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The empires grip
As the empire steped from his starship into the death stars hanger.The general was there to greet him with open arms like a brother or something.The empire ignored the genral rushing pass him he ran to the back of the hanger to the lift he could sense the light side here.He reached for his belt suddenly swinging his arm upwards with a red saber in his hand as he was approching the top floor.The light side was becoming even more unbarable the empire maid mara jade was shaking all though see was tring to hide it from her master.I cna sense your felling mara whats wrong with you.you know you cant hide your nerves frome me said the empire.I know master she replied.DINGGGG.Went the lifts bell.Darth vader and mara steeped fromn the lift quick go back int o th lift mara.Vader swung his light saber suddenly in a horzantall block.Smashing a young rebels saber away the empire jumped up in the air it seemed like miles he then came smashing down just missing the rebels side with his saber.So you think you can beat me young rebel.There was no reply well shouted the lord.Suddenly and swiftly vader swang his sword at the rebel while still shouting.The empire went into a frenzy suddenly probally the silence that did it.The empire was swinging and smashing anything in his way the young rebel pushed his hood off and grabbed his saber.The rebel was blocking everyswing as the twos lightsabers collinded toghether buzzing and spiiting everything of there sabers was blowing,everything inside the saber blew
To be contined

Wht do you all think

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Divine Spirit
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Thats some really good fan fic coming along! :)

Why dont you have a go in the thread about the Sith Academy versus the Jedi Academy. You have to be a member of one of the academies to post a storyline though :D i recommend the Sith Academy.

Check out the website: www.angelfire.com/empire/sith_academy (http://www.angelfire.com/empire/sith_academy)

If you want to join, reply here and either Shadow Angel or Darth Kaan will be your Master.

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o.k ill join your sith acaddemy waiting for instructions master

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OK then, ill continue this in the Sith Academy thread and ill find you a master! :D

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its the EMPEROR


the empire

you muppet