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Wraith 8
03-15-2002, 02:12 AM
Originally posted by ewok hunter

Naboo's moon, Rori

uhm...talus IS EU... Dathomir is also EU.
Rori... is NOT EU...

The devs made it up as one of Naboo's moons. In episode 2 a moon is menchioned as a rebel moon. (in their time)

Wraith 8
03-15-2002, 02:15 AM
uhm.. is my forums so screwed up.. ot did i just post at the top of this thread?

what is going on?

Ewok Hunter
07-23-2002, 12:41 AM
I know there are multiple threads about this already but I'm to lazy to post this on each of those threads (Wraith feel free to move this around as much as you want) so it boils down to this: you can't be a sith because they havn't reapeared after the great hyperspace war thousands of years before the game. besides what did they have going for them anyway, they were easily conquered by the dark jedi who left the republic anyway. ohhhhh your talking about the sith after naga sadow...... they were really only dark jedi using sith techniques, and any way they were wiped out when Exar Kun died. or are you speaking of the other, other sith which were nearly all killed on Rusaan? they are wiped out when Vader and Palpy die;) just some extra info :D

D@rth M@ul
07-23-2002, 02:06 AM
Sadly the Sith took it upon themselves to be greedy and corrupt
to their own houses, and they destroyed themselves down to
only one. Darth Bane, who founded palpatine, who founded Maul
who died,then palpatine took vader, who killed his master
and went to the light, thus ending the legend of the Sith.

Although I believe if you study in the sith arts, you can be a Sith.
So screw that "only two sith" rule. Grrrr!

07-23-2002, 02:22 AM
Yeah screw it i say to, i let my PC become Sith, they found therer information about teh sith before the tiem of bane so. That rule of 2 does have a purpose but theres really no enforcing, but game wise for galaxes? Unless theses guys are gonna get really indepth i doubt there be much more that a fleeting mention of the Sith. Besides this is set rebellion era most of the information has been destryoyed or horded by Palpitine. And the Old sith there where also some cross breeding going on, that would be an interasting race to play. But I have to say we dark side enthasists (sp?) well just have to make do. Besides gonna be hard enough becoming force senistive let alone a Sith, be way to hard to program.

07-23-2002, 12:47 PM
you can't be a sith because they havn't reapeared after the great hyperspace war thousands of years before the game.

hehe nice research ewok, but the official reason you can't become a sith is not due to them being extinct. Its the rule of two.

from the official FAQ

6.06 Can I become a Sith Lord in the game?

No, although players may be able to become Dark Jedi, they will not be able to become Sith Lords. The films explicitly state that there are only two Sith Lords at any given time, and the two during the time of Star Wars Galaxies have been clearly identified as the Emperor and Darth Vader.

I guess your reason is the EU reason.

07-23-2002, 02:47 PM
personally i wish this game WAS based of EU, but o well, bekinda cool if they came out with a pre(clone) wars add on though. Personally I Prefare EU to the movies, dont get me wrong I love the moves especaill episode V,VI and II but as with all books theres so much more information. Stupid Bane, o well ill jsut have to become at least level 2 and kill of Anny and Palpitine shouldnt be TO hard I mean hes an old man and hes got a bad arm.
(that was SARCASM, thoguh it would be kinda funny to fihgt anny see how quick he can kill us off though i guess it would be Vader not Anney grr stupid EP II ill see Vader as an NPC and call him Anney and then get disembowled knowing my luck.)

Jan Gaarni
07-23-2002, 03:29 PM
Uhm, I think Bane is EU, man.

07-23-2002, 04:00 PM
They have said that some of the EU characters will show up as NPCs in the game. They didn't say who though.

Ewok Hunter
07-23-2002, 07:03 PM
I know it's EU, some dev chat or annother said that they were using a lot of EU to make the game:). besides, the rule of 2 is only for the dark lord of sith not for the actual race which the techniques were developed by ;)and I pitty you D@rth M@ul for beliving that Darth Bane had a direct line of inheritence from the sith, if you had read my post you would know that the sith orders had been wiped out twice before darth bane's time and that the only way the techniques were kept alive was the sith holocrons:o any benifitts of cross-breeding with the sith would have disappeared in the 5000+ years since their dissapearence. just to give you an exapmle of how long it has been, there was about 2000 years between the battle of Rusaan and the establishment of the rule of 2 and ANH, about as much as the difference between the birth of christ and today ;). oh,and about EU, here are some examples of planets that the devs said were going to be in galaxies that aren't cannon:
Naboo's moon, Rori
and there are others things, like the holonet and landmarks on places such as Correlia, after all it is only mentioned as the home planet of a few people in cannon, but EU has troves of information about it. I mean, where do you thinck they came up with the enviorment for it, thin air ;)
EDIT: whoops, didn't mean for it to come out so flamish :(

07-24-2002, 02:35 AM
Heres a Sith time line taken from the dark side book, its really abbrivated but I didnt want to tpye 4 pages of info. So enjoy

25k Years before BOY (battle of Yavin)
hyper drive was perfected. Galactic Republic Forms
first force therois develope,
jedi formed
first dark side uprising took place, attle lasted more that an century, dark side lost exhiled beyonf known edges of space
Sith Empire was born
vanquished Jedi found a primitive civilization called the Sith, they welcomed the Jedi as gods, darksideers dominated them forged sith emipreand a evil age of 1000 years began form the farthest borders of the republic. Each side forgot the other as the millennia passed.
The great Schish that divided the early Jedi became a legend.

5,000 tear BOY
Sith grew while republic flurished.
Sith develop Sorcery and other dark side powers.
Great Lord Marka Ragnos died leaving a power vacm, civil war was coming but Rival leader Nagan Sadow and Ludo Kreesh struggeld for crown
Pair of republic mappers Starbreaker 12 stumpled upon the Sith, each rival used them intehre own way.
Following Starbreakers 12 back to republic space Naga Sadow and his Sith forces Ignited the great Hyperspace War.
Eraly battles in Sith Favor later on Republic gained the advatage. Republic after a long and bloody battle rallied there forces and reppeled the invaders. Sadow and his battered ship return to Sith Space-and right into an ambush.
Ludo Kresh and his loyalists had survied the earlier struggles and awaited Sadows returing fleet. Both sides where crushed in the battle. Pursuing Republic arrived and vanquiahed the Sith in a hail of blaster fire.
Naga Sadow escaped however went into hinding on the jungle moon of Yavin, where his loyal Massassi built gret temples in his honor. Used Sith sorcery and technology to place him self in suspended animation.

4,400 year BOY
Freedon Nadd an Jedi Knihgt sets of to Yavin Moon to invesagate dark powers. After brief struggle with the Massassi guarding the area, Nadd awaked the Spirt of Sadow, asked dark lord to teach him the sorcerous ways, Sadow agreed taught him powers the Jedi had not seen in centuris, Nadd leaves to planet onderon.
Using Sith magic and dark side nadd made him self leader of the primative inhabetents, he was a tyrannical ruler and eventaully subjects rebbellds. For centures Nadda ans his subjects worked for centureis to crush the rebbellion but to no avail. Even using the powers provided by Nadd's sarrcophagus-a focus of dark dies energy-his decedents could not end the bloody civil war.

Satal and Allema Keto steal sith book from Courscant and made way to Ondeoron where Nadd spirt arose to greet them. With Nadd's teeaching and weath of Sith artifacts Retured to Emoress Teta system to find a way to restore Sith Empire.
Jedi Knight imposed orfer on ONderon and sealed NAdd's coffin in an armoured tomb on the moon of Duxon

The pair using Sith poers take over the system while republic and a group of Jedi knights are sent to restore order. A young Jedi by the name of Exar Kun goes to find Freedon Nadd's tomb.
Nadd's spirt gives wealth of information and celing collapses on Kun, Nadda using dark powers repair Kun and save his life.
Mean wihle the battle for the Empress Tetal system contunis as Jedi meet to discuss such a disturbance in the force Satal and Alemma inleash Sith war droid killing the great Jedi master Arca.
Kun nect traveld to Yavin 4 where his new found powers helped him destroy the spirt of Freefon Nadd. Proclaimed himslef the Dark lord of the Sith. Later he joined withanother fallen jedi, Ulic Qel-Droma. The 2 vowed to bring back the Sith


Exar Kun convereted many weak Jedi to Sith as he traveld across the Republic as a prophet an dark teacher. Ulic Qul-droma went over strategic plans and Began Sith War. Exar Kun sent his converts on a misiion to destroy there ex masters. Only a dew succeeededm the news of the assassinf striking atJedi MAsters spread fear throguh the republic.
Bitter war continued until Ulic killed his own borotehrm the Jedi Cat. with this horrific act Ulric realized the Sith war mush end. He offered to help the Jedi, and soon the ride of battle turned. Exar Kun went back to Yavin to and used Sith sorcery to preserve his spirit in ancient pyramid. Kun survived trapped for millenia in a prison of his own devising but the Sith war was over.

3,986 BOY
The disgraced Ulic went into exile after the Sith war. Ten yers later Vima tha daughter of Jeid Nomi Sunrider, sought him out. She wanted Ulic to teach her the ways of the force. He relucatanly afreed, during this time Ulic found redemption and died a Jedi Master.

2,000 BBOY
Sith disapperared into the shadows of history and the glory days of the Sith was all but forgotten.
Term Sith used to describe sect of dark side users. Teaching of the Sith appear every so often to threaten the Republic, then 2 millenia beofre the Galactic Civil War, a rouge Jedi Knight Turned away from the Jedi code to form a new Sith Cult. As Exar Kun before him he attracted many followers.

1,000 BBOY
The new Sith declaore war on the republic. The Battles were firece and the Jedi rose to fight the Sith, but in ht end Sith fell to there own interanl struglles, unwilling to share power Siths disiples destroyed each otehr
Sith Lord Kaan survied the blood bath and gathered 20,000 devotes to establish an empire deidcated to rule by the Strong. Kaan's Brotherhood of darkness met Jedi Master Hoth's Amry of light on the Planet Russen, Both Sides where decimated but eventaully the Sith where destroyed
or so hte Jedi thought
One Sith Lord Darth Bane escaped. Bane selected one apprentice to keep the Sith knowledge alive, otherwish the the sith lived in an existance of stealth and decrescy.
The Sith went into hidin, foloowing Darth Banes edict the "rule of two" next 100 years Sith meditated and planned in isolation once more on how to strike down the Jedi.

well you knwo the rest ;)

D@rth M@ul
07-24-2002, 02:55 AM
Originally posted by ewok hunter
I know it's EU, some dev chat or annother said that they were using a lot of EU to make the game:). besides, the rule of 2 is only for the dark lord of sith not for the actual race which the techniques were developed by ;)and I pitty you D@rth M@ul for beliving that Darth Bane had a direct line of inheritence from the sith

Okay, pal. I said that the sith destroyed themselves.

Then a group of people started studying the sith arts. But they
too destroyed themselves all but one, who was wise and set
back and watched it all go down until he was the last sith.
He then established the rule of two. He was Darth Bane.

Save your pitty for yourself.

I never said Darth Bane had a direct inheritance

07-24-2002, 03:30 AM
that what I said,
*points up

Jan Gaarni
07-24-2002, 10:20 AM
Well, Sckitzos timeline looks more or less correct, cept he forgot a 0 in that last line. Should say 1000, not 100 years. ;)

And, plz oh plz, for the love of God, stop saying BBOY.
It's B.B.Y.
No 'o' is required.

It's like typing USOA instead of USA. :p

07-24-2002, 10:52 AM
Wow Sckitzo. Very interesting read there. Thanks.

Ewok Hunter
07-24-2002, 04:04 PM
thanks sckitzo, I read the chronology book which has way too much to post and not only that but I am also to lazy. :)