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Android 16
07-25-2002, 10:50 PM
(((Dbu is currently a dbz q3 TC,This is just a brief anouncement concerning big changes in store for dbu very soon,To make this short and sweet after long and hard consideration we as the dbu team have come to a mutual agreement,That agreement is that we plan to convert our current Quake3 build over to jedi knight 2's engine.What does that mean for you fans?It means we will become the first ever DBZ themed Total conversion for jedi knight 2 which brings with it many possibilitys..

The reason for this agreement is that it far outweighs in benifits what were currently being dealed out...Dbu cant provide its fans with the quality work we promise if our engine is too outdated or primitive and yes folks,Q3 is starting to show its age sadly thus we move on to bigger and better things,We will remain Dragonball Universe of course and with this new engine will broaden new horizens and possibilitys,To simply put it..you will see no star wars lingo amidst it with proper coding and only wish to state that jedi knight 2 is mirrorly a souped up Q3 with benifits to our modelers such as reguler poly models at 2500 and even extended coding which comes complete with this engine transfer..

With that poly count as our minimum will come incredably beautiful and stunning work from our modelers and just one of many reasons why we are going through with this..We also have a big update in store for the dbu site as you would expect starting fresh with a new engine..Dbu will have a crisp clean jk2 feel from now untill the mods release and then will you see what i hope is the most advanced TC in the gaming world)))

Now that you know what are background and main goals are in the longrun,Allow me to introduce myself,I am Project Leader for a Total Conversion for Jedi Knight2 known As DBU (Dragonball Universe) which you can find at http://www.dragonballuniverse.planetvegetadbz.com/
We are coming along very nicely and are specifically looking for Coders and or modelers as you know that must have expertise in jk2 to boot, please take advantage of this oppurtunity. This is a great TC and the very first Jk2 DBZ based mod in production. Please reply to this thread or email me at
cooltrader_1@hotmail.com if you have further questions or are interested in becoming part of a bright future for this total conversion mod...It would greatly be apreciated .We are currently seaching specifically for these talents:

(1) Modeler
(1) Coder (Must have knowledgable jk2 coding experience and basic refrence of the game)
(1) mapper

Again these are prefered talent searchings though please feel free to drop me a line with whatever talent you can present DBU,We at DBU are always looking for new members and very open minded..Also be sure to visit our homepage at DragonBallUniverse.PlanetVegetaDBZ.com for the latest in news and updates..Thank You

08-02-2002, 01:02 AM
Sorry, I can't help (I wish I could).

If you ever need a beta tester (this is in the beta testing forum), just email me at falcon23786@hotmail.com and I'd be happy to beta test anything for you.