View Full Version : Question OR Suggestion?

07-22-2002, 05:02 AM
Seeing how there is some problem getting an updated list of servers in JKII at this particular momment, I was hoping to find a place here on the forums where i could see a list of server ip's or server "plugs". I checked out the Dedicated server forum and though useful to any JkII server admin, there is nothing but tech. help in that forum.

I guess i could have just made a request in multiplayer or the valley forum but then I would have to wait for replys. Anywho, If I have overlooked a specific area I could have found a list, please do direct me to the right place. Otherwise, Maybe consider putting a sub forum in One of the already exsisting server forums for people to list there server stats and ip's.

Thanx for the room to rant, and thax to those whom matain these forums.