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07-23-2002, 06:49 AM
....in the good old forum days, we used to talk about everything that's happeningin our life at the mo'.
these days, the forums are a little spice less, so let's add some spices shall we?:devburn:

Well in my life there is nada at the moment, i'm just counting the days 'till i get back to israel, (allthought then school starts, and it's the last year and the toughest one, and after that there's the army, 3 years, which sucks even more) but i still miss all my friends back home. (especially the girl friends) :nutz1:

now your turn...


look momy, the monkey is jacking off, :monkbomb: .... oh my....sick lil' monkey

King Andrei
07-23-2002, 09:49 AM
Well, I finished school too about a month or so, when I passed some exams. I did good, I got 8,71 grade on my exams. (10 is the highest grade.)

Now I'm on vacation, (Like I mentioned early.) I watch TV, surf on the Internet, listen to music, play computer games at Internet Cafes with my friends, blah, blah, blah...

In three days I'm going on a trip around the country for 11 days.

07-23-2002, 11:39 AM
I dropped acid, then i realized that eating a lemon isn't dropping acid

07-23-2002, 02:38 PM
the ARMY, dude? the ISRAELI ARMY? ...####, man, can you say ''fake an illness'' cause i can say ''screwed'' ....

anyway, in life right now im doing.........NOTHING. whoopie! im single and having permiscuous sex as often as possible (ie im not having any)

im looking forward to when all my friends get back from camp...i miss them so much!

King Andrei
07-23-2002, 02:47 PM
Yeah, I heard too that the Israel Military Stage is 3 years. Probably because of all those conflicts in the Middle East.

That sucks. It just seems like a total waste of time...

Imagine: After finishing High School, instead of going to study in the University or something, you get recruited for 3 years.

07-23-2002, 05:18 PM
Well, I'm not sure. I'm just trying to improve all aspects of myself; my social skills, my appearance, my Counter-Strike skills, the impression people get of me, trying not to get beaten up, getting my first girlfriend since 13th February 2001...16 months in that relationship, and to follow it up, how's 17+ months of loneliness? Because I deserve THAT....:rolleyes: :( :mad:
Getting out of the house more, making myself more appealing, learning charm, charisma, cuteness, and class, finishing my novel, or at least STARTING it properly, learning to code Basic, getting rid of my reputation as an ubŰrnerd, getting better clothes, finding out who the #### I am anyway, passing my exams with good results, finishing the Discworld novels, getting everyone to GET THE #### AWAY FROM ME, cleaning my room, getting people to SHUT THE #### UP AND LEAVE ME IN ####ING PEACE, organising my socks, making people ####ING UNDERSTAND ME, getting a respectable reputation, and getting a girlfriend.
My friends...they don't know how the #### it feels to be me. THey don't know how it is to be a fat, ugly, unattractive nerd with only 3 true friends in the world. They don't know how it is to go through an entire school year without the faintest whiff of attraction, now matter how ####ing hard I might try. what the hell is the point in trying if I'm just going to be rejected? How can I be myself when apparently myself blows goats? Just what is the point? And there's nobody I can talk to, or at least, no-one that would understand. They'd jsut think I wsa having another of my infamous moodswings.
That's another one; controlling my anger. I'm like a ####ing timebomb, except there's no way of gauging when I'm going to go off, and it's not good. I feel like ####. I feel downtrodden, oppressed, useless. I feel like a cancer on the male species, the social retard, the one who gets laughed at for getting jiggly with it rather than juggy with it, the one who gets ridiculed and intentionally wound up. The victim. I'm sick of being the victim here.

07-23-2002, 05:18 PM
Currently eating a Fig Nuten and well.....erm...I have no life to tell really:D

07-23-2002, 07:07 PM
I'm working at Burger King, which isn't as bad as it sounds. The people I work with are my age and cool, the hours are flexible and perfect for going out. I'm waiting for the Reading Festival in August, one of the most kickass lineups ever!!! Erm, should be going to college in Sep. For the next week or so I'll kinda be moping around 'cos like one of my best friend's just gone on holiday for a week and I'm gonna miss her loads. I go to gigs/pubs/bars at least twice a week (let's hear it for under-age drinking).

07-23-2002, 07:40 PM
Well, I work at LaPeche beach(they first person who finds it on the internet we'll a get a great big.......i was going to say kiss, but nobody will do it then....hum....) Im a lifeguard, and NO I didnt save any lives yet(good, i dont wanna either)

hum...when I get days off I either play StarCraft, Counter-Strike, MI, Cossacks, MOH, Wolf, GTA3, EE, AOE2, WarCraft 3, GameCube(mario when it goes out) and specially Jedi Outcast, #### that game is long...

and sometimes I go to my friends to do our manga, its ####ing hard, but its starting to look really good

now my cousin is here for a month(one week left though) and we did lots of camping, lots of counter-striking, and sometimes he goes to the beach with me and helps me out while Im working,

August is going to be very loooooooong for me, cuz i got nothing planned, my cousin is not here, and ill work 6 days a week(####ing parents)

and If anybody care about what I said, or what is about to be said, Im going to restart working on my site, abit less complicated this time

oh and I got the rash now and I cant leave the house....

07-23-2002, 08:07 PM
I'm working at chapters (think: BOOK STORE), taking a break from all those ####ty lessons.... Also, fawning over my newest boy toy. One month! Yeee! His name is zach. And he is absolutly, the CUTEST kid ever%*#)(@. Plus, I got my car :)

07-23-2002, 08:22 PM
Nice life... except for the boy-toy thing....I'd much rather have a girlfriend:D

07-24-2002, 01:39 AM
I'm working at ABB. It's fun.

07-24-2002, 06:37 AM
Originally posted by Guybrush122
the ARMY, dude? the ISRAELI ARMY? ...####, man, can you say ''fake an illness'' cause i can say ''screwed'' ....

yeah i know, but i asked to serve in Eilat in the Navy or the border,checking for drug smugglers and so. so i dont think that i'll be that screwed, unless offcourse, they wont give a sh#t about my requests and will put me in the fightings units...
which in that case i'll tell them that i like the position cause holding a gun makes me feel powerfull, it makes me feel like the lives of every man and woman i see is at the tip of my trigger, like i can control everyone, and if they dont do what i say...., oh i played THEIR game so far, but looks who's got the POWER NOW!! look who can make the entire world suck my d#ck or die!!! they called me a freak...they picked on me cause i was weaker than them...well look who's weak now!!:urpblast HAHAHA!!! DIE PIGS!!! DIE!!!:tommys:

....then they'll probably throw me out the army, get me some councling (which i could use anyway) and see me walk in slowmotion towards the sunset....

Frenchy, a CAR!!? arent you like 14 or something!?

Doodle Dude of Doom
07-24-2002, 07:42 AM
allright, I got a girl friend last week so it's the only thing I can care about right now... sorry for not visiting the forums.

07-24-2002, 07:46 AM
I'm enjoying the holiday, with parties every night and headache the next morning......:p

07-24-2002, 08:01 AM
I've almost finished my hospitality course, and I'm still looking for a job, I've been slagging off my best friend behind my back coz she's irritating me at the moment, like last week, she fricking rings me on Wednesday night wanting to know if I wanna do something on Thursday after class, which I said I didn't know coz I knew mum needed the car blah blah blah, so she said that just to let her know what the deal was, so on Thursday I told her I couldn't catch up coz mum needed the car (which was a load of crap I just couldnt be bothered meeting her) and then she made pathetic sob stories about how she never sees me blah blah blah (when last time I checked I saw her the week before :rolleyes:) and how she'll get her mum to drop her over at my place (so in otherwords she just invited herself over to my place) so I ended up telling her fine I'll meet her but only for a drink that was it. Same thing happened on Friday even though she knew I had my restaurant class (she basically told me to see if I could finish early, dunno what she thinks I do with my time)

Went to a friends house today, he found a video of us at a party one night, all literally wasted, me asking if anyone needs a blowjob, getting smashed and asking if people can come back to bed with me :D

Counting the days till a particular concert, also hoping I get a job soon so I can go to the M1 concert (a festavil kinda thing, people like No Doubt, Garbage, Billy Idol, Midnight Oil and others are playing, check out www.mone.com.au for more details :D) especially since there's rumours that Russell Crowe's band might play so I can just go and perve :) Also has WWA and skateboarding, which the skateboarding doesn't interest me, but everything else does

At the moment I'm talking to my beloved Fender on ICPOO, he's stopped me from going to bed so oh well :)

King Andrei
07-24-2002, 09:42 AM
Originally posted by Gatorboy
Frenchy, a CAR!!? arent you like 14 or something!?

She's really 15, according to her info. I thought in Canada they didn't give driver's licenses until at least 16.

Anyway, I'm 4 years away from driver's license since they only give that when you're 18 in my country.

07-24-2002, 12:32 PM
It's 17 here....I'm getting a job when I'm 16 so I can get a car for my driving tests.

07-24-2002, 02:58 PM
<--- Still working as web programmer. And just got my car back from the accident not too long ago. The total cost of the car rental during that time (minus the three weeks when my friend lent me his car) was $1100!!! :eek:

Though that's nothing compared to the cost of fixing my car--$13,000.

"Fine, judge all you want, but--Married a lesbian; left a man at the altar; fell in love with a gay ice dancer; threw a girl's wooden leg in the fire; live in a box!"
&nbsp;&nbsp;--Monica, Friends

Al-back from the BigWhoop
07-24-2002, 04:28 PM
my sister crashed my car sometime ago.
actually, she managed to get it stuck between a wall and a phone boot. They had to cut of pieces of my car to get it out of there. My poor car :( :(

but nothing really happened to my sis, and i think thats the most important thing


hey, we should do a topic like that: wot kinda car do u have and wot kinda car do u want?
- i dont have a car anymore, but im looking foward to buy a second hand Omega (the old model, the new 1 is just ugly)

07-26-2002, 01:18 AM
Frenchy, a CAR!!? arent you like 14 or something!?

Thanks niko. Thanks for remembering im almost 16... .jeesh.

07-26-2002, 07:13 AM
well, now what's happening to me is this,

i'm here...oceans away from my computer,
and last night my step dad went in my computer back home without asking me, to go on yahoo to check his stocks,
i dont like people going in my computer without asking me...
i have all my private belongings there......and not JUST the porn, i'm also talking about my songs, drawings, hell, when you conect to the internet, ICQ launches right away and all the messages i must have goten since i left home must have poured through my computer, and som e of them ARE rather private....
plus now i wont get them when i come home...

Bah... Privacy is the biggest weapon that can be used against you once it's invaded.:wornout:

07-27-2002, 01:00 PM
Wow, thats harsh...I'm glad that smiley cam in use for you....:D

07-27-2002, 01:58 PM
Ahhh...vacation! Holiday! No school! And best of all: boredom in it's purest form. Yes, I'm bored. Like hell. I got back from Norway 4 hours agho, and already I'm bored. Like hell. I know I should get a job, specially cause I ant to buy an Xbox, but you'll always see: when I've finally decided to get work, noone offers good work. So, I'll just stay at home, work on my sites, post here, become the best THPS3-player ever lived, try to programm some games, draw some, write some...Oh yeah I wrote song bout boredom, anyone interested?

07-27-2002, 03:01 PM
I've been reading and writing a lot. The reading inspires my writing.

Im planning on writing a screen play as well.

I'm also occaisonally recording with the band...its fun.

NiKo: The Israeli Army kind of blows...gun or no gun. But, make sure you cap as many rascist, bully, ignorant, inconsiderate, and mean persons as you can...

07-27-2002, 04:44 PM
I've been listening to music, playing CS, playing GTA3, going through some issues, which I've resolved...
I'm gonna keep writing ym novel soon. It needs structure
Oh, and I've been working on websites.

07-28-2002, 12:06 AM
::does a funky dance:: i got a hot date! i got a hot date! i got a hot date! i got a hote date! who's the man? 122's the man!! go me!! go me!! get it on now, its my birthday...what what what what!!

Feral: glad youve resolved issues...feels productive, huh? oh, and keep writing...

07-28-2002, 12:14 AM
I'm proud of everyone for doing something constructive, especially Feral who as we know has had a rough time of late so I'm glad to see he's sorting his problems out, but remember guys, we're always here for each other :)

*gets all mothering and looks at Guybrush* now listen, I want you to behave yourself on this date, be nice, there's no need to rush, and whatever you do, no kissing on the first date, it's considered bad luck :)

07-28-2002, 03:07 AM
And always wear protection Guybrush!

07-29-2002, 10:31 AM
Originally posted by Natty
*gets all mothering and looks at Guybrush* now listen, I want you to behave yourself on this date, be nice, there's no need to rush, and whatever you do, no kissing on the first date, it's considered bad luck :)

thig is, Natty...I wouldn't be the one to rush.Her on the other hand...*manly giggles*

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Deadmeat_X
And always wear protection Guybrush!

*more giggles* ... I've got that ''covered''

get it? get it?

Al-back from the BigWhoop
07-29-2002, 01:57 PM
Originally posted by Guybrush122
get it? get it?

wish i didnt :toilet1:

jk ;)

07-29-2002, 11:16 PM
well i got back from montreal, to say goodbye to my cousin...

im going to miss him....:cry6:

07-30-2002, 02:59 AM
Originally posted by Guybrush122

Originally posted by Deadmeat_X
And always wear protection Guybrush

*more giggles* ... I've got that ''covered''

get it? get it?

.....afraid so...sicko:D

07-30-2002, 06:24 AM
well i just finnished reading a novel today, Atlantis found, by Clive Cussler....that book should SO be turned into an adventure game!

and...i got a letter from one of my girls back at home...made me feel really warm and cozy and horny inside...:)
damn i miss her...

07-30-2002, 08:32 AM
Have just read 'The Stand' by Stephen King for the second time, amazingly good book(Also check out Dreamcatcher by S.K.)!

Have got a car, and Austin A40 Farina. I''m going to have to put in a new clutch, sort out the breaks, weld the body here and there, and recalibrate the engine. FUN! FUN! FUN!

Also got GTA3 for PS2. Finished it (Without cheats.... well once, on the last mission). Yippee?!? Now what do I do with it?

Am realising I shouldn't be here.... am withdrawing 'left' status. My New status is 'here every few days/weeks'.

I'm watching you.....

Test results from a while ago

English - 76% (The only teacher to say nothing bad about me apart from History)
Maths - 68% (which means I am in set 2A)
Science - 74% (Set 3! Very highscoring year for Science!)
Art - 90% (WTF?!? I'm crap at Art!)
History - 86% (My Fave subject)
Music - 89% (My Second fave subject)
Geography - 64% (My Lowest mark)
RE - 68% (goddammit)
French - 72% (Dropping French)
German - 76% (Keeping German)

There were two seperate tests for Science... in test 1 I got like 90%, and in test I got like 60%, so....

also, can you take Law and Politics & Government at GCSE level?

07-30-2002, 11:45 AM
Originally posted by Gatorboy
well i just finnished reading a novel today, Atlantis found, by Clive Cussler....that book should SO be turned into an adventure game!

ive just started reading that!! along with a few other novels by Chuck Palahniuk...Choke, Surviver, and Fight Club....all wonderful books.

and...i got a letter from one of my girls back at home...made me feel really warm and cozy and horny inside...:)
damn i miss her...

awww, go niko!! whatsit say, huh? huh? huuuuuuhhh?

07-30-2002, 02:18 PM
my life at the moment, i finished school in june, went on vacation last week (very boring, finished two 300-400 page books in four days) now on vacation (from school) and working at althorpe House (resting place of princess diana if you don't know and home to her brother, the Earl Spencer) as a (don't laugh) cleaner, but that's only on the weekends, on weekdays, i fill in as a warden wherever there are chances to fill in. i spend my spare times on the internet, or at the movies with my friends (or forced to do weight training with my dad) and my life at the moment is doing okay.

07-31-2002, 06:26 AM
Originally posted by Guybrush122

ive just started reading that!!

no way!! fuhreal!?Du-Ude!
have you read previus Cussler novels (Dirk Pit), cause i havent,

what page are you on?

Originally posted by Guybrush122

awww, go niko!! whatsit say, huh? huh? huuuuuuhhh?

well something along the lines of "Nikooooooooo!!!!! MY LOVE!!!!!! were all waiting for you here and it's so boring without you!! come back quick!!! LOOOVEEEEE YOOOUUU!!!!"

made me feel like some one needs me....which is a good change in my useless pitt of a life...:dozey:

07-31-2002, 07:46 AM
NiKo is loved and wanted ;)

Well I've been in bed for half the day, had cramps in my tummy, a splitting headache, was getting hot and cold flushes and I started crying when I accidentally stepped on one of the dogs paws. I screamed at him for getting in my way and then literally collapsed on the floor crying coz I yelled at him, so then I picked him up and made a fuss over him and apologized for yelling at him and that I love him that I didn't mean to yell... that went on for about 10mins until there was a wet patch on his fur where I'd been crying on him

I been taking asprin all day and sleeping, and I had a job interview as well today so I must have looked horrible :(

I'm feeling a bit better, I still have a massive headache though

07-31-2002, 11:12 AM
Originally posted by Gatorboy

no way!! fuhreal!?Du-Ude!
have you read previus Cussler novels (Dirk Pit), cause i havent,

what page are you on?

cconsidering i just got the book the day i posted that...i think im about a quarter through...im too lazy to go upstairs and get it, hehe

but youre right, it should definately be turned into an adventure game...its perfect for it

well something along the lines of "Nikooooooooo!!!!! MY LOVE!!!!!! were all waiting for you here and it's so boring without you!! come back quick!!! LOOOVEEEEE YOOOUUU!!!!"

made me feel like some one needs me....which is a good change in my useless pitt of a life...:dozey:

::claps:: niko!! you've gots a wuv buddy, tehehehehehehehehehe!!

PS everyones life is a useless pit ... ehehehe

08-08-2002, 07:14 AM
Heheh, yeah guess you'r right...

well...i dont think i have a main thing going on in my life at the mo'...

just taking it day by day,

erm....i wrote about 37 songs while here in Finland,

and I got a few free CDs from this library here, so i took them... (and burned them ofcourse....teehe)

Machine head - the burning red
System of a down
KoRn - Issues
Marilyn Manson - Holly wood
Suburban tribe
Backyard Babies - making enemies is good
Megadeth - Capitol punishment - the Megadeth years

08-09-2002, 03:54 AM
Other event in my life:

Programming! I finished my first game ever! Woohoo! It's something very original: there are two bats, one controlled by you, one by the PC, and you have to bounce the ball back. I call it 'pong'and it's surely gonna changes the way ppl look at the gaming industry!

But if you're still intreted, go to www.from-earth.com, click on games, and then on the link to the download page, and then click on 'download pong'. Doesn't seem to run in XP though, probably cause I made it with DIV, wich is very old.

08-09-2002, 03:55 AM
hey, seems I'm the first one in some time to get a double post

08-09-2002, 09:45 AM

Has it got '99 ways to die' on it NiKo?

08-09-2002, 12:46 PM
Got a few things.
Next week i've got a first aid course. Being a first aider'll give me a better chance of getting jobs.
Going to the discworld convention next thursday.
Then I'm going to Holland.

08-09-2002, 10:04 PM
I've decided the colour I dyed my hair is crap, it's more purple than red and I wanted it more red... that'll teach me to

A. leave the colour in too long
B. buy hair dye that its name is "blueberry"
C. dye my hair anyway
D. I'm too lazy to re dye my hair, the bathroom has this purplish red tinge to it now...

Tonight I'm going to the Kylie concert which I know that basically means nothing, but its good to have Australia's favorite girl home. Bless her she sings one song with an Aussie flagged wrapped around her :D

I'm still loooking for a job and feel like banging my head against a brick wall in the process, I'm sick of seeing 2pages in the newspaper asking for builders...WTF?

08-09-2002, 11:32 PM
I feel like getting bald