View Full Version : Time travel makes my head hurt!!!!

07-25-2002, 03:39 PM
With the server problems between 7/24/02 and 7/25/02 some weird things have happened.

All my post have been dated with 3/15/02 and have been inserted into the forum timeline's chronological order.

i.e. Everything I posted within last 15 hours has been inserted and can be found with the post made thirty days ago.

Im sure that can be fixed however I have a new problem that is attributed to this....

My thread "Can SW Novels Get Any Sadder" is now gone. Erased.
I posted three times to it last night never seeing my replies put into the thread. I realized the error within the date stamps and found my replies at the top of the thread. Well they really didnt make alot of since at the top and actualy looked a little stupid so I made an effort to erase them.

Well I guess since they were now at the top and ...hehe...now I know what happens when you erase the first post in a thread, the whole thread dissappears. Even though I erased the most recent post, the error in timestamping caused my recent post to asume a false position as the "first" post, and now my complete thread is gone.

I dont no if there is any way to recover that thread but that is the question I am asking.

Also, as a minor side note. My post count before this was at 406, and at the time of this writing has been knocked down to 390. I have sixteen post somewhere that must have dissappeared.

Again, sorry for the double post, but my last post got sent back somewhere around March. Time travel always makes my head hurt.

Wraith 8
07-25-2002, 04:00 PM
yeah.. the admisn are fooling around in the forums.. server moves... posdts deletes.. name changes.. time warps.

i even posted this afternoon and my post got to be the very first post in a thread..... and it wasnt my thread...

but did you loose anything vital koffin?
like post counts or other information?

-Wraith 8-

07-25-2002, 08:39 PM
Alot of threads were lost because people would post and they would be put further down on the list. Hopefully the problems are over though.

Ewok Hunter
07-25-2002, 10:08 PM
no it isnn't I'm stuck in 7/25 when it is 7/26, HELP!

Wraith 8
07-26-2002, 06:11 AM
i think it is all ok now... i lost 3 threads myself.. but it is over now.