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07-21-2002, 04:54 AM
Now i may seem unfaithful in doing this because of my previous mod idea posted in these very forums but nay i am not. the point of the first one was to let the idea simmer see how it went (sadly not too well) and decide if thats what people are looking for in a mod. here is the second of three ideas one of which is hopefully gonna hit off with the community of jk2. i know not everyone will like my ideas or about how i am conducting this venture but still i believe this way it gives people a choice or input in the mods we create. i believe a mod idea section should be put up on these forums but thats only a hopeful dream. again i say i am a dreamer and someone who plans and deviates i am not a technical person at all though learn i must. tell me what u think and give input on the idea...

...A long long time ago on a planet in a galaxy
far far away...

Star wars:Gladiator

The world of Yavin is thrown in great turmoil as each of the great races prepare there realm for the inevitable war. meanwhile the first of the borders of old are broken by the kowaki grand army lead by Sonosan the great. then only thing now standing in his way from victory in the great human are trence and his ugnaught of the border hills.in the north and high mountains weequay ride into the plains of borinia killing thousands of gran. trouble spread throughout the human kingdom the weequay at there north and kowaki at there south they would surely all die. the human council and trandoshan high shamans prepare for the last defense of the great human realms. worried damina head of the counsel sends riders to east in search of rodian aid.however deep in the eastern woods something new bred. the rodian posting complete nuetrality to the riders bid them on there way. for the rodian started a seris of bloody leagues and battles all comishioned by the rodian kashana temple and war lust would no longer course through the vains of there people. criminals, bounty hunters, and rich folk of the rodian forests fought for honor glory and money. it now became aware that the humans would be all together crushed. when trence learned of the great onslaught and of there rodian allies avoidance of the very final war to keeps peace they sent two young ugnaught rimi and sartin to bring a message to Sonosan the great. so news spread far and wide that kowaki would join the ugnaught in tournaments of battle based off of rodian pit fighting. long it did not take for the league to turn international. Now desputes, anger, and entertainment are all neatly laid out in a sick chain of deadly matchs. each race now must turn there best, brightest, and strongest into gladiators...

i think now its pretty clear what this is all about to you but i shall explain anyway. its a realistic (well what word should i use) gladitor mod based on star wars races. the weapons will be all based on gladiator weapons or new and strange weapons created just for you. each of the races will have different strengths and weaknesses providing some variety in combat. each race has a set of ability scores they cannot be changed and are rather to show the charactristics of that race. for mp the cores for each race can be changed by the admin when the game is created.the ability scores are as follows. they can be anywhere form 1-10 (1 being the worst and 10 being the best)

Strength- how strong the race tends. it decides the amount of damage your character does how much he can carry and allows him to use larger weapons. it also helps in grips and pins.

Dexterity- nimbless and balance. gives bonus to dodging blows. it also reduces fall damage and determians how high you can jump.

Constitution-how healthy you are and the general condition of your body. helps against poison and decides how much beating you can take. it also serves as a score that measures how long you can run and fight (i.e.more constitution more stamina).

Intelligence-this is natural wit and book smartness. this gives the charater ability to to more special moves and use more complicated weapons. (i.e. poison darts, crossbow, duel bladed axe, and the multi sized sword) a person with high intelligence could wield a wide range of weapons (i.e. more intelligence more points to spend on weapons and fighting styles)

thats all for now since i am very tired of writing plz answer the polls and tell me what u think. i will write the other half on the morrow or perhaps tonight. it will include race descriptions weapons and armor (maybe a little bit into gametypes and interface). i thank you for taking time and reading what i have so far plz plz come back ever day i will be adding more. understand i need help and want input from you.

07-22-2002, 09:42 PM
Sounds like a Star Wars / Gladiator fusion to me. I like the idea of RPG type stats for your characters. Go for it and ignore the people around here in the forum. Most people are just here to whine about the the patches anyways. :)

07-24-2002, 12:32 PM
sounds good to me - its just a case of pulling it off