View Full Version : JKII Red Rover Mod please!

03-15-2002, 04:24 AM
Let's see a show of hands:
Anybody here ever play Red Rover for Quake II?

Let's see a Red Rover type mod for JKII. It would be GREAT!

Here's the idea of Red Rover.
I think you need at least three people to start the game.

One player starts a round as the Red Rover (Red Team). The others start on the opposite team (Blue Team). When the Rover kills a Blue, they become part of the Red team. Once all the players become Red a new round is started with the last player to become Red being the Rover for the new round. The Rover has the advantage of starting with extra weapons (in Quake II it was the Rocket launcher) and extra health.

To adapt to JKII:
Red Rover is a Sith, gets a lightsaber, force powers but can still use any gun. The other players start as Rebels only able to use guns, no force. When a Rebel is killed by Rover or other Red player they join the Red team becoming Stormtroopers.

Anyway, that's the concept. Anybody want to code this. I can code and would like to do it myself but I've never coded for a game and I don't have the time. If you want more details then just ask and I can post more, such as scoring details.

This would be really fun. Trust me.