View Full Version : Happy Birthday GB.com! 1 year old today!!

07-27-2002, 11:52 AM
That's right! A year ago today we all were rubbing our hands with excitement at the news that Lucasarts would be making Galactic Battlegrounds.

Garry Gaber was the first man to post on these very forums, welcoming you all to this website. Since it started last year, GB.com has slowly improved as a website, offering you all alot more.

I took over GB.com around Xmas time. I was running my very own GB fansite (galacticbattlegrounds.co.uk) and noticed that this site was really falling behind the times with news and updates.

So after some debates with the LFN guys, it was decided that GBUK & GB.com would merge into one major site.

The rest is now history! Galactic Battlegrounds was released in November with a patch that soon followed and now we have Clone Campaigns add-on, which we looked at in some detail.

With all the recent problems for people who play this game over the internet and on the MSN ZONE, he seen numbers fall (it wasnt too long ago it hit 600).

I continue to improve this website and the new look is being launched today - look out for the newsletter to let you know when the new look is live...its gonna be great!!!