View Full Version : ok WHAT THE HELL!!!

D@rth M@ul
07-25-2002, 09:13 PM
You thought wrong.

07-25-2002, 09:30 PM
What does it mean when you have a hole through your envelope right next to your thread?

07-25-2002, 09:31 PM
its a black dot

it means uve posted in this thread

07-25-2002, 09:57 PM
lol... Simmah down nowh!!!

First i wanna know what ou thought it meant and why you were freaking out about it.

D@rth M@ul
07-26-2002, 12:07 AM
Its gonna be okay, put the mouse down.

07-26-2002, 12:57 AM
It means I'm about to blow it away. Any last words?


07-26-2002, 04:46 PM
well for like a long time no one was replying in my post and i thought that it might have met that someone trashed my thread. You know like the hole was a bullet hole meaning someone was either a dick or it didnt belong in the forums.