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Natty At School
07-24-2002, 10:15 PM
Well I'm sitting around bludging in the library like I usually do when I have nothing to do. I really should be working on an assigment but I can't motivate myself and I left my wallet at home, so I'm starving :(

Anyways I had a test this morning, and a guy I hate didn't bother to show up, I found him hiding in the library. How gutless (he's the guy who was literally stalking and staring at me all the time) I'm pretty tempted to tell him that he's automatically failed this test (was worth 50marks) and because it was so important and everyone knew about it the teacher isn't giving anyone a second chance, coz everyone should have been in class no excuses (which is a load of crap really the teacher never said anything like that) which of course this guy would then probably go off and grovel to the teacher blah blah blah and I think it would be hilarious :D

Last night I had a job interview at some restaurant, and they even put me to work to see what I was capable of, but it was quiet so I didn't really do much. hopefully I'll know within a week or so whether I got the job or not. I have my fingers crossed, but I doubt it.

Tonight I'll probably be going to the movies with my boyfriend, yipee :D Hopefully gonna see Dirty Deeds, I can't remember if it's based on a true story, but tis an Aussie movie and it's based on American mobsters coming to Sydney and trying to take over Kings Cross (prostitute area of Sydney) Anyways it's got Toni Collette, Sam Neil and John Goodman (playing one of the mafia guys) in it that I can remember, so yeah I've been dying to see it, even if it only came out last week :D And the soundtrack sounds awsome :D

Anyways I should really go soon, class is gonna start soon *smooch* hope ya all keepin outta trouble :) :p

07-25-2002, 10:47 PM
Hmmm. One weird day huh?