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07-25-2002, 07:23 PM
I am going to make a story here about how mr. Evil Divine SPirit became so evil. Here is part 1, sit back, and enjoy.....

Academy Wars Episode 0.9: Fallen

Obi-wan13 has just started his jedi academy in LucasForums, and all is well. The academy is running smoothly, and everyone is pleased.

The students always practice their lessons, and the Teachers work as hard as they can to provide support for them.

However, unbeknownst to the academy, a secret evil looms over the academy, as the Academy Wars is right around the corner......

*Fade to Obi-wan13 and Whitedragon mock-dualing with Wooden sabers*

Obi-wan Slashed at whitedragon, but whitedragon moved to the right, and obi-wan missed. As soon as he saw this advantage, WhiteDragon went for Obi-wan13's side. Obi-wan knew the was coming, so he quickly rolled forward, missing the slash. The fight went on like this for almost an hour, and both men where now tired, as students stood in awe, watching the battle.

"Call it a day?" Obi-wan asked, as he then heard boo's from the crowd.

"Not yet." Whitedragon said in reply. Whitedragon took a deep breath and ran to obi, trying a hit, which obi-wan blocked. Obi-wan looked at him, and brought his saber up to whitedragons stomach. It was over.

"That's the game." Obi-wan said, as the students clapped.

Obi-wan and Whitedragon bowed to eachother, and set their sabers on the nearest table.

"You are a challenging opponent, Whitedragon." Obi-wan said.

"And you are a challenging teacher." Whitedragon replyed, and the men chuckled. As the two walked off, a certain student took an interest in Obi-wan, and decided to follow him.

This student was a senior, and was ready for graduation. He had been at the academy only 4 years, but entered at a very late age. Now, he was as old as Obi-wan.

"Master Obi-wan," He called out, and obi-wan turned.

"Yes, Divine spirit?" Obi-wan called back.

"That was a good battle, sir! Very Glorious!" The young man Said, trying to compliment Obi-wan/

"Nothing is great or glorious, Divine. The battle was a challenge, and both Whitedragon and I took the challenge. Battle is not as good as it sounds, Divine." Obi-wan said, as he began to walk away.

"I was only trying to compliment you, sir." Divine said, and Obi-wan turned again.

"I know, you meant no harm by the comment, just choose your words a little more carefully." Obi-wan said.

Divine spirit sighed, and replied with a simple "Yes master."

Yes Master. Those words rang in his ears for the longest of times. He felt so terrible about himself for even emplying he was someone else's! Even if those words are meant to pay respect, and Obi-wan Kenobi had earned his respect. But still, "Yes" and "Master" should only be spoken by the weak, and the weak needed to be crushed. And Devine Wpirit was not weak, not weak at all.

To be continued..........

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i would post another part, but i dont really know where you want to go with it. i think im a pretty good writer. i just dont know where you wanna go with it. perhaps a small hint in a PM

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Would it be okay for me to write a part in this story? It will not interfere, and would link nicely with something I have written recently concerning me and Divine's past. If I have your permission Obi, I will begin writing immediately.

In your reply, could you state approximately how old Divine is? Thanks, if its not too much trouble of course:)

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well if he isnt someones padawan, is in his 4th year, and entered late, i would guess hes about 10-13 in the story?

EDIT: if he is someones padawan, i would say about 16-19

07-25-2002, 07:46 PM
By "Entered Late" I mean as an adult.

He is as old as I am, But I have a stronger connection to the force. (or so I thought I did, he is just.....well.......you know how he ends up:p)

If you want to make additions, by all means, go ahead! :)

07-25-2002, 07:49 PM
oh yeah, it says right in the text that hes as old as you, duh, im stupid

alright, Darklighter why don't you write a piece and then ill write one, k?

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Obi-wan and Darklighter walked out into the main grounds of the Academy, heading from the lawn in front of the council structure towards the lake. The light of the sun was dimming, the strong vibrant orange clouds spread across the sky in explosion of colour.

Darklighter had been Obi-wan's apprentice for only 9 years before Obi-wan felt he was ready to give him the title of Jedi Knight. Darklighter's skill and coordination in battle was most impressive, and his link with the force had grown ever stronger. Obi-wan had taught him well, and Darklighter looked up to him. They were good friends.

"I sense something strange Master" Daklighter spoke, almost to himself, deep in thought and wonder. "I have done for some time. It is in Divine that I sense it. The feeling is strong." Obi-wan stopped and looked at him carefully, their gazes met.

"Be mindful of your feelings, reach out through them" he spoke gently, but his words were those of instruction, "but do not give in. Do not jump to conclusions. I have told you this before, have I not. The reason you are a Jedi was because I needed to take on Divine, to giude him. Yes, he needs guidance." Obi-wan chuckled to himself, "He asks too many questions. I have taught you everything you need to know."

He began to walk up to the lake. The water was deadly still, as the air was calm, no sign of a breeze. His reflection shone brilliantly, the detail of his brown cloak stood out on the seemingly frozen-still waters.

"He will not rest provoking me" Darklighter seemed aggravated, almost hurt. "I do not know what to do. It makes me angry" he stared down at the ground, his expression grim.

"No!" Obi-wan yelled as he turned to face him. "Anger leads to hate. Control your emotions Darklighter. It is the only way. Good night." With that Obi-wan walked quickly back towards the dorms. Darklighter was left quite shaken, this confused feeling swelled inside him. He did not move. Suddenly a voice came, which made him jump to the side.

"So..." Divine walked out from behind the shadows. He had heard everything. "You sense something in me. I need guidance do I?" his voice was unsettling. His eyes focussed on Darklighter's intensely. "Not with my skill with a lightsaber I think."

"What you need is to gain focus on what your master teaches you" the anger had come back in him now.

"A duel." Divine said wthout warning.

"What!" he was knocked back by the thought.

"Meet me in the courtyard at midnight. If you have honour in what you are fighting for, you will be there. Do not fail me." Those words rung in his ears. He would hear them again.


Darklighter could have walked away, told Obi-wan and left this to rest. The anger in him was too strong. He had to prove himself against Divine. They had been rivals for a long time, only a small before, but it grew larger now. Darklighter had been the perfect student for Obi-wan. Darklighter resented him with all his might. Neither would ever let the other win.

It was bright outside. The middle of the night, and the full-moon shone with grey-white brilliance, illuminating the cloudless sky and the lanscape below it. Darklighter walked out slowly into the courtyard outside the main building of the Academy. His self-built lightsaber hung from his belt, hs hand close to it. After a minute, Divine stepped out in front of him, the hilt of his saber in his hand. He was getting impatient.

"I knew you would come. I sensed the anger in you." he said menacingly.

"You will not beat me Divine. You will not beat me while resentment is in your heart." Darklighter replied.

"Then prepare to meet your doom, Darklighter!" On that note, the Jedi simultaneously ignited their sabers. Darklighter's glowes orange like fire above the hilt, while the rich purple of Divine's shone intensely.

Divine leapt towards him in an overhead swing, but was met with Darklighter's block. Divine bouced back, and brought the saber up at his side. Darklighter parried blocking it again, and flipped backwards to avoid another swing. It was really the most amazing battle. The Jedi were equally matched, though their hearts were in very different places. One hit after another was blocked, down, to the side, an uppercut from Divine was smashed aside by a forceful blow from Darklighter.

Divine now kicked Darklighter so he spun around. While he was off-guard, Divine brought his saber round and struck Darklighter's shoulder.

"Aaarrrggghh!!" he screamed and fell to the ground, the blood surfaced from the wound. Darklighter filled with rage, and run towards Divine for the first time. He smacked Divine's saber to the side, knocking him off balance, and struck him on the leg. They both clambered to their feet, and stood glaring.

"Impressive" Divine began.

"Most impressive" Darkligher finished. They ran now headlng towards each other. Right before the last hit, a voice yelled.

"Enough!" On that word, both were flung backwards apart from each other. Divine and Darklighter fell to the ground, as Obi-wan walked up between them. There was a silence as they extinguished their sabers. Obi-wan's glare made them realise what they had done, as thy hung their heads shamfully.

"This will never happen again in my Academy. Ever." Divine picked up his saber and held his wound. As he walked past Darklighter, he gave a smirk, a grin of almost precognition. He knew they would fight again. Obi-wan stopped as he faced Darklighter.

"I expected more from you" his voice was cold. Obi-wan followed Divine inside, and left Darklighter standing outside as the clouds covered the blue sky as darkness fell.

To be continued...

I hope you guys liked it. I love this kind of rivalry thing, its cool. I hope you don't mind me putting it though:)

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i am empress on how much typing and creativeness you guys put into your story parts, bravo!*starts clapping*

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Thanks Lyger!

Hey Darklighter, that kicked Arse!

ANyways, to continue.............

The next day, Darklighter was in the cafeteria, eating his lunch. Divine Spirit Sat beside him at the table.

"heh. You are a fool." Divine SPirit said, just looking down at his trey.

"You know something Divine? I am tired of you. You are a selfish, mean, person. I am above you in so many ways, it isn't even funny. If you want to start a mature conversation with me, feel free. If not, go away and leave me." Darklighter said.

Divine laughed at that comment.

"You think you are so rightouss,do you? You are no better then your father, that smuggler fellow." Divine said to him.

Darklighter was highly angered by this comment. His father was killed several years ago by bounty hunters, and Obi-wan saved him before he was next. Darklighter looked at Divine with a menacing stare.

"Oh now what? You gonna get mean and nasty and tell me I am a bad person? Hmm, Darklighter?" Divine spirit said loudly, and the students in the cafeteria began to look at the two, and Yom walked out from around the lunch counter.

"Is there a problem, students?" Yom asked.

"No sir." Darklighter said, as he continued to stare at Divine Spirit.

"If there is trouble, I am calling the authorities, understood?" Yom said.

"YEs sir." Darklighter said, and Yom nodded and walked back to the counter.

"You are weak, Darklighter! You give in to any authority voice, and....." Divine began, but was cut short.

"Authority figures are here to be authorities, and are supposed to be listened to. I listen to them, and you do not. Why must you be so problematic, Divine?" Darklighter was now controlling his anger.

"Why not be problematic? Where is the motivation, huh?" Divine said. "You are like your pathetic father."

Darklighter punched Divine in the face. Divine, shocked, punched him back. The other students ran up to them, to break them up. Yom picked up a communicator, and mouthed a few words into it.

Moments later, Obi-wan arrived.

"That is it. You two are confined to quarters untill you learn how to behave! Dismissed!" Obi-wan said, as Divine gave a mean look to Obi-wan, which Obi ignored, and Walked off.

Darklighter tried to apologize, but couldn't get any words out of his mouth.

To be continued...........

Dath Maximus
07-25-2002, 09:57 PM
ahh the groundskeeper noone remebers.

ohh wait thats me!

07-25-2002, 10:07 PM
That was great Obi-wan!:) :) :) I really appreciate you linking it with my background story I put before about my father, very good of you:) This doesn't have to be just about me and Divine...you are like both of our Masters, so you should include yourself in the story more:) Just letting you know, cos you're character is the best:thumbsup:

And we haven't forgotten you Dath:D just saving your character for a bigger part...

Dath Maximus
07-25-2002, 10:09 PM
Originally posted by Darklighter

And we haven't forgotten you Dath:D just saving your character for a bigger part...

Ohh yeah!!!

go me!!

07-25-2002, 10:10 PM
Originally posted by Darklighter
That was great Obi-wan!:) :) :) I really appreciate you linking it with my background story I put before about my father, very good of you:) This doesn't have to be just about me and Divine...you are like both of our Masters, so you should include yourself in the story more:) Just letting you know, cos you're character is the best:thumbsup:

And we haven't forgotten you Dath:D just saving your character for a bigger part...

Don't worry, I haven't forgot anyone in the academy. *points to where he mentioned Yom*

Anyways, I don't want to ruin the story, but there is a reason you are being mentioned alot in the story. :)

(WB Dath!)

Reb Starblazer
07-25-2002, 11:32 PM
How long before the Academy wars does this take place? I'd post here, but I'm not even sure If I've arrived at the academy yet:D

Darth Groovy
07-25-2002, 11:43 PM
Jeezum Crow!

An "Academy Wars" Prequal? HA HA HA!

Meesa Lika dis!!!

Yo, bubba.....where's da popcorn!

Shadow Angel
07-25-2002, 11:52 PM
Hmm... maybe I can incorporate myself into the story somehow... any suggestions?

Shadow Angel
07-26-2002, 02:35 AM
I think I'll post my backstory and connections to Divine here. This takes place right after leaving [Volcanic Cloning Planet], then goes to a flashback of the past. Like Reb, I had a wife, but this is a bit more tragic. Note that I'm unclear as to how long Divine's been evil, so I assume it's been for at least 10-20 years. Is that too long?


As Shadow's Infiltrator jumped into hyperspace, he prepared himself for meditation and study. The Dark Lord entered his sleeping chambers and searched through his drawers for his Sith Holocron. As his keen eye caught it, he noticed a peculiar disc laying next to it, something of much lesser hatred and evil. Caught under it's trance, Shadow pulled it out of his drawer and activated it to reveal the holographic image of a young woman. Standing next to her, was a little girl, about five years of age, and a tall man dressed in a black suit, around his twenties. Soon, Shadow was complete trance state, falling into a dream world.......


Shadow awoke in a plain surrounded by tall grass and flowers. His deep knowledge of galactic geography immediately told him he was in the lake country of Naboo. Strange, he thought. I thought I burned this place only a few years ago. Shadow felt something tug on his pants, and looked down only to a little girl in a pink dress. So unfamiliar, yet so recognizable. Without thinking, he blurted, "Stop that. Who do you think you are?" The girl chuckled and replied, "Stop being so silly today, Daddy. Mommy's waiting for you."

For some strange reason, Shadow picked up the girl and put her on his shoulders, as if by instinct. And even more curiously, he said, "Well, then, we'd better hurry. We wouldn't want her to not feed us and make us sleep outside, now would we?" And with that, he ran to a small cottage just beyond the hill.

Standing on the front porch there was a strikingly beautiful, young woman, her white dress flapping in the soft breeze. The harmonious atmosphere made her appear as some sort of angel or goddess. All except for the straight, unhappy expression on her face. "Tyler Zemarin, have you been out wandering and daydreaming again? It's a wonder we're even able to pay half the bills this month."

Shadow obviously wasn't used to this kind of situation, and all the Sith teachings in the universe, from his master Divine, all the way back to Darth Bane, couldn't have prepared him for such an unusual encounter. All he could do was stare. After an awward silence, the woman suddenly burst with laughter, leaped toward him, and gave him a long, passionate kiss.

Shadow was about to stammer a command to stop at once, but couldn't. In her presence, he was weak, and powerless. "Tyler, honey, you've always been a real bonehead. Now, how about some roast nuna? I've made your favorite tonight." The concept of even eating has long been forgotten for Shadow, for like Darth Vader, although he didn't have to wear a mask, he was just as unable to perform the normal functions of human life. He was denied even the right to eat. Whenever he watched his troops feasting in the mess hall, he burned with a jealousy, even toward his lowest-ranking minions.

After the quiet dinner, with the exception of some unclear rambling by the little girl about her school, the woman signaled everyone for a photo shot. The three stood together, and for the first time in ages, Shadow smiled. Not an evil smile, but one of pure happiness and satisfaction.

The Dark Lord awoke out of his trance and found himself back in his Infiltrator. The same picture that was taken in the dream was now in his palm, signifying that it was all too real.


Okay, people, how's that for starters? I'm not finished yet! I have to write about how they died and how I met up with Divine. I might even add Whitedragon in since he's my rival now. In fact, I'll probably do so after I come back from the bathroom and look at some other threads.

Darth Groovy
07-26-2002, 02:46 AM
"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away"

Darth Groovy was a wittle tennie weenie guy who ran with the muppet babies poking poeple in the shins whith a lightsaber made of Nerf. Ond day Groovy and his freinds got tickes to see Muppets on Ice............

.............To be continued

P.S. I still want my

(edit....the damn popcorn smilie still don't work...dammit!)

07-26-2002, 08:08 AM
A good start Shadow, very good:) I will continue the little rivalry between me and Divine soon. This is a thread for backstories, set abou 5-10 years before the start of the Adademy Wars. If you want to write past things that have happened to your character this is the place:D :thumbsup:

Dath Maximus
07-26-2002, 08:17 AM

im gonna write about how i joined the academy and what i did before i was a groundskeeper

07-26-2002, 08:20 AM
That'd be great Dath:D Try and link it in with the story as much as you can.......oh what the hell, just go nuts and write anything:D

Dath Maximus
07-26-2002, 08:23 AM
ill eventually link it but for the begining i wont be around you people

07-26-2002, 10:46 AM
ok this takes place a bit after all of these stories


Exterminator was walking in the park with his family, his father, mother, while his brother and sister were pulled along in a stroller. They were going to enjoy a picnic lunch today, in a small clearing in the trees that was a family secret. It was no doubt that other people knew about it, it was just thought funnier by them to call it a "family secret." There were many sorts of animals in the park today, it was Corellia's warm season.

On their way there, they stopped to look at a peculiar looking bird. They stopped to watch it for a while. Suddenly, another bird of its kind came out from the bushes, and started fighting with eachother. That's terrible, for two beings of the same kind to be fighting with eachother, Exterminator thought. He turned away almost immediatly. He was only 6 years old and did not know of wars and battles yet, and that humans fight the most out of all the species in the galaxy. They continued on to their picnic spot.


Exterminator's family was picking up after their lunch. "Hey, how about when were done, we go to the Corellian Science Museum? How would you like that?" said Exterminator's father. Exterminator dropped what he was doing and yelled back, "Oh yes! That's my favorite! Thank you, daddy!" Father laughed, "Ok, then, son. We'll go after lunch." They continued to clean up. This was going to be a most exciting day.

They we're outside the museum now, in its courtyard. Exterminator was getting more excited by the moment. And the it happened. A scream. The sound of a blaster going off inside the museum. People rushing out the doors. Children screaming. A man with a red glowing sword came out of the door, apparently unafraid. He was wearing a black cloak. And then, he started...laughing? "A Sith!" yelled Father. "A what, daddy?" said Exterminator. "Never mind, son. I will tell you later. We must run now!" Father never got a chance to tell Exterminator. With all of the people running, they were separated. Exterminator just stood there and started to cry. Just like the birds at the park. It's people killing other people. In the middle of his thoughts, Exterminator was whisked up by a man. He had the same appearance as the man with the cloak, except he had a blue sword and a brown cloak. "Come with me, I'll explain later." the man said. Exterminator continued to cry. All the people were pretty much gone now, and Exterminator had a clear view of the dark man. He was running after them. Suddenly, he was dropped by the man. The man ran towards the dark man. Their swords clashed together. The dark man would slash at the other man, he would dodge it or block it, and it continued like that for 20 minutes. Some speeders pulled up by the courtyard then, and people came out and started firing blasters at the dark man. The dark man ran off into the woods.

2 hours later, Exterminator was sitting on a bench at the museum. The man who saved him came up and sat down next to him. "Hello, there, Exterminator." he said. "How did you know my name?" said Exterminator. "I am Obi-Wan. I'm sorry to say your father was found among the bodies. Your father was a Jedi and my friend." My father. A Jedi? Exterminator had heard stories of the Jedi from his father, but he would never had guesses his father was a Jedi. "He was?" "Yes, but he gave up on the Order to marry your mother. And they had you. And you, my friend, have Jedi powers." "I...I do?" "Yes, and if your mother would allow you to go, you can come with me to my Jedi Academy. "Really?" "Yes"


2 days later Exerminator was standing in front of a large building. Well, the Jedi Academy Exterminator was very scared, yet excited at the same time. "Come on in, don't just stand there!" yelled one of the teachers from the door. Here goes nothing.........


so that explains my beginnings. well i hoped you liked it :)

07-27-2002, 12:06 PM
Exterminator, that kicked arse, i like it from the 6-year old perspective, well done!

I'll post a smidge about my beginnings, so dig in for the long haul.. :D

07-27-2002, 12:49 PM
It was a brisk autumn day on the planet of Avium. Bustling commerce throughout the foating city of Dantra was unusually light today, for it was supposed to be the busiest day of the week.

A young boy by the name of Dissectional, 8 years old, burst out of one of the market doors. He booked it down the street, with 3 angry merchants behind him. "Stop! Thief! Its that little pest again, Give that Ganko Bread back!" alas, they were no match for the small boy's blinding speed. The youngster was quite the acrobat. Leaping over railings, bouncing off walls, and shimmying up columns, he ditched his persuers. Calmly he storde back to the slum district, where his mother, father, and baby siser resided. He walked through the door, dropping the bread on the table.
"It was easier today than normal, the streets were less crowded by Glubdryk's Bakery. I gave them the slip in no time." Dissectional chuckled.
"This is terrible, having to steal to eat. But son, thank you for taking the trouble." There came the voice of his father, an aging man who looked tired of life.

Dissectional's father had some run-ins with bill collectors. after he got fired from his job, they had to move from their apartment into a run down spot in one of the shanty towns. Nevertheless, Dissectional was always content wih his surroundings, no matter how squalid or unkempt.

His father asked with a sigh, "How can that boy keep a smile on his face in the midst of all this poverty and sadness?"

His Mother replied, "he is strong with the Force, i can sense it. He would have made a great Jedi had we the money to send him to the academy."

The next day, something terrible happened. Dissectional was only about 50 paces from his home when he heard blaster fire. he ran towards his home to find his father fighting them off. Dissectional bolted in, and gave one of the hoodlums a fist in his teeth. the other aimed a pistol toward his little sister. "NO! LEAVE HER ALONE!" Dissectional screamed and dove in front of his sister, taking a blaster bolt to the ribs.

as he cried out in pain, and tumbled across the floor. a man in a brown robe darted inside and lit up a brilliant blue glowing sword. dissectional barely saw the sword flash through one of the hoodlums before he passed out.

When he awoke, he was on a starship, bandages wrapped around his chest. The man in the brown robe sat next to him.
"Well, we thought you weren't going to make it, but you proved us otherwise," the man spoke, in a calm, relaxing voice.
Dissectional shouted, "Where are my mother and father? Where is my sister?" He sat up in the bad, shocking the nurses who stood aside him. "Lay down, this is going to be hard," the man spoke to him. Dissectional knew instantly. Tears poured down his face as the words fell on deaf ears. "...your sister, however,.." The man's sentence was cut short by dissectional's hands gripping his cloak. "What? is she alive?!" Dissectional was frantic for hope. "Yes, she is alive. We had her taken to a new home on Dantooine. There she will grow up with loving parents."

"Where are you taking me?" Dissectional questioned. "To the LucasForums Jedi Academy. You are strong with the Force, I can sense it. There your talents will grow and flourish. We will teach you to be a strong Jedi." The man's voice was comforting. "I never learned your name, young man." "I'm Dissectional, and who are you?" "I am Obi-wan13, and I run the Academy here. Look out the window and see for yourself.

Dissectional looked out, and it was a grand spectacle, one such as he'd never seen before. The academy was so big! it must have been miles around the grounds. As the ship set down on the launch pad, a couple of Jedi greeted them. "Dissectional, I'd like you to meet your new teacher and master, Dath Maximus. He is the groundskeeper here, but don't let that fool you. He is a great Jedi and warrior."
"He..Hello." Dissectional's voice was shaky, as he was nervous to be meeting so many new people. He had a long day ahead of him, preparing for his new life as a Jedi.

Dath Maximus
07-27-2002, 01:03 PM
ok my story. (note: this takes place 20 years before the academy is attacked.)

The rain pelted Maximus as he stood in the courtyard waiting for the right moment, all his senses were outstreached as he looked for his opponent. Opening his eyes and igniteing his two blades, maximus leapt forward dodging his opponents onslaught.
"You cannot win!" he yelled spining and lashing out.

Using the lightsaber in his left hand he blocked another attack giving him an opening to attack. With all his strength he swung with the other blade. Unigniting his weapons, the jedi covered himself with his cloak and proceded to his ship.

As he began his assent off the world plagued by neverending rain, he began to think about the home he had lost. Branded as a traitor he would never again see the world he once protected. All of this was because of the sith.

"R9" a series of beeps acknoledged him "set coordinates for the terranis system. I have an old debt to repay."

to be continued...

07-27-2002, 01:46 PM
Ah, Mister Maximus's mysterious beginnings...

*grabs bucket of popcorn and enormus pepsi*

I gotta see this... :D

Dath Maximus
07-27-2002, 01:57 PM
and so you shall. but a warning i did some things un-becoming of a jedi.

and so....

the small ship exited hyperspace near the terranis systems third moon. "Good work R9 i dont think we were detected by Lord Quentin." As the ship entered the atmosphere of the first planet Maximus activated the cloaking device to avoid detection. Landing rather hard upon the rocky surface of the planet, Maximus cursed himself for it. "Ive been a pilot for 30 years and i still land horribly." Covering himself with his dark brown cloak (think aniken's from ep2), Maximus began to hurry through the underbrush of the few trees about. As he approached the summit of a small hill over a ravine, he heard several battle droids nearby. Using all his ability to conceal himself he crept by.

The factory was very heavily guarded. but for a jedi master of his skills, maximus had no problem slipping in unnoticed. The sound of footsteps echoed as Maximus walked down the abandoned hallway, reading each door as he strode. "Ahh the security room"
Igniting his lightsaber, Maximus carved his way into the door with a few precision slices.

to be continued

Dath Maximus
07-27-2002, 03:04 PM
As Maximus finished cutting his way through the door, a force field errected itself around Maximus. Now trapped he had no choice but to wait. "Ahh maximus, i see youve returned." a deep voice spoke out. Turning to the new voice Maximus gazed upon Lord Quentin, Maximus's old master. "I thought id repay my debt to you, after all you pegged me as a traitor." A sneer grew on Quentin's face. "Very Well," a bright flash of light overwhellmed maximus, soon all he saw was black.

Searing pain awoke Maximus. Grabbing his head he found blood flowing freely. After a few moments of pressure the bleeding was controled. "Damn, they took my lightsabers." he said aloud. Searching around the small room he soon noticed it was located at an arena. the sound of a cheering crowd soon became deafening. Outside he became witness to the slaughter of 2 jedi. One who he recognized.

A guard entered his cell armed with a electro pike. "this way." it grunted. Following its command, Maximus stepped out into the stone arena. As he gazed up he noticed the stars were different. That he had been moved to a new planet. A slight shock of pain in his hands distracted him from his thought as he was being tied to another jedi. Turning to look he saw.....

Ok all my devoted readers time for an interactive poll!!
who should i be tied to?
A. Obi-Wan13
B. Qui-gon, obi's master
C. Darklighter's master
or D. a nother jedi who you choose the name of.

Dath Maximus
07-27-2002, 04:17 PM
bumped on request

07-27-2002, 04:18 PM
A. Obi-Wan13

Reb Starblazer
07-27-2002, 07:36 PM
A. Obi-wan13

It would create a great background for how you two first met and came to work at the jedi academy.

Who Knows?
07-27-2002, 08:41 PM
D: another Jedi

Pick someone who isn't mentioned as much in the stories. Like AB_Legion or someone else on the teachers page.

07-27-2002, 11:08 PM
I kinda agree with Who Knows?......but, I think it should be Obi-wan. It will fit in with the overall story well, and yeah it kinda makes sense to have you two meet like this:D

07-28-2002, 07:24 AM
lol, i like how obi goes around rescuing little kids :D

Dath Maximus
07-28-2002, 08:58 AM
Originally posted by Exterminator234
lol, i like how obi goes around rescuing little kids :D
yeah except for one thing, im older than obi. My character is like 227 years old during the academy wars. Hes a freaky species.

allright it looks like obi and i should meet.

all i need is obi to say something

07-28-2002, 08:59 AM
wookiee :D

Dath Maximus
07-28-2002, 09:12 AM
Originally posted by Exterminator234
wookiee :D

does my avatar look like a wookie???

NO! he looks human

07-28-2002, 09:22 AM
He is made of metal *no emotion on face*

Dath Maximus
07-28-2002, 09:25 AM
thats good enough for me.

ok in a littel while im gonna write some more if i can think of something good.

07-28-2002, 11:57 AM
Yeah Max, that story is soooo cool:thumbsup:

Can't wait for ya to write the next bit...its gonna be good:)

Dath Maximus
07-28-2002, 12:09 PM
Turning his eyes caught those of Obi-wan13's. "so how you get into this mess?" Obi asked. "tried to assasinate a sith lord." he cooly replied. Studying the arena, Maximus noticed a flaw in the restraints. "I think i can get us out of these chains" he told obi wan. receiving a nod, Maximus began to pull the chains in different directions, using the force to its fullist. A pop shot out as the chains were ripped into, freeing the two jedi.
"Good Job." obi wan shouted over the angry roar of the crowd.

Suddenly it got quiet. A huge gate opened up revealing a rancor, blood from its last feast still dripping from its mouth. Grabbing the chain, Maximus began swinging it like a whip. Obi ran forward distracting the beast. Sensing the perfect chance Maximus lept up landing on the beasts back. "yippie ki yi ya!" he shouted. The chain swung around the creatures neck. Pulling with all his might a loud snap sounded the beasts defeat. Obi now running through the stadium, leapt onto the seating floor and proceded to run to the hanger. Maximus however was unsuccessful in his escape. Quentin stood before him. "Such a pity, you would have made excelent food for my pet." he sneered as he soke. Pain ran through Maximus's head as the world went black. "Take him to the detention complex. On the moons of Iones." Obi wan heard this as he lifted off the planet with the listening device he had put on Maximus. "I will repay you." He spoke to himself.

to be continued....

07-29-2002, 09:44 PM
We've got to keep this one up too...as long as everyone has told their story if they want to, thats fine:)

Shadow Angel
07-30-2002, 01:06 AM
Sorry, people, haven't had Internet for 3 days. I'm gonna post my next chapter up tomorrow after I edit it some. It doesn't flow well right now.

Darth Groovy
07-30-2002, 02:25 AM
Jeezum Crow!

This thing has taken on a life of it's own!!!

Well I would like to post a chapter about Darth Groovy's origins but I don't want to reaveal everything just as yet, and I want everything to be consistant with the previous chapters listed above. I am going to have to do my homework with this one.

P.S. The Muppet Babies post was meant as a joke, but I guess it wasn't that funny because you all aren't laughing

Darth Slayne
07-30-2002, 05:54 AM
Don't know if this has any place here, I'm not part of the Sith Academy as of yet. But I've written a background story for my character. Anyhow, hope you enjoy...

Location: A cloaked asteriod somewhere in deep space, along the edge of the known galaxy.

Dreams. Thats all they are, just dreams. But it wasn't always so. Darth Slayne awoke with a jolt, disturbing the clear liquid he was submerged in. A moment of panic passed through him as he breathed in a lungfull of the warm liquid, causing him to thrash violently within the tight confines of the transperasteel cylinder he was encased in. But the moment of anxiety passed and he came to his senses. The tasteless liquid was designed that way, to provide oxygen to the body much like that of a mothers womb. Yet every time he awoke like this he did the same thing; panic. It was only natural he supposed, but that didn't mean he had to like it.
Allowing himself to relax, he closed his eyes and began trying to make sense of the images that caused him to awaken with a start. Then something strange happened. Instictively he drew strength from something, somewhere, but he could not pin it down. Whatever it was it helped clear his mind, and then the dream came back as vivid as though he had never awoke from it. Before him stood a man, with slightly greying hair. A look of disbelief evident in his eyes...
"Seth, we cannot allow you to leave this world." the man said sadly. "This must end here and now. The Sith cannot be allowed to continue. They are wrong, you know that!"
Darth Slayne did not respond, he had forsaken that name a few years ago.
"Lord Kaan and his minions have been crushed," the man continued, "the Sith are now extinct. You don't have to share their demise."
Slayne knew where the man was headed, but it was too late. He looked around at the devestated plains of Russan and sighed. He had come to think that his brethren would win this battle, and that the enemy would be wiped out once and for all. He was mistaken.
"Come with us." It was a womans voice, his beloved Niah. "Come back to the light my love, you still have hope."
He looked longingly into the Twi'leks eyes, trying to find some semblance of the love that he had thought they shared. Only pitty was there now, not love. Angrily Slayne tore his eyes from her and stabbed his finger at the tiny controls of his wrist computer. A quiet beep of acknowlegment came from the small unit and he gazed whith contempt at the man he had once called master.
"What have you done?" The man said in alarm.
"You can't stop me old man." Slayne spat. "Leave me here in peace, I don't want to destroy you, but I will if I must!"
With a snapping hiss the old mans lightsaber ignited, and he brought the green blade up high in a ready stance "I thought I had trained you better than that Seth!" He said in a tone filled with regret.
Resigned to the enevitable, Darth Slayne ignited his own saber. The angry red glow from the weapon was a stark reminder that he had lost his old purple saber long ago; the day they had betrayed him. Seth, the former Jedi Knight said nothing in response. He just swung his blade at his old mentor.
The old man bloked the attack without much effort, he knew in his heart that his former padawan learner was no match for him. He never was. It saddened him greatly that it had to be this way; he had shown so much potential.
"Don't do this Seth!" Niah cried. She had not activated her own weapon. There was still hope for her beloved.
Slayne did not want to hear her voice, so he swang again and again at the older man. He was too full of rage to care any more. It mattered little to him that his old master did not so much as break a sweat with this challenge. They had practiced much together, and he was sure of the fact that the old fool knew his every move. It sickend him to the stomach. Without warning the old man went on the offensive, and Slayne was hard pressed as he fumbled in a vain attempt to defend. The rapid clash of energy rang in his ears and time seemed to slow down as the enevitable final strike drew near.
"Please, Seth!" Niah screamed. "You only have to deactivate your weapon and come with us! All will be well again, like it was before!"
Slayne refused to give in. He saw his old masters saber come down for the death blow; saw the saddened look of victory in the mans eyes...
Only then did Slayne give up the ruse. Impossibly quick, he parryed the blow and ignited a second red saber. He forced the old man back on the defensive with the savage force of his attack. The hum of sabers was almost a continuous drone, and the lightnig fast movement of the twin blades seemed to cast an eiry red haze around the combatants. Within a heartbeat, the spinning dance of death came to an abrupt end.
The old man would never know that he had been sliced through both neck and abdomen. He never even heard the anguished scream from Niah as his lifeless body fell to the ground in three pieces. Likewise, he would never know that the beautiful Twi'lek woman had ignited her own saber in a vain attempt at justice. All he'd ever know now was that he was one with the force...
Niah lunged at Slayne in righteous fury only to have her saber cut clean through in a shower of sparks that stung her hand. Then she was hurled to the ground as a bolt of lightning struck her delicate green body. She could not believe that her beloved would do this to her. "Why have you done this?" She moaned, as tears came to her eyes. "What has gone so wrong that you would kill the man who was almost a father to you?"
"You betrayed me!" Slayne hissed "You left me to the mercy of the Sith back on Korriban!"
"We thought you had died!" Niah cried. "We would have come for you had we known otherwise! I loved you damn it!"
"No! You would have sensed it if I did die. You coveted my position as an aprentice to a great man. You left me to die so you could further your own ends!"
"Thats not true and you know it!"
The world seemed to spinn around him as he looked down at her pleading face. He wanted so desperately to believe her but master Bane had told him the truth. The anger swelled so much inside him that he visibly shook from it. Above him he could hear the unmistakable whine from his ships engines, and he knew that his droid had responded dutifully to his summons. Time was running out, he had to be clear of this place before other Jedi came to mop up the remains of his doomed allies. A moment of calm fell over him and he knew what he must do...
Niah looked down at the red saber in disbelief as it plunged ever so slowly into her chest. She didn't scream. All she did was look into her lovers eyes with both pitty and forgiveness. "I loved you..." was all she could say before all went dark...

Darth Slayne snapped back into the present and promptly banished such memories from his mind. That was over two thousand years ago, yet he could not understand why he still had nightmares over it. He contemplated on this deeply for a long while before it dawned on him that he only had these dreams when he was sleeping within the liquid filled cylinder. But the dream had never awoken him like this before. Something else had awoken him. but what? Suddenly a cold anger welled up in him. He knew now the purpose of the cylinder; it was a cloning tank. He was a clone. Slowly, his memories returned one by one. He remembered long ago that he had found a way to force his soul into a bearly living copy of his own body. That meant that he had died at some point. No, he had died many times; he remembered now. It made him angry. He would find the one responsible and destroy him. An image suddenly sprang to mind, and a name.....Darklighter.....But he knew that this was not the one who killed him. No, this memory was external. Someone had sent the image as a warning; a new threat. More images and names came to mind. More warnings...
And then Darth Slayne felt a presence he had not felt in a very long time. There were sith out there, he knew it without doubt. A dark hooded figure suddenly loomed before his minds eye. It spoke to him in chilling wispers. "You will join us my dark ally....seek out the Sith accademy, and a new master. Together we will destroy these fools..."
Darth Slayne, Dark Sith of the ancient order had an new name to consider...Divine Spirit...

There you have it. Let me know what you think of it. I plan on adding more to this but I think I'll wait for your feedback before attempting that. Zenks...

07-30-2002, 07:54 AM
wow that was great nice job :thumbsup:

Dath Maximus
07-30-2002, 11:08 AM
and now the final chapter of Maximus.

Maximus awoke to find himself alone in a dark, cold prison. Nothing around him to keep him sane. It would be a long time before he saw light again.

10 years later....

"this is obi-wan13, ive found the complex." Obiwan landed with no difficulty. searching the door he found what he was looking for. Slowly the large door opened up. the smell of rotting flesh filled his nostrils. Activating his flash light he looked around the room. In the corner he found maximus. He looked surprisingly good for a man who has survived on rat meat. "Its ok we are going to get you out of here.

3 months later....

Maximus awoke in the academy hospital, looking around he noticed obi wan approaching. "so?" he asked "im afraid Quentin remains alive and in power." he replied. "but if you like you can stay here where he will never find you." "alright" maximus replied.

And thus began Maximus's duties as a groundskeeper.

07-30-2002, 02:25 PM
Yom Thyne local Master Chef at the Academy not all what people think he is. He not just a bad ass Chef with mad skill with a knife. but he is also a ex bounty hunter that would hunt done the jedi and give the heads to the sith. with the ability to get in to any base or out of any prison and also able to take out any one that would cross him.

his long life started in the bars of tatooine. he hould here all the tails of many piolts jedi and sith. his own father was a bar keep on tatooine but was one day in the cross fire bwtween a bounty hunter and a jedi. the jedi saber struck his fater and he died and so did the jedi. Yom was glad to see the bounty hunter kill him. And out of pitty the bounty hunter took Yom and traind him to be a bounty hunter as well.

with many years to pass hellping that bounty hunter named Ryal Tygown. The 2 of them fought many jedi and other scum. Till one day Ryal was kill in a strugel with a jedi. After the death of his teacher and Friend Yom takes mounths to hunt down and kill the Jedi that kill Ryal. then he voues to kill every jedi he comes across and he dose.

but he comes across Obi-Wan13 his most dificalt jedi he has come across. after many encounters and many mouths traking down. till after one encounter he is almost nere death that Obi-Wan13 desides to spare his life and give him a chanse to change. so Yom takes this gift and becomes a chef. he put all his armor and guns away in his room and becomes a chef and goss and works of the academy.

Now a master Chef Yom serves the Jedi meals and Beer

Reb Starblazer
07-30-2002, 11:10 PM
That was good Yom. I plan on posting how I ended up at the Academy as well. Just give me a while to write it. It'll probably be up here tomorrow, or maybe the next day... I never find time to write anymore.

Darth Slayne
08-01-2002, 09:13 PM
Rightio, here is part two of my "little" pre academy days story...enjoy!

The dim light glinted coldly from the many cloning tanks as the newly awakened Darth Slayne inspected them each in turn. Within each tank was an exact replica of himself, each at various stages of development, yet none of them looked at all over twenty standard years old. He preferred to be reborn young, that way his reflexes would always be in perfect form. Dimly he recalled a time when he was at the age of ninety, and frowned. He had killed himself that time. It made him sick to think he should ever have to be that feeble again. That's why he had the cloning tanks created so long ago. Although those old contraptions were prone to failing quite often. But these newer ones he had stolen from a group of skinny long-necked creatures were just right with the right modifications. He recalled with satisfaction how he had captured a few of these pathetic creatures, and how he made them install the tanks to his exact specifications. Before he disposed of them, he also made them programme his droids in every aspect of cloning. It was the droids that maintained his hidden base while he was away. A droid would not rebel. A droid would not betray him. He was the master here, and none could take that from him.
Yet he felt the summons all too well. A new master beckoned him; a strong master. One with a power he had not felt since the Sith order fell over two millennia ago. After so many years lurking among the shadows, constantly having to resurrect himself, a new Lord of darkness had finally come; a master worthy of Slayne's servitude. But Slayne knew also that he would have to serve lesser Sith than himself for a time, but that mattered little to him. Times change, and there was always something new to learn; even from one who was a but a child in comparison to his own age. The force had a way of humbling those of great arrogance. Yes, he would serve his master well. It was what he did best. Lord Slayne of the ancient order was not here to rule, he was here to ensure that the Sith lived on. Even if it took another two thousand years to happen; he would be there to see that it happened. He was a patient man, a predator that lucked in the darkest of shadows. A cold-blooded assassin that would wait and study his target no matter how long it took. Then he would strike…
A metallic clicking on the polished metal floor announced the presence of his main servant droid X9-57. As Slayne turned to regard it, the droid stood to rigid attention, its servomotors humming quietly.
“Master,” the black and chrome coloured droid said with a rasping voice, its bug-like head gesticulating as it did so, “your ship has been rearmed and resupplied. All onboard systems are nominal, and all minor repairs are complete. What are your orders?”
“Continue monitoring the clones for any defects.” Slayne commanded. “And dispose of some of these older ones. They're no longer needed.”
“Of coarse sir.” The droid grated. “Good luck with your mission master.”
Slayne watched the stiff movements of the droid as it turned and headed for the exit. Luck? He found himself thinking. There is no such thing, there is only the force. And it was the force that called him to some out in the cold of space…

The spiralling vortex of hyperspace abruptly dissipated with a myriad streaks of light, which in turn vanished and was replaced by the rapidly growing green globe of a planet. When finally the inertia of deep space travel slowed enough for the ships sub-light engines to kick in, the bulk of the forest world almost obscured the light speckled tapestry of space as Darth Slayne gazed through the transparasteel canopy. Already he could feel a strong presence on the planet before him, and he immediately shrouded himself with the dark art of the force. They would not sense him coming. As an after thought he activated the ships scrambling field; a device that would cause scanning sweeps to bounce of his ships hull and make it impossible to establish a reliable lock. Satisfied he guided the craft closer to the planet.
The sleek, angular ship seemed to glide gracefully through space, almost invisible against the star field due to the flat-black metal of its hull. Twice the size of a Sith infiltrator, it resembled two halves of a scaled down star destroyer joined at the middle by a hull structure not dissimilar to a Tentive IV Blockade runner. She was Slaynes pride and joy, and he had named her the Stygian Wraith.


“My scopes are negative.” Lt. Traddin said into his headset. “Are you sure you saw something?” He had an uneasy feeling brewing inside him.
“I'm positive, green leader.” The slightly distorted voice replied. “My scope picked it up at point five nine. Whatever it was it was moving fast, but vanished almost as quick as it appeared.”
Lt. Traddin had no reason to doubt his wingman, years of experience together made the man the most reliable pilot in his squadron. If his closest friend had seen something, then something was definitely out there. “All right we'll check it out then. All fighters form on me.”
The four X-wings from green squadron suddenly veered from their present coarse and speed toward the distant green planet.


His eyes closed, Darth Slayne focused on the planet below and ever so gently reached out with the force. He had powered down the Stygian Wraith's engines to minimise any possible detection from the many freighters that hung in orbit, and now threw all his concentration on the planet surface. Yes, he could sense them all right, Jedi; and quite a large number of them too. He brushed over many of the less experienced padawans' minds with feather light manipulation of his dark art. They were building something….a secret base. He probed a little deeper. Ah…they are trying to recover from a recent defeat…It's still fresh in their minds. A chilling grin came to Darth Slayne's lips. They wish to hide themselves from their attackers. Yes….the Sith! They think they are safe here…
A slight whine from his communications systems brought him from his trance an instant before a voice sounded in the speaker. “Unidentified craft, power down your deflector shields and prepare to escorted to the planet surface!”
A flash of anger shot through Slayne. How could he have been so careless? He should have activated the scrambler before entering the system. But there was nothing for it now.
“Unidentified craft. Respond immediately!”
With a sudden orange-red flare, the Stygian Wraith's twin engines came to life and the sleek ship accelerated with alarming speed toward the darkness of space. For a moment the X-Wings were left in her wake, but the experienced pilots were quick to increase throttle, and the four fighters roared after the fleeing ship.
“Unidentified craft! Power down immediately or we WILL open fire!”
Slayne ignored the order, calmly waiting for the ships computer to calculate the jump into hyperspace.
“All right, this is it boys!” Lt. Traddin crowed gleefully. “Lock S-Foils in attack positions! Lets take this baby out!”
In perfect synchronisation, the wings of the four fighters opened up to form the famous “X” position that gave the Incom T-65 snub fighter its legendary nickname.
“Sir!” His wingman, green two, called out. “We can't get a lock on him! That'll render torpedoes useless. Target tracking is out too!”
“Then we'll just have to do this the old fashioned way.” Traddin grinned, loving every second of this new challenge. “Manual targeting. Just like back in flight school!”
Just then, Traddin's flight computer sounded an alarm. He looked down at the small screen in front of him, and at the four small blips that appeared directly ahead of them. His head snapped up to get visual confirmation of what the scope just told him, spotted them and then cursed. “Look out! He's launched tracking mines! All fighters break formation! Break formation!”
Without hesitation the X-Wings split up and took evasive action. Traddin frantically fired toward the incoming mines as he rolled his fighter and broke sharply to the right, noting that he at least took one of the deadly devices out. His wingman destroyed another in a similar move. A quick glance to his left told him that one of his wingmen was in trouble.
“Green three!” He screamed. “Break left! Break left!”
The pilot of green three had a better view of the danger and knew that he'd be a dead man if he followed that order. It would place him in the path of the second mine. In a panic he pulled up in an attempt to dodge the initial threat, but the mine easily compensated and impacted with his starboard wing. The resulting explosion sent green three spiralling out of control and directly into the flight path of green four. There was a blinding flash as the two craft collided, followed by brilliant explosion that sent both pilots to oblivion. An instant later the remaining mine clipped green two's port lower engine and detonated.
Traddin could only watch in horror as the tail end of his beast friend's X-Wing disintegrated. He could do nothing to block out the terrified scream that came through his receiver. A scream that just went on and on, as the flaming remains of the fighter spiralled out of control before erupting in a ball of searing plasma. Then all was deathly quiet save for the sound of his own ships engines.
At that moment Slayne sent the Stygian Wraith into a reversed loop and headed straight for the remaining X-Wing fighter. With a flick of a switch the ships side mounted turrets folded out of the hull plating and fired volley after rapid volley of red death at the sole survivor. Traddin looked up too late to save his own life…
Darth Slayne grinned with satisfaction, and promptly guided his ship away from the planet and the seething mass of fighters that sped toward his position. A beep from his navicomputer told him all he needed to know. Seconds later the Stygian Wraith made the jump to hyperspace…


Obi Wan took the news calmly as Darklighter made the grim report. Yet more precious lives were lost to this senseless war. He could almost feel the years pressing down on him as he regarded his friend. “Give the order to evacuate.” He said numbly.
“Consider it done.” The younger man replied, before forcing a grin to appear. “Look at the bright side, my friend. At least we didn't lose a base this time, because we didn't get a chance to build it yet!” With that Darklighter turned and left his friend to his thoughts.
Obi Wan strode over to a nearby window and gazed upon the lush forest terrain. A new Sith Lord had entered the fray. He could feel it. Now they were forced to flee again. He would have to find a new planet in order to rebuild the academy. Perhaps the planet Thedonias…


There! Done! (wipes sweat from exhausted brow) Sorry about the length. I may be posting a third and final istallment for this behemoth...any how, I'll cross THAT bridge when I get to it...

08-01-2002, 09:33 PM
I will post the next part of my story in just a sec:D

08-01-2002, 09:36 PM
Originally posted by Darklighter
I will post the next part of my story in just a sec:D
how did i not get into this thread. so are we basicly telling our back storys? :confused:

Darth Slayne
08-01-2002, 09:50 PM
Yeah, Its sort of an introdution of your character and how he came to be in his respective academy.

08-01-2002, 10:11 PM
ok well ill give a brief summery of mine.

i was a young child on a ice planet like hoth when i stumbeled on a under ground room filled with books. they were in a strange language but for some reason i was able to read them. they were about jedi battel tactics ond so on. i studied for years reading them and one day when i was 14 or so i constructed a duel lightsaber sence i discovered i had the force and sence i studyed for years on the subject i learned very easly how to use it with out killing myself. i also studyed other saber styles. years past and i married a young woman and we had a son. then a sith and his son (shadow angel and his father) came to our planet and started to ruel it with brutal force. so i got tired of the bastard so i challenged angels father and bairly won. shadow angel was angered beond beleaf and started to destroy each town one by one untill he found out who killed his father. he found out it was me, went to my house when i wasent there, killed my wife and son because they wouldent tell him where i was and left the planet knowing that i would come after him. the jedi acadamy had been astablished a year or two before that. obi-wan came to the planet, found me and brought me to the jedi acadamy and if he hadent found me i would have surely turned to the darkside. and so i became the duel saber trainer and brought the books i found and we applied them to the acadamys teachings. and the rest is history.

what do you think

Darth Slayne
08-01-2002, 10:36 PM
Looking pretty good.:thumbsup:
That would explain the anamosity between your characer and Shadow angel. I know I'd be pretty agro if someone iced my family. Things like that have a tendancy to draw a character to the dark side. Keep up the good work. :)

08-01-2002, 10:38 PM
Originally posted by Darth Slayne
Looking pretty good.:thumbsup:
That would explain the anamosity between your characer and Shadow angel. I know I'd be pretty agro if someone iced my family. Things like that have a tendancy to draw a character to the dark side. Keep up the good work. :)
thanks alot for the comment

08-01-2002, 11:11 PM
Darklighter lived on the a peaceful planet as a farmboy, working with his father and mother. As he needed more money, Darkighters father joined the smugglers trade. He was decieved and aimed at for assassination. Obi-wan's hearing of the situation was merely a chance happening.

A ruthless bounty hunter had been dispatched to hunt down and kill darklighter and his family. His mother and father were slaughtered, and had not Obi-wan come about the situation he would have been to. But it was not chance after all that brought Obi-wan to him. 'Nothing happens by accident' a powerful Jedi had once sad. As Obi-wan looked into the young Tidus Darklighter's eyes, he could see wisdom, the force strong in him. He would make a powerful Jedi in time and training. That time was nearly over. The bounty hunter had been hired by a mysterious Aser Loane, a crime lord in one of the main smuggler syndicates. He was believed dead, but Darklighter would not hesitate to hunt him down if he heard news of Loane's whereabouts.

After the misery Darklighter had suffered with the loss of his family, the complete and utter torment and fear of bounty hunters and criminals, you would think his sadness and pain would have to end. Obviously, you would be mistaken.

After years training at the Academy under the watchful guidance of Obi-wan, Darklighter had raised his skill and physical prowess to the highest possible level. However on his fourth year, Darkighter was caught up in the most painful event of his life.

Someone joined the Academy as Darklighter was nearing the end of his training. A young human female named Taliara, of great skill and determination. They had practised a lot together, and she was becoming incredibly powerful as a Jedi.


They walked up towards each other, the wooden sticks at their sides ready to spar. Darklighter with his black and brown hair and white Jedi garments stepped up towards his opponent. Taliara was calm, her blonde hair tied back and her blue and red clothes shone in the flame lit hall of the Jedi sparring room. She was very beautiful, her eyes glistened and sparkled, her face was pure and almost perfect. As the two braced theirselves in the ready saber stance, they stared into each other's eyes and smiled before attacking at the same time.

Darklighter was the first to strike below, but it was blocked, and Taliara swung the saber back at him. He gained control and lunged, as she flipped backwards out of the way. This fight carried on for much a time, before it was suddenly ended. Darklighter swung forward and in the blink of an eye she flipped around and struck him on the back.

"You're dead" she said out of breath, and Darklighter turned around, the look on his face stern. As she smiled at him, they both broke out into laughter. They night was calm now and the Sun had long since disappeared. They walked together amonst the trees surrounding the grounds. They were only a foot apart, and Taliara looked up into the sky.

"It's so beautiful" her voice was soft and gentle "I wish I could just travel all over the galaxy, just searching every planet...it would be wonderful."

"But you can't" Darklighter's voice came in response. "Our place is here. Though someday you will...and I'll be there with you." On that she stopped and looked wondering into his eyes. She spoke softly but clearly too him, as if they were the only two people in the whole world.

"You know, I was so scared when I first came here. So scared of what would happen to me, whether I would make it. You've always been here for me. I know a Jedi is sworn to act in the right manner...but I don't know what I feel. I just don't want the feeling to go away." There was silence all of a sudden...the moment seemed to last forever. "As long as you are here I feel so safe."

"You mean the world to me, and more" Darklighter spoke through his heart. This was almost involuntary, he could not hide his feelings. She smiled at him, and kissed him gently on the cheek. With that she walked away, and looked back as she turned into the dorms. With a smile she disappeared. He could feel it so easily now. The love inside him grew for her. It had been so long, and neither of them had ever said anything. Darklighter felt so happy, like he was the luckiest man in the galaxy.

Suddenly he heard a scream from inside the dorms. Without warning he ran towards them, his lightsaber now drawn from his belt. It now came from towards the hanger bay and as he emerged in the open, he could see a shuttle leaving from the ground. A caped figure stood with on the shuttle ramp as it was about to take off. His arm was around the neck of Taliara. Darklighter ignited his saber and shouted towards him.

"Let her go now!!" he yelled.

"Help Tidus!" she screamed at him.

"Well well, look what we have here" the voice cackled. "If you find their weakness you can get anything out of them it seems. You will pay for what your father did Tidus. You will pay with the lives of others!"

"Loane...NO!!!" he screamed as Loane ignited his saber and forced it through Taliara. She fell to the ground as he climbed aboard the shuttle.

"You will pay!" his final words wer distant. As the shuttle took off, Darklighter ran to Taliara lying on the ground. Her speech was faint and stuttered.

"...Ti..dus?" she said softly. Tears began to run from his eyes.

"Yes I'm here, you're going to be fine" he said gently, but she smiled at him. She knew the truth. He looked at the wound. The blod already began to seep though her clothes.

"She looked up at him, her eyes glistening with the light of the moon, staring into his.

"I...love you..." she said in a soft whisper.

"I love you too..." but it was no use. Her eyes did not move, and her hand that cling to his arm dropped. He was too late.

The tears ran through his eyes as the truth came to him. The hate began. He could stand it no longer. He was shaking with complete anger. The ones he loved were gone. He would make them pay. He would make sure of it.

His eyes raised, and he stared at the sky, the white now red with hatred, filled with tears as he glared out under his low brow.

"I will find you" he whispered, "and you will die."

He left her body and proceeded to the hanger bay. Nothing else mattered now. He would take on the forces of Aser Loane, ad he would not fail.

Darth Slayne
08-01-2002, 11:24 PM
That was......well, what can I say? A shiver ran down my spine, during the part with the dark figure killing the girl. That was great. But, then, I've always been a sucker for a little romance. :)

08-01-2002, 11:28 PM
I thought I'd go for that approach...I think the romance kinda makes it a lot more tragic...thanku for your support:D

08-02-2002, 12:08 AM
Darklighter moved himself to one of the nearest transports, and began to charge the engines.

Obi-wan woke in a cold sweat. Something was wrong. Something had happened. He reached to the force to see what was the matter. He then realized that it was Darklighter. His best pupil. Obi-wan13 Arose from his bed, and put on his robe and sandels. He walked to the lift, and took it to the ground level, then he walked to the hangar bay.

There is much anger here, pain, suffering, hatred....

Obi-wan walked into the hanger cautiously and looked at Darklighter, who was refueling a transport ship.

"What are you doing?" Obi-wan asked.

"Taliara is dead, Master." Darklighter spat out the words.

"She's dead?" Obi-wan asked, in complete confusion, yet now understanding why Darklighter was so upset. " how did she die?" He asked.

"SHe was murderd by cowards. Damned Cowards!" Darklighter said, as he began to cry, and he smashed his fist onto a fuel container.

"Calm down, young one! Your anger will solve nothing." Obi-wan said.

"Master, I can't just not do anything about it! These people need to learn how to respect life!" Darklighter said, now yelling.

"And you seeking revenge will show them the respect of life?" Obi-wan asked.

"You cannot stop me master." Darklighter said. "It must be done."

"I can stop you, young one. This shuttle is property of the academy, and you will not use it in an act of anger or revenge. You must calm yourself. Being angry about someone's death will not bring them back." Obi-wan said. "I cared for her too, but wishing for something will not make it happen. She is one with the force now, young one. Except this." Obi-wan said, putting his hand on Darklighter's shoulder.

Out of complete surprise to obi-wan, Darklighter slapped his hand off of him. Obi-wan brought a sad face upon himself, and and Darklighter's face was now one of anger. Darklighter took a quick, deep breath, and said:

"I Quit."

Obi-wan was now completely surprised by Darklighter's words.

"What?" Obi-wan asked.

"I quit. You will not hold me back. I know what I must do, and you can not stop me." Darklighter said, as the fuel gage registered full, and he disconnected the fuel line. He began to walk up the shuttle's ramp when Obi-wan ran up behind him and grabbed him.

"Listen to yourself! What you have become! Let go of your anger before it destroys you!" Obi-wan shouted over the hum of the engines.

Darklighter figited out of obi-wans arms, and turned to face him. Then, the unthinkable happened.

Darklighter held out his arm, and a bolt of lightning came sizzling from Darklighter's hand, and bolted through obi-wan13. Obi-wan shouted with pain, and fell to the ground, still being electrocuted.

"I am sorry about all of this, Obi-wan, I have no faults with you." Darklighter said, as he turned and walked to the cock-pit, and launched the shuttle.

Obi-wan stood, holding his side from the pain, and watched the shuttle fly off in disbelief.

Darth Slayne
08-02-2002, 12:27 AM
This is pretty good. I'm getting a better feel for the characters involved now.... Nice touch Obi! :D

What I love most about you good Jedi is that you have to be so CAREFUL in all that you. It makes thing interesting to say the least.

08-02-2002, 01:02 AM
Well I feel like posting a little about my rival, who you guys know nothing about (yet). :D As with all the stories, Obi-wan is included...

08-02-2002, 01:36 AM
Dissectional had grown so fast, it was a wonder that Obi-wan had picked up the young one only 2 years ago. He was alredy adept with a lightsaber, and his knowledge of the force well excelled those of the other younglings. He could jump higher, run faster, and sometimes outwit his master, Dath Maximus. Obi-wan knew he would be a fine Jedi sooner than he thought.

"Well, how are we doing with saber practice, Dissectional?" Obi-wan asked the stout, dark-haired youth.
"Working on my backhand parry, Master Kenobi," he replied. Even a padawan could tell that he needed no work on his backhand parry, for it was smooth and flawless.
"Let's see how you fare in a simulated duel," Kenobi smirked.
"Y.. You mean with saber droids?!" Dissectional gawked. The honor of dueling a saber droid had not once crossed his mind.
"All I can say is, keep your mind clear and your strokes precise." And with that note, he punched a button, and a bipedal droid, armed with a red lightsaber, stepped from a unit mounted on the wall. Its saber ignited, and it stood ready to battle.

Dissectional's emerald green blade flared up with a hiss, and he leapt into action. Swinging with youthful vigor, Dissectional's blade was snapping and cracking at a blinding pace. Parry, counter, swing, duck, he was faster than anyone Obi-wan had ever seen at his age. "By the force, he's unbelievable!" Obi stood with his jaw dropped as Dissectional proceeded to knock the droid's saber from its grip and slice through it's chest at an angle. The droid fell to the floor in a shower of spark and smoke. Obi applauded loudly, a wide smile across his face.

"Well done young one." He was astonished at the display of pure perfection he saw. He was even a little intimidated, if only for a moment.

Dissectional knew he did a good job. little did he know that he would need all his saber skills, sooner than he knew...

To Be continued...

Darth Slayne
08-02-2002, 04:29 AM
Hello there Dissectional. When I was writing the second part of my story, I originaly inteded to have your squadron as the ones coming to investigate the appearance of the Stygian Wraith. But in light of what I wrote, I didn't think you'd like that very much, so I changed it to green squadron instead. ;)

08-02-2002, 09:01 AM
Wow Obi...thats was really brilliant. I loved my kind of fall to the darkside, that was so moving. I loved it. I'll see what will happen to me after when I get back.

And Dissectional, that was great:)

Keep up the good work guys...I will post the next part later:D

08-02-2002, 05:44 PM
you guys think i should put my summery into story form

Darth Slayne
08-02-2002, 08:59 PM
Why should you not be allowed? hmmm? :D I don't think anyone is going to bite you. Besides, If I did one I suppose anyone can....

08-02-2002, 09:00 PM
Originally posted by Darth Slayne
Why should you not be allowed? hmmm? :D I don't think anyone is going to bite you. Besides, If I did one I suppose anyone can....
i dident say will you allow me i said would it be a good idea

08-03-2002, 12:03 AM
heh the stories are superb, especially Darklighter's. I'll be posting an addition to my story soon, but i have writers block at the moment. I need to sit down with a finely rolled joint and think about how my rival will come into play. stay tuned sports fans!

Reb Starblazer
08-03-2002, 12:17 PM
Uhh Dissectional, Ixnay on the ugsdray:tsk:

I don't think that you're allowed to be mentioning them, so I suggest you edit that. Plus, you shouldn't be doing them anyway, they're not exactly good for you(especially your brain):D Not trying to start a big debate here, just understand why I'm saying this.:)

08-03-2002, 12:23 PM

Dath Maximus
08-03-2002, 12:24 PM
*shakes head disaprovingly*

my padawan is a pot head
shame, shame

08-04-2002, 12:31 PM
Even as a Jedi, after everything that had happened to him, it was understandable how Darklighter felt. The burning anger, the death of his loved ones inflamed his heart, only hate was in him now. He was probably the most powerful Jedi at the Academy, besides Obi-wan. The fear of these people had led him to anger. Absolute anger that burned inside him. The shuttle was entering outer space, and Darklighter slammed his hand on the control panel to accelerate.

"I'll pay, will I?!" he yelled at the top of his voice. "We'll see who'll pay this time Loane! We'll see!!" he screamed again, and jumped to hyperspace.


Obi-wan climbed to his feet. He could not believe what had just happened. The electricity was still flowing through him, and it sparked as he moved. He was utterly bewildered.

"Tidus..." he said whispering, trying to speak to him through the force, "...what have you done?"

He raised to his feet. He would have got in a shuttle, he would have followed him and stopped him. But there was no stopping Darklighter. Obi-wan new how he felt. He had been there and saved his life and watched him suffer the torment of losing his parents. He had been like a father to him. And yet, after all the times he had helped and given him guidance, Obi-wan could not do anything. He stood, he felt so helpless.

"So be it" he said, and walked slowly back to the Academy, his head held low.


The shuttle plunged out of hyperspace, right above the planet. It was dark, the planet in the middle of night. It was one of the main smugglers moons, only a few light years away from his home planet. The fortress of Aser Loane was a meshwork of corridors, an entaglement of large rectangular buildings, one huge tower that sprang from the middle towards the sky.

He landed just outside the entrance, and saw two guards outside talking. Without hesitation, he grabbed his saber and strode quickly towards them, his eyes fixed on them with pure rage. They saw him coming at them fast, and shouted loudly at him.

"Let's see some ID..." before he could finish, Darklighter shouted.

"Here's my ID" and landed his fists in there faces, smashing the helmets as their bodies were thrown against the wall. He didn't care anymore. Everone he cared about he had lost. He was a Jedi, a powerful Jedi with nothing to lose.

He pushed the bodies away from his path and walked through the main double doors. Suddenly, gurads appeared from all sides of the long corridor.

"Hey!" shouted the first. Darklighter rounded a well aimed kicked to his head, and he went hurtling towards the other side of the walkway. He ignited his saber now and spun around to cut the next at the torso. He turned backwards and stabbed the next trooper in the stomach, and flipped back around to kick him out of the way. The last began to run off. Darklighter stopped, an evil grin was on his face and he laughed. He pulled the trooper back towrds him with the force, and as he got close enough, puched him in the back as the trooper flew through the wall at the other end. He tried to get to his feet, his leg twisted and bent. But Darklighter was there first. He grabbed him by the neck and lifted him high in the air.

"Where is he?!" he screamed at the trooper in a low foreboding voice.

"Who?...I don't know..." he choked as Darklighter narrowed his eyes and tightened his grip.

"Loane...where is he?" he questioned again.

"At...the top...of the tower...arrgghh" he screeched and Darklighter threw his limp body to the ground. He proceeded through the passages eliminating troopers as he went. He was unstoppable. The hate fuelled his power, and it was getting stronger. He finally reached the elevator room, the lift passage sprang right up in the centre. The sentries fired at him. Darklighter flipped over them in the blink of an eye and sliced them with his saber. He entered the elevator and continued up.

Suddenly, he heard somethig. A familiar voice in the back of his mind. He knew who it was.

"...what have you done?" came the voice. He answered quickly through the force.

"I have to" he said, "Please understand." As it ended, the doors swong open. A figure stood, troopers on either side, facing out the opposite, large circular window. He could not see him, but Loane knew Darklighter was there. He turned around to face him. The two guards immediately ran towards him firing. Darklighter blocked both shots, as they went hurtling back into their helmets. He stood now staring at an infinitely surpirised and worried Aser Loane.

"Darklighter..." he said bewildered. He nodded and began walking towards him.

"You killed my mother...you killed my father...you killed my one love...now you will pay!" On that word a projectile of lightening sprang from Loane's hand. What happened was astonishing. Darklighter's hand came out to meet it, and the lightning was absorbed. Loane kept firing, and Darklighter absorbed the energy. As Loane fell to the ground, Darklighter held out his hand and fired the lightning back, his body electrocuted and flung against the window. Darklighter walked towards him.

"No!...no please!" he begged for mercy. Without adhering Darklighter picked him up above his head by the neck.

"Give me a reason not to kill you!" he screamed and through Loane back towards the elevator. He now stood up, ignited his saber, and charged and Darklighter. He jumped up above his head and landed his saber in Loane's back as he stumbled forward, yelling in agony, the blood leaking through his torn clothes.

"Aaarrgghhh!!" he screamed. And raised to his feet and turned to face Darklighter. His eyes were fixated on him, the anger swelling.

"Please..." he begged again, "...you can't do it. It is not who you are."

"You're right" he said menacingly, "I'm not like you. I kill when I have to. And your life deserves to be taken.

"Nooo!" he ran at Darklighter, his saber held high. Darklighter ran to meet his strikes, clocking every shot. Darklighter now pushed him back with his attack. As he was off guard, Darklighter dismembered his arm, the limb tore from his body. Loane stumbled backwards and crashed through the window. He yelled as his body fell from the top of the tower, and Darklighter watched his body hit the ground at the bottom. He had done what he came to do. It was over.

But Darklighter did not feel happy. He felt that of sorrow. All the anger had been for nothing. Obi-wan was right. He felt empty. It had solved nothing. He sunk to the floor and cried.


He sat for a while, just thinking about his life. About what was left for him. The Academy had been his home for so long. There was still one person who cared for him. It was the only thing to do.

The shuttle dropped out of hyperspace above the Academy's planet. He landed it a few miles away from the Academy, and walked back, his head held low.

"What will I do now?" he asked himself. He had felt so much hate it was now unbearable to think of it.

As he entered the grounds, he glimpsed a robed figure standing next to the lake, peering across the still, clam waters. He approached him from behind slowly.

"Welcome back, my young padawan" his vioce was gentle, almost a whisper.

"I am sorry...I am sorry for what I did. I..." Obi-wan cut him off.

"Do not be" he said and turned round to face him. He stared into his eyes. Darklighter was surprised with his lack of anger, but it was quickly explained. "I felt it. I knew what you had gone through. I knew you had to do it to rid yourself of the hate. And you returned too." Darklighter raised his head and looked at him. Obi-wan smiled.

"Well, we have much to do my young apprentice" as he said that Obi-wan strode off towards the Academy building. Darklighter smiled as he did. He really was home again.

Here by ends my little adventure. But I guess I will be in the story of Divine's turn to the dark side, so it won't be the last of me:)Hope you liked it.

08-04-2002, 01:12 PM
Darky, buddy, that ruled!

It was a calm day, months after the incident that almost turned Darklighter to the dark side.

Obi-wan and Darklighter had become the best of freinds again, and things where back to normal.

Obi-wan was sitting at his desk, filing all of the paper work, and looking over the new freshman list.

"Pada-wan" Obi-wan read. "That sounds interesting." Obi-wan said to himself. "I look forward to meeting this fellow." Obi-wan said again, but suddenly hushed once he realized he was talking to himself.

He put down the files, and went outside.

There was something soothing about the huge lake they had at the academy, and it was Obi-wan's favorite place to meditate. He went to his small boat and paddled to the center, and it was quite. He sat by himself, and closed his eyes. He was now in complete meditation now, and couldn't be disturbed. Or so he thought.

Moments later, a huge Domirian Whale came up beside the boat and huffed water onto obi-wan, and made a humming noise.

Obi-wan, shocked, stood and looked at the whale.

"What the blazes?" Obi-wan said, talking to the whale.

"How did you get here?" He asked the whale, but of course, did not expect an answer other then a hum. Obi-wan now rememberd that Darklighter had mentioned earlier about getting a pet, and maybe this was it.The whale then blew more water onto obi-wan.

The whale made a screeching noise, like it was laughing at him.

Obi-wan smiled, and reached out, and rubbed the whale on the head.

The whale then dove back into the water.

Obi-wan rolled the boat back onto shore, and went to change cloths. The students looked at him and laughed at the site of his wetcloths, and obi-wan gave a mock-laugh back.

He changed his cloths, and went to the cafeteria, where darklighter was sitting. He sat down beside his freind, for now he had to talk about the whale.

"We have to talk about your whale." Obi-wan said.

Darklighter gave a quick chuckle. "You like my new freind?" Darklighter said with another chuckle.

"I like him just fine when he doesn't think he is a sprinkler." Obi-wan said, then they both laughed.

Darklighter sipped his tea.

"YOu going to watch the games?" Darklighter asked obi-wan.

"Of course.I wouldn't miss it for the world. You are going to have a difficult time against Divine Spirit. He has become quite the swordsman." Obi-wan said.

"Oh yes I know, but it will be a challenge none the less."Darklighter replied, and finished his tea.

08-04-2002, 01:38 PM
Obi, that was hilarious:lol:Wow!:D

Looks like you've left it at a bit of a cliffhanger, huh? Me and Divine are gonna duel again...should be good:)

btw, just to let you know, Divine will be back tomorrow on the 5th Aug.

08-04-2002, 03:14 PM
mmk, i think i got all the ideas together for another short story. It's about the same as all of yours, a fellow student becomes my rival, we fight, blah blah yackety yackety.

08-04-2002, 03:56 PM
Dissectional was walking through the gardens one day, just BSing with his master, Dath Maximus. it was a fine sunny day, and Darklighter's whale hummed and spouted water high in the air out on the lake.
"... yeah, those were the good old days. Thrashing 6 bounty hunters single-handedly was quite a feat, if not near impossible." Dissectional loved to bring up old tales of their exploits.
"Well, you had 4 ganging up on you, and you took them out without even igniting your saber." Maximus couldn't believe how his padawan had grown. only 6 years Dissectional had been at the academy, and he was nearly as powerful as the likes of Darklighter and Whitedragon. He would be a jedi soon enough.

On his way back from lunch, a student, Tyrac Tulus, bumped into him in the hallway. "What the hell you think you're doing, Krayt dung?" He snarled with a cocky attitude. "Sorry, i wasn't looking where i was going. My apologies." Dissectional tried to play nice, though he did not like the look of this fellow one bit. Tulus barked, "You want to apologize, then lick my boot!" After that comment, several students stopped to gaze at the brewing fight. "Lick your boot?! Who the hell do you think you are?" Dissectional did not tolerate such direct insults. "I'm Tyrac Tulus, and I qualified in the top 10 for the saber tournament!" This one was a piece of work, and Dissectional knew it. He stepped up and whispered into his ear, "Who do you think qualified at number one?" then he stepped back with a smile on his face. "Dissectional? Well you look like a puss to me. On guard!" with that, Tulus' purple blade flared up and Dissectional's green one met it. Tulus lashed out at Dissectional, only to be parried and blocked. "look at you! you're leaving yourself open after almost every shot. Your style is alright, but your technique needs a bit of work." and with that, he knocked Tulus' saber out of his hand and killed his own blade, clipping it back onto his belt. "Well, have a nice day!" Dissectional quipped as he strolled off, leaving Tulus dumbfounded.

To be continued...

08-04-2002, 04:02 PM
ok ive decided to put my summery into story form so bare with me:D

it was a very cold day, it was always cold on tranquis but to day was extreamly cold and to make it even worse their was a blizzard. ian redhammer was about 7 or so and he was out getting food, his father was dead and his mother was sick so he had to do about everything. the snow was so thick that you could bairly see anything in front of you but he still walked on towards the town. it seemed like hours when he left his house but it was only afew minuts. he kept sinking in the snow like it was almost quicksand and dident even notice when his foot went straight through the snow and he fell into a room. ian looked up and saw only darkness. he lit a glow stick and sawthat the room was filled with books and tabels and boxes full of tools. some urge made him open a book and read it. he dident understand why or how but he could read the symbols on the pages the book was called "history of the jedi" and he started to read. he read and read through book after book untill the blizzard stoped. he looked through the hole in the roof sunlight was shineing and he had to get the food back to his mother. he quickly went to town and came back to his house. his mother was lieing on her bed and she even looked pailer than when he left her, ian knew in his heart that she would die soon. "ian" she said "yes mom im here" "thank goodness, i thought you were caught in that blizzard." "no im ok mom, you just get some rest" ian said with tears in his eyes.

a few mounths after that ians mother died in her sleep. ian had no family, no friends, no nothing he was completely and utterly alone. dragon kept going back to the room with the books and read and re read them for years. when he was 14 he constructed a dual lightsaber, after studying each saber style he like this one the best. he trained and trained and even discovered he had the power called the force. when he was 16 he went to the town to find a job and found one as a speeder machanic. he also met a woman name elly and they got married when he was 21 and had a son when he was 23 but all his happyness would soon change.

ian was in the middle of shoping with his wife when the heard some people yelling to "make way for lord dark angel" he looked through the street to find a large band of people with blasters encircleing a man with black clothes and something hanging on his belt that looked like a lightsaber. another man who looked to be about ians age was next to him and he also carried a lightsaber. one of the gards went over to him "get out of the street" "what is the meaning of this" ian yelled. "your new master is comeing through town so i suggest you get out of the street. ian backed away and his wife went up to him "whats going on ian" "ill soon find out"

the next few weeks were like a living hell. dark angel and his son shadow angel were taxing the entire planet into extinction and those who did not pay the taxes were killed on site. ian trained harder than ever on those weeks.one day as ian was rideing to work on his swoop he found the whole town destroyed, they had tryed to rise agenct dark angel but his forces were too great. dragon saw to his horror that not one was left alive not even the childern. anger swelled un inside of him and he knew what he must do.

dark angel was inside his castel in his thrown room alone. he had sent shadow angel to supervise the tax collecting. he started to hear blaster fire and alot of yelling. as the noises grew nearer he ignited his curved handel lightsaber and waited. a man with long hair a leather jacket and a dual lightsaber burst into the room. "DARK ANGEL" the man yelld. "your raign over this planet ends today" he ran at dark angel with rage in his heart. dark angel was supprised how skilled he was. they fought for houres both seemed to never tire. they got into a saber lock and pushed all their strength agenct eachother. "tell me what is your name" dark angel said. "my name is IAN REDHAMMER" ian then ducked and broke the saber lock and then stabbd dark angel through the stomach. ian walked out of the room without even looking to see his enemy fall on the ground.

shadow angel came back to the castel a few minuts after ian had left and saw that it looked like a slaughter house. he ran into the thrown room and saw his father dieing on the floor. he ran over and tryed to heal him with the force. his father grabed his arm "dont even try i am dieing" "no you cant die father" "the only thing you can do now is rule in my place" "who did this to you father" "his name was i-ian re-redhammer" dark angel died and his son let out a below of rage.

shadow angel found out who it was and now found out where he was. he alone walked into ian redhammers house. he heard a woman singing and saw her over a babys crib. she turned around abruptly when she heard shadow angel come in. "your husband...where is he." "who are you" shadow angel slaped the woman accross the face. "you answer questions you dont ask them" "he off on getting some supplys" "where" "i wont tell you" he slaped her again and the baby started crying "my patchience growns thin" "leave us alone" "fine then i will not troubel you any more" shadow angel ignited his light saber and ran elly through with it. he walked over to the crib and looked down on the child. he put his fingers very gently around the babys neck and then very slowly began to squeese.

ian came home and found that his house was on fire he got closer and found two bodys on the ground. his wife and his child. he was horrorfied and collapsed to his knees he picked up his wife and started to weep bitterly he looked at his house two words were writen in the stone "shadow angel." darkside energy swirled around him and he let out a below of rage so loud that the ground beneath him seemed to shake.

after afew days a ship landed a few clicks away from ians house a hooded man walked out and walked to ians house. when he got there he saw ian looking at two graves. "hello" the man said. ian said nothing "my name is obi-wan13" "if your looking for directions look somewhere else" "i am a jedi" ian looked at the man "what is it that you want" "i felt a desterbance in the force and i felt it here." "ill ask one more time what do you want" "for you to come with me. i know what has happened here and i want to help you. come with me to the jedi acadamy we can help you" "i need no help jedi" ian started to walk inside "you are going down a very dangerous path ian redhammer if you keep like this the darkside will consume you" the darkside, ian had heard of that and of those who wealded its power he did not want to end up like them. ian turned around "jedi if what you say is true then i shall come with you, if you help me battle the darkside then i shall become part of your acadamy" he knew this man spoke the truth he could sense it. obi-wan came forward and shook ians hand.

and the rest is history:D
what do you think

Darth Slayne
08-04-2002, 07:38 PM
Well here's the last bit of my story.
Sorry Reb, didn't realise that you answered my PM. No pop up thingy. Anyway, without further adue...

The jet-black angular craft shot through space like a poisoned dart intent upon its target. To an innocent onlooker it would have seemed as though the mysterious vessel exuded an air of urgency, and a sense of foreboding that spoke of death to any foolish enough to hinder its course. But here in this remote part of space there were no innocent onlookers. For no one in their right mind would have stayed within the shadow of the hulking Star destroyer that loomed menacingly nearby. Yet the pilot of this strange ship did not fear such things, as he headed directly for the huge warship. He had come far in search of such a vessel, and now his search was over.
“Stygian Wraith to Star destroyer Renegade.” Darth Slayne casually spoke into the receiver. “Requesting clearance to land, respond please.”
There was a long pause and Slayne watched the data readout on one of the small screens before him. Various diagrams and technical information flashed across the screen as the Stygian Wraith's scanning equipment virtually pulled the Star destroyer to pieces, inspecting every minute detail down to the smallest weld. One particular piece of data caught his eye and Slayne smiled at how predictable imperial forces could be. Sure enough, the destroyer was preparing to launch a group of Tie fighters. He knew he could take them out easily if he wanted, but that was not his purpose here.
“Stygian Wraith.” An arrogant voice replied. “You will not deviate from your current coarse. Decrease your approach speed by point five and await fighter escort. Failure to do so will result in your immediate destruction. Do I make myself clear?”
“Message received.” Slayne spoke with undisguised contempt. “Stygian out!”
A smirk grew on Darth Slayne's lips as he contemplated the ignorance of the man's tone. He knew full well that the officer would not have spoken so had he known to whom he was speaking. He would teach this man fear should he speak in such a tone again. The Sith lord reached forward and adjusted the ships scanning frequency, tightening the focus upon the Star destroyer's bridge and its security systems. Long strings of data immediately rolled down the screen as his ships computer discretely sliced through the encryption codes protecting the destroyers surveillance systems. It didn't take long for an image to appear on a separate monitor depicting the officer in question. Again, Slayne smiled. He was proud of his ship's capabilities. Though the Stygian Wraith was armed with a formidable weapons array, she was not built so much for battle, as she was for stealth and speed. Her sole purpose was to gather information; a veritable surveillance platform using only the most sophisticated tracking and espionage equipment available. Not much escaped the attention of the Wraith's systems.
As the newly launched Tie's rapidly advanced, the Sith lord watched with amused interest the conversation that took place on the bridge of the Star destroyer.
“I don't like this one bit.” The commander said to some other officer. “There's something suspicious about that ship.”
“Do you think we should alert Lord Malice?” The other man asked, trying not to look frightened.
“No.” The commander answered reluctantly. “It's probably some mercenary scum trying to sell information again.” As if a sudden idea occurred to him, the commander turned once more to the communications console.
“Stygian Wraith.” The commander demanded, his voice even more arrogant. “State your Identity and intentions immediately. That isn't a request!”
They never learn, Slayne found himself thinking. He closed his eyes and reached out with the force, projecting his will toward the bridge of the large ship. He found his target easily and began constricting the arrogant fool's airway. The sound of the man's desperate gasping came through his ships speakers as the Sith Lord reached down and reopened the comm channel. “Such things are of no concern to you Admiral.” Slayne said in a tone that meant certain doom. Even as he tightened his grip around the unfortunate officers neck, he could feel the probing touch of another Lord of the Sith.
“That will be enough Lord Slayne…” The voice spoke in his mind. “Proceed to the main hangar…I will await your arrival…”
Darth Slayne released his grip on the officer and proceeded toward the increasing mass of the imperial star ship. As the six Tie's fell into formation around him, the Admiral's voice once more sounded through the speaker: “Permission to land granted, Stygian Wraith.” This time the voice was not so sure of itself…


Darth Malice sat upon the mat in his customary cross-legged fashion and meditated. The demons inside him had surfaced yet again, like they always had; and likely always would. A part of him still couldn't come to grips with what he had done; he had tuned his back on the very ones who saw him as a friend. Or had they? No, he didn't belong there because the dark side was too strong in him. But did he truly belong here? Did Obi Wan, the man who took him in when no other would, mean so little to him that he would even now hunt him and his fellow Jedi down? He began to wonder just what he had become. It seemed he had been doing that a lot as of late. He was half human, half Zabrak, and yet he was neither. So what was he? A monster more like…
A signal from the door to his private chambers snapped him from his reverie. Composing himself, Darth Malice rose to his feet and faced the door. “Enter.” He said quite simply.
The door slid open to reveal a pale looking officer. “My Lord Malice,” the man stank of nervousness, “your guest is here as you have commanded.”
“Bring him in Captain.” Malice replied.
The officer stood aside to reveal a tall black robed figure flanked on either side by a pair of clone troopers. Without further prompting the hooded man stepped silently into the room and waited. Darth Malice regarded this mysterious stranger for a brief moment, noting the fact that he was just a little too light on his feet. A man of stealth, he mused. “That will be all Captain.” Malice commanded. “You may leave us.” The officer looked visibly relieved as he left the room along with the white clad troopers. Only when the door had closed did he return his attention to the robed figure before him.
“What is it that you seek, Slayne?” The question was simple. He saw no need to be elaborate or imposing. And he already knew what the answer would be.
“I have received a summons from your master.” The man stated, reaching up to pull the hood back. Piercing red-yellow eyes regarded Malice as long strands of blonde hair tumbled free of the hoods restraint, framing a face that was thin and pale of complexion. “I seek to join the new order of the Sith.”
“If it's an apprenticeship you're after,” Malice stated, “you should seek out Master Devine. Why waste my time?” There was something about this strange man, but he couldn't quite pin it down.
“I am here because I am not aware of the location of the Master's academy.” Slayne replied. “I have been….out of touch for a while.”
There, Malice mused. There was something about his background. But what? The half Zabrak studied the stranger for a brief moment. He sought an apprenticeship, yet he seemed more capable than he was letting on. He had already witnessed Slayne's abilities with the force. No aspiring apprentice could have reached out and choked a man from such a long distance. That required training and discipline. “If that's all you seek, then I shall give you the coordinates, and you can be on your way.”
“I thank you, Lord Malice.” Slayne replied with a respectful bow. “There is one other thing.”
“And what would that be?”
“I have come across a large number of Jedi hiding on a remote forest planet not too far from here.” Darth Slayne reported. “I have already taken the liberty of transferring the coordinates to your ships logs.”
“How long ago was this?” Malice enquired. This man proved full of surprises.
“One standard day ago. But they were alerted to my presence, and may even now be evacuating. I suggest that you move against them now before it is too late.”
“This is welcome news Lord Slayne.” Malice said with an air of victory. “You will be a great asset to the Emperor. A great asset indeed.”
“Thank you Lord Malice.” Slayne responded. “Now If you will excuse me, I am eager to start my apprenticeship, and wish to continue my journey with great haste.”
“Very well then, I will give you the coordinates now.” Darth Malice turned to retrieve a nearby data pad. He suddenly paused before inputting the required digits. Something held him rigid for just a fraction of a second. But it was more than enough time for the vision to manifest itself…
“I loved you…” Was all she could say before the light of life vanished forever from her eyes…
Lord Malice shook the vision off with a shudder, paused again, and entered the coordinates into the data pad. Slayne sensed something amiss, Malice could feel it, but he dared not show it. He handed the data pad over.
Darth Slayne bowed in gratitude and moved silently for the door.
“One last thing Lord Slayne.” Malice stated with a hint of admonishment. “Please restrict your surveillance scans to vessels deemed suspicious to our course.”
“As you wish Lord Malice.” He answered with more than a litle injured pride in his tone. “I have some advice for you as well, my Lord.”
Malice looked sharply at the new Sith Lord, and knew he would speak his mind regardless. “Go ahead.” He stated with cold suspicion.
“Hide well your compassion, for it may prove to be the end of you.”
A flash of anger shot through Darth Malice at these words and he stared into the red-yellow eyes of this strange man. But what he found was not hate or spite, it was something else. Only when Darth Slayne had left did he realise what it was. Understanding of the torment he was going through, with a hint of genuine concern.
For some time he pondered the implications of this revelation. Had he found a kindred spirit? Or was this just a warning of some possible disaster destined to occur? Then he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end, and he spun to face the presence that had invaded the sanctuary of his modest chamber, his hand reaching for his saber. But what stood before him could not be effected by any mortal weapon. All he could do was stare in stunned disbelief.
She was beautiful, this spirit that now regarded him with both pity and forgiveness in her eyes. But there were tears as well, a sense of loss that somehow stretched across countless years. She was Twi'lek, much like his own beloved.
“It is too late for my beloved.” The green skinned spirit said in a soft voice full of regret. “His true self died long ago.”
“I don't understand.” Malice murmured. “What has this got to do with me?”
“Your true self yet lives.” Already she was beginning to fade. “I implore you! Don't let the fate of my love become yours…she needs you too much…”
And then she was gone.
Lord Malice stood a long time in silence with only the sound of his own heartbeat for company. He felt more alone now than he had ever felt before. He suddenly needed to relax, and he turned to face the mat he always sat upon when meditating. Then he stopped, and found that he couldn't. He dared not! He could not face the blue skinned face of his own torment. But he knew he could not avoid it forever. She would be waiting for him, like she always did, and he did not want her to see what he had become; or what he may yet become. Did not want her to see that even now he had to strike against the hidden Jedi. His former friends. If he did not act, Master Devine would surely know of it when Slayne arrived at the academy.
His options on the matter were fast closing. He had to act. Yes, he would give them two more days. If they were not gone by then, he would have no choice but to destroy them…

The Stygian Wraith touched down at the Sith academy two days after Lord Malice had failed to locate and destroy the defeated Jedi. In the days that followed, Darth Slayne was rigorously tested by the Dark Emperor himself.
“You have great potential my young apprentice,” Devine said with tone that spoke volumes of his own power, “and you have learned much in all your years. The Jedi will be no match for one of your experience.”
“I am grateful that I please you Master.” Darth Slayne said with the utmost respect. Devine was indeed worthy of his service. And he would serve him unfalteringly.
“However,” The Dark Emperor added. “I will appoint you a master that you will obey as though his authority were my own. In this way you will prove your loyalty to me.”
“Yes my master.” Slayne said with a little disappointment evident in his tone.
“Patience my apprentice.” Devine said, picking Slaynes thoughts easily from his mind. “In time you will in turn have your own apprentice. And you will train him in the ways of the Ancient order. Then he in turn will do likewise. You will be a great asset to us. A great asset indeed. I have foreseen it.”
“Yes my master.” Slayne said with a lot more enthusiasm.
And for no apparent reason at all, the Emperor began cackling with evil mirth at something only he saw as humorous…


There, all done. What did you think?

Reb Starblazer
08-04-2002, 07:50 PM
That was great man. Captured my character pretty much perfectly, so there's no need of changing it. As for Malice's tale, I'll post his beginning's here soon. But right now, I'm going to be posting in the Episode II thread, with a totally new story. There may even be a blue skinned Twi'lek in there somewhere...;)

Darth Slayne
08-04-2002, 07:57 PM
Can't wait. :) I'm just gaoing to wait around for Devine to come back before doing anything else. Don't want to get too carried away. Thanks for the support.

Dath Maximus
08-04-2002, 08:00 PM
well fine people i must say the stories have gotten better but i need to say bye for the time being. i have to go back to school now starting with band camp so i shall be making less appearences from now untill i can get on the pc.

so peace out.

08-04-2002, 09:27 PM
I'm working on part 3 of my story, kinda putting the pieces together, so stay tuned for another exciting episode of Dissectional's backstory.

08-04-2002, 09:54 PM
so what do you guys think of my story :)

Darth Slayne
08-04-2002, 10:12 PM
That was pretty cool Whitedragon! :) Baby killers......(shudder). Keep up the good work!

08-04-2002, 10:32 PM
Originally posted by Darth Slayne
That was pretty cool Whitedragon! :) Baby killers......(shudder). Keep up the good work!
thanks alot :D

08-06-2002, 06:35 AM
This thread is falling behind guys:(

I will post my story a little later maybe, but I'd like to keep this going for a little bit longer, to give evryone a chance to write about their character's history.

I'm kinda wanting Divine to get back so he can write the next part of our story: The Jedi Games. I think its basically just lightsaber duel competition, but I'm not sure exactly:)I'll let whoever carries on with it to think of it.

- Divine...if you want to know whats happening, just skip back and read the last few posts from me and obi-wan.

08-07-2002, 12:42 AM
Yeah, i included the jedi games in my story. thats where all the stuff between my rival and I is going to unfold. i figure i'll write the last piece of my story, which will be the longest. as always, stay tumed saber ass whoopin fans!

Darth Slayne
08-08-2002, 01:14 AM
C'mon guy's Darklighter has a point, this thred is falling behind.

I'm not planning on adding anything else here, unless things get bad enough for this thread. I'll be concentrating more on the main battle thread for now.

C'mon guy's, don't be shy.....:)

08-09-2002, 10:32 PM
Come on guys, this is on page 3! I'll write a little more tomorrow...in the mean time can we keep it in the Swamp please?:)

Darth Slayne
08-20-2002, 09:29 PM
Eh....*giggle* A shameless bump on my behalf to raise this thread from the ashes. lol. :bounc5:

Surely there is somebody out there who has yet to put in a character backgound story? Anyone? Hmmmmmm? :(

C'mon! This was on page 6 for crying out loud. :(

08-20-2002, 10:23 PM
ok ill put my last one

it had been 6 months sence ians family died and the hurt was still with him, it isent exactly something you get over with quickly when your wife and child were murdered by someone youve never met. dragon had started teaching lightsaber tacktics and found with surprise that he was the only real lightsaber trainer. obi-wan, darklighter and devine spirit had taken ian in as if he were their own brother, and in a sence he was. ian decided to change his name to white dragon, it was his nick name, because the name ian redhammer brought back so many bad memorys. dragon finnaly felt at peace when h was at the acadamy, something that was rare in his life.

dragon had been searching in his free time for the demon named shadow angel and devine spirit helped him alot, devine was a very powerful jedi and there was something about him that dident feel quite right but dragon always dismissed it. one day they were looking and devine found something. "if what you said was correct i beleve his ship is headed for coruscant" said devine "coruscant, ive never been there, whats it like," devine thought dragon had brain damage but then remembered that dragon was from a backwater planet. "well its....big" devine said.

when dragon got to coruscant he thought he mite faint. he had never seen so many buildings or people, not even in books, even if devine had given him a full map, a lecture, pictures, and every single fact about the planet it still wouldent have prepaired him for it. he tryed to keep his mind focused and use the force to sooth him. after hours of useing data banks and asking in local bars he found out where shadow angel was.

the building that dragon came to was at least 200 storys tall. he walked in and found no people, no furniture, no nothing. dragon was on his guard as he walked through the empty room. the door in front of him suddenly opened and a man with blue hair and a trench coat came in. "follow me"

dragon knew who this was and knew why he had killed his family...because dragon killed angels family first. angel led dragon to a large circlular platform out side on the top floor. "we are both here for revenge, yes" angel said. dragon was silent. "well then lets get started" without warning angel tookout his saber and charged. dragon started only blocking at first because he knew that revenge was the way of the dark side. they got into saber lock and shadow angel started talking. "why dont you attack redhammer arent yo angry that i killed your family....you should have seen you wifes face when i stabed her, i knew she wanted to cry out for you but i stoped her ability to talk...and of your child well i took it slow so that it would stop that annoying crying." dragons rage exploded and he began attacking in an insain bunch of sweeps from his saber. they both jumped backwards. "do you know how your father died" dragon said "he died a slow death, a death of a coward, if i had delayed my final blow he would have beged me to let him live, you father was a COWARD" both of them ran and clashed to gether so hard they both fell backwards. they were about to get up again but a clocked figure came into view "enough" he said "what do you want old man" angel said. a blue light came from the mans hand and hit them both and they both fell down uncounsious.

dragon woke up next to his ship and had a spliting headache. he decided that he would come back when he had more strength. and tell obi-wan what had happened. but some day dragon would see angel again and he would make it their final meeting.

dragon got back to the jedi acadamy and rested for a day. when he got up he decided to roam th acadamy grounds. he saw obi-wan in the cortyard. "good morning" dragon said. "oh good morning dident see you." they both stood for a moment and looked at the acadamy grounds. "nice morning for a moch duel" obi-wan said. dragon thought his mouth would fall off he was grining so much. "my thoughts exactly" they both headed off towards the dueling room and dragon thought that he was finnally some place that felt like home

what do you think :D

09-11-2002, 02:07 PM
Wow this thread brings back memories eh?...it seems so long ago we did this, but nevertheless this thread will be resurrected once again...

...I am working on compiling the stories, and even though this is such an old thread I'd like to finish off what we started...so in the next few days I will be finding time to finish my story, and others can do the same if the so wish...

This is also a good opportunity for all the new-ish guys to check out all the Academy member's writing talents:Dlol...

Stand by...it is not over yet:)

Clemme w/Stick
09-11-2002, 02:35 PM
First of all, I would like to complimemt the story! Its a great story and well written! I really like the energy that you put into it!

Now for the more serious part! Whats this Acadamy Wars? Could any1 fill me in?

Well, I dont hope that this has cost to much trouble, but a wise man once told me.....No question is ever stupid ~ Darth Groovy *Looks at Darth Groovy*

Well, thx in advance!!


09-11-2002, 02:44 PM
It's no stupid questions:)no worries, it's my fault I should have explained...

Basically, a few months back obi-wan13 set up the LucasForums Jedi Academy (and what a brilliant Academy it is:D) it's main purpose was for teachers (ppl with over 1000 posts) to take on padawans who needed guidance in the way of using LucasForums (i.e. not spamming, flaming, etc.)

Well, as we built up more of a following, we decided it would be fun to begin a story thread, using our usernames as character names in the story...and thus, the Academy Wars was born. The main plot was about the rivalry between obi-wan's and Divine Spirit's opposing Academies, and how the story of the battle ensued...good stuff I'll say lol, it was a lot of fun...

But after a while the hype died down a little...the summer was over, ppl started going back to school, and the story was left a little unfinished...well, Episode was unfinished, but it only needed a good ending...Groovy and Reb were working on it I think...this thread contains all the character's backstories, and how they came to teh Academy...

If enough ppl are still interested, it would be cool to get the story to Episode 3:)

09-11-2002, 03:47 PM
:crybaby: my story still wasent finished and i wasent supposed to stay on the darkside

09-11-2002, 03:51 PM
yeeeahh.... ok.... well i fight using the lightside, and I win with it. so yeah

09-11-2002, 05:12 PM
Well it depends if I'm in the academy. I'm gonna start working on the map shortly almost done with them tutorials.

09-11-2002, 05:54 PM
Originally posted by GreenPanther
Well it depends if I'm in the academy. I'm gonna start working on the map shortly almost done with them tutorials.


09-11-2002, 06:20 PM
Originally posted by GreenPanther
Well it depends if I'm in the academy. I'm gonna start working on the map shortly almost done with them tutorials.

If you finish this map, you're gettin a cookie. ;)

(and a heckuvalot of "thank you" 's)

Dath Maximus
09-11-2002, 06:26 PM
and the basket i stole from ya!

and obi like the avatar?

09-11-2002, 06:48 PM
Originally posted by obi-wan13

If you finish this map, you're gettin a cookie. ;)

(and a heckuvalot of "thank you" 's)
make that two cookies and i dont know about anybody else but ill owe you one

09-11-2002, 06:53 PM
Can I have a cookie now? :D

09-11-2002, 06:59 PM
Originally posted by GreenPanther
Can I have a cookie now? :D
*give green panther a basket full of cookies*:D

09-11-2002, 07:01 PM
*takes ewok's cigar and bashes it on whitedragon's head and gives ewok another cigar* :D nummy cookies

09-11-2002, 07:08 PM
Originally posted by GreenPanther
*takes ewok's cigar and bashes it on whitedragon's head and gives ewok another cigar* :D nummy cookies
uhhh thanks........i think

10-14-2002, 06:13 PM
I'm digging up the past again it seems:Dlol...

Well, could one of the mods please please please move this thread into the RPG forum (like you did with the Academy Wars threads)...this thread fits into the same story series...so if you could move it to there it would be much appreciated:)Thank you.

edit - Thanks for moving the thread Rhett m8:)

10-14-2002, 07:44 PM
A long time ago........(Before the sith academy) when drinking was legal and smoking was everywhere there was one, one who could stop the love and began hate his name was "Lionel Hutz"
A lawyer. He massed an invasion of polotics to destroy the simple world and he succecded

To see the rest of this story i just made up wait a couple o' weeks i have to putit on my site which is


10-14-2002, 08:29 PM
Do you think you could keep your story and this one seperate?...If you're going to post a link to a different RPG, then can you post it in another topic...this is for the Academy Wars Prequel stories, and that's how it will stay. Thanks:)

10-15-2002, 10:34 AM
My mistake

11-24-2002, 12:23 PM
Sorry I got a little uptight:(It's no big deal.

Well, as we are waiting for Episode 3 to start, and my writer's block has long since disappeared (lol), I would like to carry on with the unfinished story of me, Obi-wan and Divine's Academy history.

(To find the last post in the story, look at mine and Obi-wan's posts at the bottom of page 2)

We left off where Darklighter had returned from killing the assassin who had killed his family and love. It had been many months since then, and Darklighter was to take part in the Academy Jedi Fighting Games, against Divine Spirit. This is where our story continues...


Darklighter sat, alone in meditation. All about was dark; one light on the wall above illuminated his facial features, as his head was propped back against the head of his seat, his eyes shut fast. His heart beat quickly, getting faster and faster with each palpitation. He was nervous, excited and agitated, all at the same time, as he began to hear the crowd’s roar and cheer faintly in the background. He stood up, and walked to the door of the room. As it opened slowly, the light began to filter in, and the noise becoming louder. Tidus stepped out, and the spectators gave a cry as they saw him. These were the Academy’s Jedi Fighting Games.

Darklighter walked up onto the platform, and proceeded to the lift. The Arena was a gigantic square hall, with a huge glass octagonal prism in the centre, reaching from the floor to the ceiling, with a lift on either side. This was where the Jedi would fight. On opposite walls were the audience stands, two rows on top of each other, and at the far side was the booth for higher Academy personnel. Obi-wan sat in the centre chair, his accomplices on either side. On the opposite wall from the booth was the entrance door, massive, and on either side two high platforms, where the two combatants would enter the arena. Darklighter was on one side, and on the other stood Divine Spirit. The pair had not spoken since their last fateful encounter. It had been many months since then. There was infinite tension between them; it was ironic that these two would be faced against each other. Both great swordsmen, none better than the other. Obi-wan looked out into the arena with a degree of agitated anticipation. He quickly shrugged off the feeling and concentrated on enjoying the fight.

Divine and Darklighter stepped onto the elevators next to their platforms, which carried them down to the floor. Divine turned his head toward Tidus, and gave a sneering smile. He turned away his head in response, as they both proceeded to the centre fighting showground. They both walked onto their corresponding lift platforms, as the crowds roared with excitement. A voice came over the speakers.

“You know the rules,” came the voice, harsh and loud over the amplifier, “First one to hit the other wins the round. There will be 3 rounds altogether. The buzzer will sound at the end of each. At the end, the participant with the most victors wins.”

They proceeded to put on their protective clothing, to reduce the damage caused by the lightsabers.

Divine stared at Darklighter, who stared back in return. Their eyes fixated on one another.

“Divine Spirit…” the announcer’s voice blurted out, “…are you ready?”

“Ready when you are Tidus” he said, sneering in a half smile once again.

“Darklighter…” came the voice once again, “…are you ready?

“Ready!” he yelled bluntly, and the lifts shook as they elevated the two high up to the openings at the top of the glass case. The lifts, when at the top, moved forward inside, and brought Darklighter and Divine down to the bottom. They stepped off, and walked forward into their stances.

“Round One!” said the voice again, “Begin!”

The buzzer sounded, and both Jedi bowed before each other. They began to walk around in a circle, keeping eye contact, never flinching away from each other’s stare. Divine was the first to speak.

“It is futile to even consider to face me, Tidus” he said with a menacing tone. “You will never defeat me!”

“We’ll just see about that” he replied with an unfeeling smile. Divine was the first to strike, and leapt forward, his saber unsheathed, held high above his head, charging with devastating speed. Darklighter was too quick, as he parried the attack, drawing his brandished orange saber as he escaped the strike. Divine stood and composed himself, before swinging his saber to the left of Tidus, he blocked the move, and threw Divine back, knocking sabers as he drove him backwards. Divine force pushed Darklighter back onto the floor, and he back flipped over him and brought his saber down onto Darklighter’s chest.

The buzzer sounded, and the round ended. Divine held out his hand and pulled Darklighter to his feet.

“Round Two!” said the announcer, “Begin!”

Divine gave a small smirk, and Darklighter charged at Divine, and Divine ran towards him as well. They both leapt into the air and knocked sabers, Darklighter landing facing one of the walls. Divine quickly turned and ran towards the back of Darklighter, holding his saber high above his head once again. But Tidus, with amazing speed, ran up the wall, and flipping backwards behind Divine, brought his saber down onto his shoulder. Though this time, Divine span round and blocked it, and lunged at Tidus. He was quick to jump back out of harms way, and proceeded to attack Divine. They hit once, twice, then a third time, and Darklighter hit Divine’s saber hard, as he spun round Tidus ducked, and struck his leg.

The buzzer’s sound was heard again, only muted by the wailing of the crowds. It was a draw, and the outcome of this round would decide the winner.

“Not your lucky day eh, Divine?” Darklighter sarcastically asked with a smile. This surely would do far worse for him than he had anticipated. The fire in Divine’s eyes burned with rage. Aggravating him wouldn’t be the smart thing to do.

“Final Round…” the announcer broke Tidus’ deep contemplation. “Begin!”

Divine immediately charged at Tidus, who was unprepared, and knocked him back. Divine swiped overhead from the side, but Darklighter ducked out of way, and rose to block the attack as his saber was brought back. Darklighter drove Divine back with strike after strike, each being blocked and parried perfectly. Tidus flipped off of the wall, and landed in time for Divine to block once again. Divine back flipped as he swiped low, and began to charge again. As he ran, with pure anger in his eyes, he held his saber up and brought it down on Tidus. Though he was too quick to respond. Darklighter span round, knocking Divine’s saber, and send him flying onto the ground ten or so meters away. Divine could stand it no longer. The use of force powers to cause harm was strictly forbidden in the games, though Divine walked up towards Darklighter, knocking his saber out of his hand furiously, and force pushing him with extreme power towards the glass. He went straight through it, and collapsed in a heap at the bottom of the stands. Divine ran towards him on the floor, ready to strike him once again, when he was thrown to the other side of the arena by some unknown force. Darklighter lifted his head with difficulty, and saw Obi-wan standing there, looking at him worriedly.

“Take him away to isolation!” Obi-wan yelled to the Jedi guards standing at the entrance doors, as they lifted Divine to his feet and walked him out of the hall. Darklighter lay bruised and battered, unable to move, as Obi-wan rushed to kneel before him.

“Hold on son” Obi-wan whispered to him with a smile, “you’ll be fine.”

Darklighter’s head fell the ground, and he drifted into a calm sleep.


Well, I hope you enjoyed it:)I'd like to keep this thread going for a bit before I compile the stories. So anyways, tell me what you think lol

11-24-2002, 05:26 PM
nice story darky :thumbsup:

mabey you could help me out with something.
i need to figure out when i should come into the jedi acadamy after obi-wan persuaded me to join the acadamy when my wife and son died. what i mean is should it be right before the acadamy wars or a year or two before

11-26-2002, 06:13 PM
a lil short about yom and his lil adventure to helping the sith.

it was a dark stormy night in on the planet of coruscent in the goverment district. standing out by were the jedi temple was once standing. Yom was standing on the strees with a robe covering the armor, the armor that carries the marks that strikes fear in the eyes of his vitems. standing on the some what diserted street. a Twi'lek walks up with green brades hanging out of the hood of his robe.
"Were is my money?" Yom asks as the distortion comes though the helmet to mask his voice.
The Twi'lek awnsers back in a hars tone " i have the money. but did u keep up with your end of the deal?"
Yom reaches in to his robe and starts to search, the Twi'lek reaches for his light saber. so now Yom Knew who he was dealing with. so be for he the Twi'lek could ignight his saber yom pulled out and threw down a blody scalp and a light saber of a jedi. then reaches back in to pull out another scalp and saber. this belonged to the padawn.
" the jedi had a padawan so i took care of him as well." the Twi'lek picks up the scalps and the sabers. and throws down a case.
" there is a added bouns for the padawan in there" the Twi'lek says with a lighter attitude for a sith. "My employer is very plezed with you. You have earnd his great amount of trust he whants to see u soon."
"tell him i thank him for the invite" he says being his normal polite self, "but i must get back i think by mentor is geting Ill and i need to tend to him"
"Yes, if u must but..." The shot came no were The Twi'lek was on the ground and Yom was out in the open for a open kill. but the Twi'lek was a decoy it was no sith would of senced that coming. Yom grabs the case and runs around the corner only to find a dead end and a blast of shots coming from the rear. Yom is quick to fire of his jet pack and mack it to the balcony to see were the shots were coming from. he is quick to spot the shooter and then pulls out his small blaster and opens fire on the perpertrator. but as he was shooting he noticed to see the armor of the shooter. it was similar to Yom's but with the colors of Black and silver.

to leave you all hanging to be continud