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07-24-2002, 04:54 PM
I got star wars galactic battlegrounds on the day it was released. I also got clone campaigns on the day of its release. I like this game a lot it plays well and it runs well on my PC. The graphics are also pretty good. Some people may complain about the graphic but before you do remember that this game does not need a super computer to run it. Where a sequel to need a 32mb ram graphic card could you still play it? Itís low specs will have helped sales alot. Any way the reason I posted was to throw in to the mix a number of ideas I would like to see in a second expansion pack. They are.

1. The inclusion of environment troops like snow troops, rebel forest commandos, rebel hoth troopers, and imperial biker scouts (who can get off their bike) would greatly add more basic troops they could also get some kind of bonus when in there own environment i.e. rebel forest commandos could get a stealth bonus when on Endor.

2. The inclusion of larger capital star ship. Like the executor. Perhaps they could include smaller versions of the fighters to give a good sense of scale in space only battles. That way the larger ships need not be too big.

3. The rebel could be a more mixed race. If you ever played star wars supremacy you may remember that the rebel could build troop types from a number of races including sullustan, mon calamari, wookiee, so in battlegrounds why not have a feature so when you build a rebel troops the game randomly chooses what race he is from. So you could get a human rebel trooper or a sullustan rebel trooper and so on.

4. A black sun / Hutt race would be cool perhaps they could have a building where they could hire out the famous bounty hunters for a set amount of time and a fee. This building could also be used be the empire and confederacy.

5. A Naboo campaign would also be nice to have. A campaign which also only dealt with the film battles. I.e a good version of Hoth and a pod race, the battle of Endor. Let me put this in to scale X-wing Alliance could have 60 craft on screen at any on time for its BOE. Rogue Leader had 90 on screen for its BOE. SWGB CC could have 250 fighter per side. Think about it ^-^.

6. The trade federation should also be able to make to make the super battle droid. Like wise the confederacy should be able to build battle droids

7. The remain characters who are not yet in SWGB should be added like, Dengar, 4-lom, Grand Moff Tarkin, Zuckuss. The tie avenger and Grans wedge in an x-wing and wedge on his own Luke in a pilot outfit the remain bounty hunter ship IG 2000, Mist Hunter, Punishing one, Prince Xizor, Guri, The skyhook and le-bo209 (leebo) Luke and Han in a storm trooper outfit. Kyle Katarn and many moreÖ.

If they donít release an add on they could perhaps release a small download which had the extra characters on it. Why is the fmv video for cc of poor quality when compared to the original movie from GB? I know this should be in the developer form but no one posts there I just want some feed back on my ideas.

07-24-2002, 05:38 PM
1. Good idea, but I would include it differently. No bonus. Just aesthetic, if you're playing in the Desert, you get Sand Troopers, in snow, Snow Troopers, etc. But they work as normal troops.

2. I don't know if that'd work. But please replace the Imperial Air Cruiser for the Star Destroyer.

3. Good idea, tough to do.

4. Go to "The best of what civilization would you like" thread.

5. Naboo campign? Maybe.

6. I do not agree in this one.

7. Completely agree.

8. They should add translucent stealth units.

07-24-2002, 05:55 PM
Some good ideas....in the interest of consolidating threads though, why not post in the "new civ" or "sequel ideas" threads?

07-26-2002, 02:48 AM
Mm. Precisely. Take a look around before you post... there's a thread "What you want for SWGB 2," "Favourite civs for next expansion pack," etc. Almost everything you've said has been said in there... mostly by me. :D