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03-15-2002, 04:12 AM
I made a sword model to replace the saber, and after toying around with gmax, I was able to get it ingame but untextured. I had gotten Photshop a few days ago, so I decided to skin it, and I used Chilliskinner to do the UVW unwrapping and create a map, of which I made a screenshot and made a skin.

The problem is, when I try to get the skinned model ingame, it won't show up skinned (it's just a white model with some shading) . I followed the end of this tutorial (http://www.btinternet.com/~howe_alison/brothers/tutorial/gmax_jkii_tutorial.htm) - I made the .skin file, I exported the model to .md3 with tempest (with saber.jpg loaded as the material - the skin), then used Md3View to export it to .glm, after which I placed saber.jpg and saber_w.glm in the pk3 file of my mod. The directories in the .pk3 are correct and the name of the model inside the skin file and the .md3 match.

When I convert saber.jpg to a Targa image the skin loaded is the original saber's skin and is very distorted. The same thing happened when I used texture.jpg instead of saber.jpg (and gmax couldn't find the previous texture which I had renamed to texture.jpg)...

I think there are only two reasons why it won't make the skin show.

1) It was skinned with Chilliskinner and in the end you cannot see a UVW Map filter after Editable Mesh (however it doesn't generate any error messages when I convert it to .md3 with tempest)

2) There are specific rules with naming the material/texture of the model and which texture the material uses.

I would appreciate it greatly if someone could help me with this problem as it has been very frustrating.

Thanks in advance,