kicked. I should have also said he's gay and in denial since he's still obsessing over NiKo. Anyway it's just another name I can put on ignore :D

Which I also had to point out how the ICQ archive thingie works and it automatically puts the last message sent at the top, unless you change it in the settings. What a freak he really truly is :rolleyes:

x_xxx10005 (Wed 07/24/02 12:26:16 AM): http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=37263

"NiKo(13:46 PM) :
what does that mean? "i have a small hairy penis" ?
fida(13:45 PM) : i will kill u!!!!"

Notice fida's message was written before NiKo's according to the time, yet it appears after in the convo, which means that NiKo either changed his time during the convo, which I seriously doubt anyone would waste his time doing that, or he made a mistake while he faked the convo OR he even modified his convo. Okay that's all I got to say, be sure to post this on the monkey forum so everyone will know, or I'll do it myself remember I HAVE access my IP was never banned and I can easily create a new account. Click on the link to see the convo for yourself!

09-04-2002, 09:00 AM
Originally posted by Al-back from the BigWhoop
i think he is a gay on denial, he took the time to figure out niko's last name! i mean, really: i dont even know my gf's last name!

Oh really, Al? So you hate gay?

BTW I ain't gay, I just make fun of you guys.

09-04-2002, 10:05 AM
Hahaha Max is STILL about. Blimey the guys got issues.

I'm goin to Holland tommrow so i'll see you all in a week.
Ta ta for now

09-04-2002, 11:47 AM
Bye, *******!