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07-22-2002, 11:24 AM
Hi all,

Please visit http://www.clanregister.com

It is a completely free clan management package that lets you design your own clan roster. Members can join you clan via this roster.

Other services will follow shortly, coming soon is News, Forums and Ladders...all free to registered members

Take a look at http://www.clanregister.com/roster.asp?ID=2&Name=IRG for a good example

Com Raven
07-22-2002, 01:47 PM
I am not sure if this is the forum you wanted this to be on...

07-22-2002, 02:40 PM
Isnt there a rule about advertising....

a clan for kotor...i dont think so...

Com Raven
07-22-2002, 03:20 PM
well, maybe we should first know if there will even be a mp component...

Ewok Hunter
07-22-2002, 04:05 PM
didn't I just see this on some other board...

07-22-2002, 04:11 PM
some how i cant forsee mp but i remain open to the prospect.

D@rth M@ul
07-26-2002, 12:00 AM
Shameless plug you have made.

hmmm yes, very shameless indeed.

07-26-2002, 12:58 AM
How would mp actually work in a game like this?

07-26-2002, 05:22 AM
i hope it will have MP