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07-26-2002, 12:28 PM
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07-30-2002, 09:32 PM
What's the best way to fight the various difficulties of computer players, as opposed to human players?

Treacherous Mercenary
07-31-2002, 04:49 AM
What's a good way to start off the game? I know the scouting routine, but I seem to be having abit of trouble in the beginning.

07-31-2002, 02:55 PM
What's the best Combo to defend against Droidekas?

08-01-2002, 06:28 AM
Originally posted by jcb231
What's the best way to fight the various difficulties of computer players, as opposed to human players?

Destroyer droids are beaten by Mech Destroyers, Airspeeders and Grenade troopers. They are like mech in that they have the same counters. Royal Crusaders, Bombers, Artillery and Air cruisers also do a good job at killing Destroyer Droids.

08-01-2002, 07:25 AM
The key to a good start is simple, it is understanding a few basic principles, one of which is that having 400 wood in reserve doesn't do you a bit of good. Another, is constant villager flow early on.

You must leverage your resources as much as possible in the beginning. Understand that your goal is to get to T2. To get to Tech 2 you don't need any nova or ore.. so building those centers early in Tech 1 is a waste of 100 wood that could have been used for two farms or for an extra carbon/food center to cut down on villager walking time.

Also, to really get in the flow, your town center should be cranking out villagers constantly in T1. Now you should work on your resource allocation so that somewhere between 25-30 villagers you reach 500 food, so you can advance to T2. If you are finding you are getting to 500 food with only 20 villagers.. wait.. because it takes so long to get to T2.. you will need 25 villagers to make sure you don't arrive at T2 with no resources. If you find you are getting to 30 villagers without 500 food... then you need to start putting more villagers on food during T1.

That is a couple basic rules of a good start. However, there are many strategies one could take that will change their start. If you are looking for specific build orders (5 food, 2 Carbon, 5 food, 1 build troop center, so on...) on certain tactics i suggest that surf the web for them. Or record a game which someone does it, then review and study their build order.

Good luck and see you on the Zone...

08-01-2002, 12:06 PM
I have this terrible question haunting me:

How to deal with the Artillery + Heavy Trooper or Artillery + Repeaters combos?...

Assume you're TF.

My problem has alwas been that I find myself spending so many resources to counter this that it's not even funny.

DD/HDD?... Forget it.
MD/HMD? Forget it.
Mounties? Forget it?
Artillery of my own (with DD or HDD taking the place of Repeaters)?
Air Cruisers?

Here's my report:

DD/HDD: Super-expensive waste of resources. Does not work well.

MD/HMD: These suckers place a terrible dent in your resources piles and don't work either - they're killed while they are moving, because they take so much room and spend more time jockeying around for position, so...

Mounties: Well, besides the fact that they are cool against Artillery ALONE, they simply can't reach the Artillery when those Wookiee repeaters are nearby.

Air Crusisers? Forget it. His SHIELDED fighters will last long enough to kill my EXPENSIVE Air Cruiser - besides, I will still be hosed in T3 with his Arty+H.Trooper combo...

Artillery of my TF own: Well, against Wookiee Arty I'm toast (or else I have LOTS more of it). That darn range thingy is awesome (EVEN by +1). And I've got no darn regenerating repeaters!...

Every little thing I can think of is tons more expensive and can be countered by the opponent much more economically :(

But I may not be seeing the whole picture here. Anybody can help me with this?

Note that it MAY just have to be something that I have to prepare beforehand (like starting in T2 or so), that's fine.

However, don't tell me to rush the guy in T2 and stuff like that. Any Wookiee that lastas to mid T3 WILL come with that stuff and will catch me unprepared if I have rushed the next guy. Since mostly play 3x3, that always happens.

Please help me.

Remember, TF vs. Wookie or another Good Arty + Repeater Civ (like Empire, etc.)

Iceheart Omnis
08-01-2002, 02:14 PM
That sound likes though job man.

Maybe you could try using the Rebels and knock out his fighters with yours (Rebels make fighters quicker and cheaper than the Wookies) and then blast the Artys with Airspeeders.

Or, if you wanna counter that with a good arty/repeater civ, you can't go wrong with the Confederacy:

Their repeaters have 70hp and +5 attack with Droid Upgrades so they can stand their ground against Wookies.

And their Heavy Artilliery rocks with the Geonosian Engineers UT, it fires faster than any other arty.

You'll have to counter their air with AA Mobiles, as confed air sucks big time,though

08-01-2002, 02:44 PM
The artillery repeater combo is what caused the first patch. However, the wookies still have a very powerful combination. The key to every good army is to be well diversified, and a simple artillery trooper combo is not diversified. What you need is some of everything. Sounds over simplified but that is the answer. The problem with the question is it seems as though you are asking it from the vantage point of already being on the defense. Ex. How do I defeat my opponent when he has a shield generator, mega troops and mega artillery, upgraded air and upgraded everything? Well, you are probably screwed at that point unless you have the same.

Remember though, troops are the back bone of every good army.. even in real life. Lets say though that you are facing an enemy pounding down your throat with the art/rep combo. I would first make sure my econ does not get recked defending this thing. Take some time and moves as many villagers out of the way as possible, there is a good chance your opponent is taking everything. Next I would try to create a couple fronts for him to fight on. If you can surrond that shield generator and get those artillery firing in opposite directions you are on the way to taking it out. Next, address those repeaters.. they are tough boogers and you are going to need lots of your own troops just to soak up some of their fire while the rest of your army addresses the artillery. I would go with lots of strike mechs (TF has great ones) and a tons of your own troopers, which aren't so good but will soak up some of that repeater fire. You can also through in a few DD.. but remember they are costly.. and if they take all the fire they won't hold up. You can address the artillery in many ways. 1 is to our range it with cannons.. can you do that? Probably not in this scenerio. Your best strat is again and combo of units. Use Mech destroyers and mounties.

Well I have come back to the answer.. you need everything. If you use every unit you can take it down. Also way the consequences of sending 1 troop in at a time versus holding back until you have 40 troops. If you can hold back then it will take time for those repeaters to cut down your troops. Maybe enough time for your other units to hurt those artillery. I have said nothing about air but feel free to send some raids on the opponents econ during this. You'll may be surprised how many units you can get by scouting around back there.

Well you can tell I am a die hard for this game.. look how much I can ramble on. Well, I am done for on this.. time to go play. See you on the Zone.

May the force be with you,

08-01-2002, 03:00 PM
Jab already answerd better than me :p

08-05-2002, 05:01 PM
another thing to add...ATAT/ any assault mech eats both arts and troopers for lunch, especially when they don't scatter form. Also be sure you scatter form your army if facing arts

The Iceman Cometh

08-07-2002, 11:30 AM
im a dmer so im not really aware of your resource constraints but unit combos are my thing... assuming your tf shielded (they hafta be) destroyer droids are the ultimate counter for this... the repeaters die instantly and the art cant do enought damage to the dds before they regenerate... try it sometime... (no offense but why dont u just start trying ****)

08-17-2002, 01:22 PM
JAB offers some good advice on how to generally counter that lazy tactic, but if you want the specific TF advice here it is:

Fully upgraded mech destroyers. Depending on the trooper/art mix, you might throw in some strikes as well.

At minimum you should have the heavy upgrade(s), and the +50 HP upgrade, and the +25% upgrade. Having the T4 armor + attack upgrades is a bonus, but lacking that, the health bonus' are more important. That's all you need unless he starts putting grenadiers into the mix. Artillery was toned down substantially in CC, so mech destroyers absolutely own it. Repeaters can't do much against them either, assuming that you have the health upgrades. Once his artillery dies to your MDs, start putting many more strikes into your army and his repeaters are toast. If you can manage some heavy assauly mechs, they work great in groups for splash damage.

If you are losing mech destroyers to him, that means one of a couple of things, but it's not the unit that is to blame. You could be outmassed or outeconed or outupgraded. If you lose 5 mech d's to 10 arts and 50 repeaters, that's not the unit weakness showing, that means you need to build more before you attack. If you run out of resources before you can mass, you need to look at what's wrong with your econ management. If you're on even terms and your mechs are still dieing too much, check that they've been upgraded. I can't stress that last point enough, it's about a 125 HP difference between fully upgraded heavy MDs and the regular ones. That's almost a second MD.

In T3, massing artillery has got to be one of the silliest things I've heard of. Artillery is awful in T3. Assuming you have upgraded troopers (especially armor) just mass enough of them and the artillery will die.

One last note when facing artillery, always put your troops on spread formation, they'll last a lot longer.

08-19-2002, 12:02 PM
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^DoNt LiStEn To HiM^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

mech destroyers are owned by the artillery... its a counter duma** it allways amazes me how all these "sollutions" dont work... and why "noobs" give advice in this thread... its caled ask the experts morons... not ask the unsmart homo

08-21-2002, 02:27 PM
jgflg aka _Mithras_ is a well respected expert RMer.

Now Artillery isn't a counter for Mech Destroyers. Mech destroyers own artillery in both t3 and t4.

08-22-2002, 02:49 AM
Thanks a lot for this forum

(Link: http://www.strategie-siths.fr.fm French siths)

04-09-2003, 03:06 AM
i find the best way is to

1. build prefabs
2. get carboon
3. scout for food and around your camp
4. build a power core for quick worker production
5. start building farms and or herding animals
6. send at least one worker to get nova so your jedi can get holocrons
7. scout scout scout
8. redouble youre economy with more prefabs, more carbon, then more food.

get to tech 2.

1. make some grenadiers/troops/anti air troops
2. start hitting that nova
3. build jedi temple and get those holocrons!
4. add to your food and carbon with more workers.
5. build mech buildings for more scouts
7. start working on some ore
8. reinforce your small army with more units and protection of workers
9. send out one worker to create a feild of sensory towers to warn of oncoming rushes

get to tech 3.

1. if you have a lot of holocrons by this point you can focus on ore to get your fortress and pump out some special units
2. build air, build air, build air - it increase defense, scouting, and offense exponentially.
3. build another command center hopefully near more nova and ore
4. reinforce your carbon and food
5. do a few troop upgrades and some anti air turrents
6. double up on troop centers, mech centers, and work on your heavy mechs.
7. build more power cores and turrents for defense
8. scout a little more

get to tech 4.

1. reinforce economy as much as possible
2. start making an army
3. hopefully you have a forward base near the other guys base that you can launch quick attacks
4. upgrade troops and mechs
5. try to harvest all the ore and nova you can find.

after that its down to balancing enough workers to get all the resources quickest and making a big army to defend/attack.
its always good to have muliple command centers and dont forget your upgrades.

also stealth and recon are great tools to win the game.

and holocrons are very important they equal = unlimited nova, bothan spy network, unique units and upgrades, not to mention powerful JEEEEEEEEDI